Brandy Clark - Live from Los Angeles

℗ 2017 Warner Records Inc.


Can't say enough about this awesome artists... reminds me so much of Brandy Clark


I've never been a huge fan of live albums but Brandy Clark's Live from Los Angeles is like having a private concert in my living room! The stripped down accompaniment to her vocals with Miles Aubrey harmonizing has made this album a favorite of mine.


The only thing better than hearing Brandy Clark's music coming through your speakers is hearing her sing it live! 'Live From Los Angeles' is no exception and incorporates a stellar vocal and musical performance with stories that her fans can't get enough of. Download this album now!


I love Brandy’s Music and seeing her perform is always a treat. This is the next best thing! I’m psyched to have a recording of “When I Get to Drinking” on the go. It’s a favorite of mine and as far as I know it’s previously unreleased.


I have the vinyl but nothing to play it on so naturally I needed to have the digital version!💜


Amazing album!! Brandy Clark is pure talent!!


The only artist I've seen multiple times live in one year (13). Every show is great, they album has one of my favorite songs, "when i get to Drinking"


I have been to several Brandy Clark live concerts and this is just like every one that I have been to. Listen enjoy and repeat!


This is an outstanding live performance, in which Brandy makes her music shine. Instruments and vocals sound great and have the quality of a studio recording with the extra zing of a live performance. If you like her music, then this is a must buy.


Superstar in the making right here!

Wyoming Inked

If you want to experience a Brandy Clark concert download this album! This is why I love Brandy & her music, nothing fancy, just great vocals & a couple of guitars = one helluva show!

A Cox

Brandy Clark is real country music. I love this album!


Like having brandy and Miles in our own living room