LINKIN PARK - One More Light

℗ 2017 Warner Records Inc.

One More Light Tracklist:


Bubble gum pop. I can’t listen to their other albums without knowing that they will never make anything new again. If the Hunting Party and Living Things is where they fell. This is where they crashed.


Great album.


One of my favorite albums forever❤️


All there doing is experimenting with different genres. And it sounds pretty good.


what happened to old rock LINKIN PARK???


We MISS you Chester. I know where you were at when you did it. I suffer from depression due to health problems. Your beautiful soul will be missed buddy. Your music touched so many of us. To many people judge greatest when they couldn’t even see the beautiful light you and Linkin Park are/were. This album is way more powerful then I realized. Peace brother.

The Movie Barista

Great album, band, and music.


Terrible album. Really sad this was the last thing Chester did with Linkin park.


I Never Thought That LP Would Do A Pop Genre Album And I’m a big fan of Pop so this Album For Me is a 5/5


My son & I are huge LP fans. We went to a concert in FL & did the VIP experience, it was awesome & he won an LP jacket, signed set list & picks. I was so distraught over Chester’s suicide, listening to LP was just to sad for me. I couldn’t do it & haven’t been able to for more than 2 years. I JUST heard “One More Light” today (1/3/2020) & it’s so apparent how badly Chester was hurting. I will be forever saddened by his loss but I am finally able to listen again & am so grateful that he graced this world for the time that he did with far more than just a flicker!!! May you forever soar with the angels Chester.


Without Chester, Linkin Park is no longer Linkin Park to me. As a child I listened to them in the car with my mom, so this band is very sentimental to me. It’s just not Linkin Park anymore for me. RIP Chester, we hope you’re doing okay. We all miss you. We lost a legend .


Man Chester’s vocals were amazing!!! Love this song, R.I.P Chester!!!


I feel like Linkin Park has gone back and forth with their music quite about. Sometimes they sound like classic LP and sometimes they don’t. But I really like this one! From good goodbye to one more light, it’s just such a good album.


It’s definitely not the change towards pop. That’s not why I don’t like this album very much. I thought there was some great songs in here (Talking to Myself, Invisible, Halfway Right and One More Light) but the other songs are just a little boring and generic. It’s just not as exciting or as catchy as their previous work. By the way, a note to idiots who accuse of them selling out. Just because a band or artist wants to change their sounds does not automatically mean they are just doing it for money. You morons don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not in charge of what music they put out. If you think you are, you should just not listen to music. And you shouldn’t rate music just because it doesn’t sound like their old songs. Duh. Music will change over time. If they copied Hybrid Theory and Meteora every single album it would have gotten old fast and a lot more boring. Even though I didn’t like this album very much, it’s not because they changed their sounds. It’s because their songs were just not as good as they could have been. It’s really sad what happened to Chester, though. Thanks for my whole childhood music. RIP Chester.


Having grown up listening to LP, this is certainly a change from the original style, but not an unpleasant one. As the musicians have grown and evolved, so has the music they write. While not the same as the original style, LP is still there, writing strong music.


One More Light is for REAL fans only!


And the Savage Garden remix album's just keep coming. Kept hope alive that they would rebound back to the Hybrid Theory (era) rock sound that broke this band out, but I guess we kissed that goodbye after their 3rd album. Pretty much just got the album out of respect for the dead, but the album itself is nothing but a complete disappointment.

rosu rodriguez

Dear Chester, I always miss you and love you. It’s sad that you have to go. :’( Leave Out All the Rest and One More Light is like a sad song but, I always listen to it everyday. We always miss you brotha. Your legacy will live on.

very great album

Love this album and love every album


Can we please talk about how LP consistently predicted music trends - metal, rap, alternative, pop, even EDM - and If their albums had come out even a month before the other big artists of the time, that LP, not these other artists, would be the top dog in music? Yes, not everything is my favorite - but everything is still so raw and new and experimental and exciting. And OH MY GOSH - “One More Light” messed me up. An absolutely gorgeous track. The best song on the album, in my humble opinion. RIP Chester Bennington.


The whole album is good.


Such a shame Charles won’t be around anymore. Would have love to see where else he and the band were going to take the bands sound. Great album!

dragons 999999

The songs are very good, and I love to listen to them I. understand changing music and I love this album and listen to it a lot. my favorite song is sharp edges it kind of gives a valuable lesson to the listener and it has a good beat. I can get through hard times thanks to linkin park. I love linkin park and I hope others do to. I recommend most songs like In The End and Paper Cut. If you don’t like this band it’s fine with me. Like I say haters gonna hate lovers gonna love and Linkin parks gonna be Linkin park! (^v*) (*v^).

.*+The Singing Sylveon+*.

I love the album! It's so good, amaaazing job as always! Although people are complaining about it being a change, it's trying something new. Which isn't bad.. Edit: 6/18/19 As said before, yes Linkin Park's change in style was surprising for many, but according to a video "The Untold Truth of Chester Bennington." An article by, Rocksound: " It doesn't matter what style we write in, as long as it comes from a pure place and is something that we pour our hearts and souls into." " If I'd be open to the Idea, and I'm pretty much open for anything." I'm which, in my opinion; This album "One More Light" brought out a lot more of what was happening, and I'm not saying that the other albums he did didn't but songs within One More Light backed up what he was feeling. Songs like "Nobody can Save Me" and "Heavy" really showed the demons he was experiencing. And yes, I do realize that so did songs from "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" and other songs show this, but there's much more to this. But, His music will live on!

BHAD BHABIE is awesome

One more light, nobody can save, sorry for now are so good


You can tell Chester knew what was about to happen. If you read between the lines of the titles he was basically saying goodbye.


Haters are not real fans. Bands experiment with their music, either be a fan or get lost!


Linkin park knows how to write a good song.

Silver hawks feathers

Rest in peace Chester Benington 💔


i love this song so freakin much, i seriously can’t understand how someone can’t love this song, it makes me happy everyday (i’m serious ab that), and i love the message it’s what i love most about this song i would rate it 100 stars if i could

Brandy val

I still can’t listen to this album with out crying. Chester and Linkin Park, helped me through so many dark times, some many feelings I have felt. It breaks my heart that this was his way of saying good bye to his fans, trying to help us understand his pain. I hope he has found his peace.


Linkin Park is the pinnacle of music in my world. They have made records I love, and those that I like, not a single thing that I can honestly say that I dislike. Minutes to Midnight, bring me last favorite BUT I STILL LIKE IT. This reflects maturity and dealing with life, not about being an angry teenager who gets into arguments with his dad. Over the years, Linkin Park has helped me through my own life, the good, bad, happy, and every combination possible. Thank you all.


❤️ ❤️ ✂️


Although I would’ve preferred them sticking to the older sound. I think it’s cool they took a different direction with their music. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it. But I love them and will always support them.


At first I didn’t want to accept this album....but then when he died I had to and after I kept listening I heard it more. Chester Bennington’s in piece




Their most mature album to date Wonderful


Its ok I guess...

Odracir Solava

If they would’ve listened to the fans and gone back to the old sound they would’ve gotten good ratings. They could’ve even used songs like “reading my eyes” or “stick n move” from when they were known as the band “XERO”. The song “stick n move” sounds like the song “runaway” but they could alter the sound a little and there you go.


Linkin park always and forever


An amazing album with great melody and lyrics. My favorite is One More Light because of the message it brings

Paws Kirya

I've been listening to Linkin Park since I was a kid, and my love for this phenomenal band has only grown through the years. No matter what genre of music they do, Linkin Park stays true to themselves, writing their music for those who need to hear it most. Listening to the song One More Light showed me just how much emotion Chester poured into everything he sought after, and even though such a great singer has passed away, Linkin Park will always be remembered through those of us willing to show our friends and family the part of ourselves that drew all of these individuals to their music in the first place. May Bennington rest in peace, and may Shinoda, Delson, Hahn, Bourdon, and Farrell keep Linkin Park alive in what they do.


So emotional and sad but still a solid pretty song rock on 🤘 Linkin Park


Chester’s legacy lives on


RIP ❤️


Absolutely amazing.


No words left to speak, and no tears left to shed. I’ll miss you Chester Bennington, and thank you for your beautiful voice of sorrow. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us, and may your voice never be rendered silent. I hope now you’ll get the happiness and freedom of darkness you deserve. I wish you didn’t have to let go, but it would be selfish of me to ask you to stay. We’ll carry on, and miss you when you’re gone. No one will ever take your place, angel. Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington. -Alexandra

Its ya boi mercury

I really enjoyed the whole album.You did a great job.I miss you Chester Bennington,you truly inspired me I still can’t believe it’s been almost a year since you died.I just wish you were still alive.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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