Lil Wyte & Jelly Roll - No Filter

℗ 2013 Phixieous Entertainment

No Filter Tracklist:


I’ve been listening to lil wyte since oxy cotton. These two (Jelly Roll and lil wyte) are amazing together. Keep it up and drop no filter 3.


Just an awesome home 5/5🌟


By far the best album this year. I haven't stopped jamming since July 2013.


I really like this album this is the best lil wyte album I had ever heard of


Where the heck is back to the start??????? You kno we want that fire but every song on this album is so great and amazing must buy!!


this album was sick i love the bass. only problems were a lot of the songs felt like they were rushed another thing is there wasn't ANY features and some of the choruses weren't good loved the album but jellyroll u need to go hard all the time and i love when u do sad songs their really good n another thing is when u add country to rap its amazing that could really make u famous but u gotta have more better features to make u famous u need to do more collaborative albums or mix tapes with caskey, riff raft, rittz, mac miller, brother ali, vinnie paz, dj paul or anybody else more famous if u do than u will be more famous u gotta do more collaborative to get ur name out u would be perfect in mmg they need a white person you'd be perfect so keep making songs and i hope u make another mix tape or album soon


Perfect name and diverse album gonna be a classic album fo sure great songs


Jelly going hard cashville stand up


Best album of the year one of the best and most looked for album

Wytemuzak Fan

These guys definitely represent a diverse fan base on this album. You can't hate at how Wyte and Jelly maintain without being mainstream. These guys are fho real mane!


I'm impressed these two really meshed well. Always been a wyte fan and this may be his best cd ever!

Katherine Anderson

The best.

CA of Hearts

Unbelievable. Never has an artist instantly drawn me in (usually takes about 6-7 plays per song to grow on me) until these two on "No Filter" Try to pick your favorite song and you'll be pointing at all 17. Can't wait until they create a Ringtone for "We're Back"!!!


We've heard this album time and time again; for the talent between these two rappers they sure didn't bring it together here. A few nice beats on this album but no substance as far as lyrical content. Save your money or check out Rittz: Life of Jonny Valien


Easily best album released this year ! Every song is banging, killer artist. Hardest white boys in the game

Tennessee and North carolina

What a great Cd y'all really put some work into this, from the beats to the lyrics pure GOLD!....Thank you for keeping it real and keeping it Tennessee!


Every single song on the album is a masterpiece. It has premium production and lyrics that every walk of life can relate to. This isn't some gangsta rap album. This is something kids (Clean Version), teenagers, and adults of all ages can enjoy. It is not your typical Lil Wyte album, but has some of the traditional anthems. This is the best album of the year, no question needed. I love the anti-pill song that I think can boost those who have suffered from addictions day and enlighten others to stay off that path. Also the country song has me changing my mind about country and could imagine seeing a video of it on CMT and playing on country radio. The instrumentals are hypnotic and the more you listen the more you grasp the message of the lyrics. You just want to keep it on at all times. People who stopped listening to Lil Wyte because of his lyrics content & sound will love this rebirth of his talented lyricism & variety of producers. You haven't heard either one of these great poets rapping/singing like this before. This will be the best $10.99 you've spent all year. Buy it or you will regret not blessing you brain with greatness. Their s a song for every occasion. Rather your cruising around, hanging at home, getting wasted, at a club or rave or bar or strip club, at the park, beach, work, wherever. However you feel this album will makebyourbdaybgonbetterband make you feel better. This is A++++ material.


Wyte and Jelly compliment each other better anyone 2 out there . All the songs on this album are on point, best by both.

the geek girl

BACK TO THE START ...We want it !

G Wolf615

As of always in give it five stars it delivers as of always


the album is good man playing the album

Mean green 420

Did it with no major deal!!! I4NI


Where back to the start ? Still Gona get it . Jelly spit fire

Rob-E-Rob Devine

Lil Wyte is the fire! This album is going to be crazy....


Where is back to the start I thought It was suppose to be on this album

The Sauce Miester

Ur an amaizin rapper u can go hard an u can make a sad song u need to team up with riffraff mac miller an all the other white people so u can be more famous i would love if u signed with strange music or mmg untill then keep making more songs an albums an makin collaboration albums with people more famous do an album with hardtarget hes a rapper an caskey


All the songs hit so hard with my subs. The first song I sampled, I replayed it like 20 times. Jelly and wyte did their work!!!


Album sounds great


Only rapper who kept it real.


Cant wait for this album, Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll are fire

erik levenhagen

I like all the songs on this album it amazing


This album is gonna be sick I suggest everyone I know buy this album!!! -Furtick

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