Liam Gallagher - Why Me? Why Not. (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2019 Warner Music UK Limited

Why Me? Why Not. (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


An absolutely superb collection of music


What is he doing?? What is Noel doing? Stop making all of this nonsensical noise and get back together already!


Major has achievement for Liam. Two #1 albums for a guy who was bastardized and told by media he could not write good songs. Great lyrics, music and melodies. Love the stories of the songs just like his first album. Also, see his new documentary. Great overview of his experiences post break up of Oasis. Kudos to you Liam. Hope to see you in the states.


I heard a little 90's and 60's rock in some of these songs (which are my favorite time periods for music). Overall I like the album.


I think the whole album is great. Meadow is so enchanting that it gives me goosebumps. Also love Once, Be Still, and Why Me? Why Not. Nice that the whole album is so good that I don't need to delete any songs!


Almost enough. Something missing.


This is a better album than As you were by every standard. A great achievement. This guy doesn’t get old, he matures. Who else is out there still carrying the banner like he does? Noel would better swallow his pride and reconcile with his younger brother. Nothing to loose but loads to win. Way to go Liam and come to NY soon!


Save your money, buy one of the other Oasis Albums. They all sound the same as this. Same cords difffernt words....


Been a long time Oasis fan and loved the solo work. Liam’s 1st album was very good. This one takes it to another level. This has some great songs and is growing on me with each listen.


The varied arrangements....the hooks, the imaginative arrangements...not that I am surprised...his last album was great....but this one is fantastic. his singing is always going to be good we know that. but listen to the backing track of "Why me why not"... the interesting chord changes. this is artistry at work. and the manages to sound menacing and pretty at the same time especially on the verse parts. love the beautiful meadow. I have just been making my way around this AMAZING album. WHOA! GREAT JOB!


It’s got a couple of good bangers like One of Us and Invisible Sun. But overall there’s a LOT of meandering whiny songs similar to Noel’s first HFB album. Take half of these songs add them to the good half of AYW and you’ve got a great album. Need to get back to Beady Eye/late 2000s Oasis style.


The KING if R&R is back!!


incredible album, Liam is back at this peak singing voice and range and only proves with this album that he is able to go deep into his vulnerable side while still staying true to his rock and roll personality. catchy and soulful!


Thank You


This album doesn’t disappoint, Liam sounds great on every track.


Great production this time around. Has more variety and colors than As You Were. Liam sounds great as always.


But how the heck didn’t Glimmer make the actual track list. Too good to just be a bonus track imo. As you were!

trying to find a handle

The album sounds like leftovers. 😬


Great music and vocals. Keep going! We NEED this TRUE Rock and Roll!

Born on a different cloud

Great tune. Right up there at the top of his solo material. Vocals sound great.


Liam's back and better than good. Each new tune I hear I get stuck in my head for the entire day. Just when I think one tune is amazing the next is better. Top drawer rock and roll.


I’ve been waiting for this album for soo long. Liam is back and better than ever. As to the reviewer Scottiedog In FL....your an idiot

Shimmering Guitar Riffs

Love both! Once is a great song and very fresh. I can’t wait for the other tracks to be released! Your vocals are spot on and are heartfelt.


I’ll listen to anything from Liam, but this is clearly an improvement over his last album. It is a solid effort so far.

ScottieDog in FL

Okay if you're looking for Liam's silly slurring vocals circa 1990. Not much growth as an artist. Pass.


This is definitely more straightforward rock ‘n’ roll than Oasis. I love it though, it’s not pretentious but yet it’s not shallow either. Can’t wait for the rest of the album and also can’t wait for his movie to be released in the US. Go Liam!


Solid rock n roll tunes. If you like this I’d recommend checking a band named Edenfield. Their album “sometimes during the winter” is awesome as well.


This song exemplify's Liam Gallgher's talent! God! I cant wait for the album release! Member Liam is an ALLSTAR football player! As Liam is an ALLSTAR! SIR Liam Gallagher is and will always be John Lennon! A+10!

dicky muhammad

This gonna be Album that I really waiting for. Liam Gallagher as always bring Oasis vibes in his entire life. Rock’n’Roll will never dies as long as his breathing. His the last proper Rock’n’Roll Star on this Planet!

Abbey Daddy

If new record is anything like his last it’s destined to become a classic. This single in particular to me sounds very much like an Oasis/Noel song however, and that should be taken as a compliment. It’s great to see our kid grow as a songwriter.