Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits

This Compilation ℗ 2000 Virgin Records America, Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


sooooo good

texas chainsaw addict

A voice that carries u way


Legendary rocker


The person that gave this album 1 star based up Lenny's involvements on Hunger games. You are an idiot. Lenny has been producing great music for year before HG. Classic & Great album!!


Why I'm the world have I not DL this a long time ago


Awesome music!


I'm not even a rock fan and this is good music. His music transcends genres - in one song I hear rock in another soul yet I listen carefully an I can hear the influence of country. It's just good moving music to enjoy... No need to box Lenny in - just sit back and listen you will find something that reaches inside and stirs your heart. At least I did!


Do you agree that you like Lenny Kravitz like I do? This album has lots of good songs by Lenny Kravitz, because that's why this album is called his greatest hits, because the album features some of his best songs! Fly Away, Rock and Roll is Dead, Can't Get You Off My Mind, American Woman, and Black Velveteen are his best songs from this album. Lenny Kravitz rocks! Don't you think? Indeed he does!


This album has at least five great songs on it from the early 90s. Saw him in New Orleans, Blind melon opened for him. People like him because of his music, has nothing to do with the hunger games. (It was long before that crap came out, you stupid little piss ant.)


None cooler in modern music.


This is a masterpiece album!! Lenny is a legend.


This has all the best hits from past albums. The idiot who gave this a zero rating doesn't know good music Lenny was the man before the movies I go back with this since he had long dreads he and Lisa Bonet were beating up paparazzi true icon that is rock and roll son he is Rock wake yo game up son!!!! -RaiderMike

Chirs Kalmy

Lenny is a Hollwood Star!

:)- tina

Absolutely love this album!! I love when I can listen to album straight thru and not skip a a single track.