Adam Calhoun & Struggle Jennings - Legend

℗ 2020 ACal / Angels & Outlaws

Legend Tracklist:


Amazing album!!!!!

Stat Diddy



Love this new album! Adam Calhoun you are amazing and keep doing what you’re doing.


My cat sounds better. It’s what Eminem used to be like. Vulgar and unnecessary...


Pure trash, nothing but trash. Why?????????????????


🚮 definitely the “country-rap” genre can only do so much and Adam can’t carry a tune nor his versatility as lyrical asset. Struggle Jennings carries this album but not enough to buy.


Man another banger from Adam and Struggle and Upchurch featured.! This album just goes hard these guys tell it how it is and definitely have the soul running through their blood. Love it!


These boys are putting other rappers in the dirt. The revised version of cracked pepper with Church is 🔥 the entire album is a banger from start to finish🤘🏻

Redneck Walker

Another great. Y’all killed it and To the person bashing church. He can make anyone’s music better he is top caliber just like the Acal and Struggle. Bad ass y’all


The songs are way to short and it’s sad the longest song is 3:46. Next time do better won’t be buying this album.

Lukas 😁

Solid bars, his voice just makes me cringe 🥴


Give Gaga back her #1 spot, then I’ll reverse this 1 star rating.




Very much enjoying this album! Absolutely love it and it did not disappoint!!! ❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻🌈🌈🔥🔥


They bring the heat on this one 🙌


Fire as always man.


No surprise there. Making 🔥. Literally. lol


Okay i am not racist in anyway, but these dudes cannot rap for [email protected]%. I don’t give a crap what’s going on in America. Rap is rap and about spittin’ bars, these guys are a joke.


I’m blown away how awesome this album is!! And I’m a huge fan of both of these guys!! But I’m also a fan of Yelawolf and it’s ok to disagree!! ✊🏼🤘🏼


Anything AC puts out is music to my ears


Great music


Acal always comes with the hits . Love that these guys are smashing everything with no label help .


Straight fire!!!!!!


It doesn’t get much better than this.




Here come the crazies out to trash yelawolf cause he stood up for his values. Seriously y’all, agree to disagree. If yelawolf didn’t wanna be on this album that’s okay. Stop being overly patriotic boots and stop running around talking about how manly and country you are. It comes off as pathetic and weak.


This yet another next level album, keep making great music.


Don’t get no better

Jackson Pussey

When you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit. I expect a lot of yelping.😂 Legend & Bully Blanco are my favorites. 🤜🏻🤜🏻🥜🔥🔥🔥

magenta fuggin

Easily best lyrics Adam’s spit and having Struggle in it is absolute gold ✌🏻✌🏻


This song better be the best song after everything going on with it 🙃


To the guy with the comment that upchurch dont fit in with this crew screw you, your not a real fan then are ya cause of you was you’d know upchurch helped Adam Calhoun get big an look where there both at now the done plenty of features and videos together an also made an album together. So screw wolf if he dont want on this movement. Church fits in point blank period an by the way yelawolf has done a feature with Upchurch...


Cracked pepper was good material, struggle will do his thing he’s always better when he’s rapping with someone, but they should have left upchurch off the album! He just doesn’t fit with the rest of the crew!!


Ready to hear you guys lay off some 💪🏼🔥!!!

Tw13ted Mind

Don’t really have much to say but I definitely enjoy Adams music... keep it up 🔥


Even though Yelawolf didn’t wanna be on the album, and Upchurch stepped up and is going to be, I can’t wait for this! Upchurch, Calhoun, and Jennings?! This is about to be a fire song! They need to make an album together and get Jelly in on it too. This album is about to be FIRE 🔥!




It is a shame Yelawolf did not want to be on the album because he doesn't agree with Adam Calhoun on some things but screw Yelawolf. Hearing the news that Upchurch will be on the album makes it even better. The song Cracked Pepper is okay with Yelawolf because I heard it from preorder, but now that it will Upchurch, it will be way better.

True red white blue

Cracked pepper sounds so bad ass so excited for the rest of the album truly going to be a masterpiece this is going to be even better with Ryan Upchurch I honestly didn’t even know who Yelawolf was till the preorder and it sounds good but if Ryan is gonna spit and take over Yelawolfs part this song is gonna be 10 times better I’m sure I’ve heard of Yelawolf but he isn’t very important to this album this is all for Adam and struggle I know you guys are gonna blow our minds by far my three favorite ppl Adam Upchurch and struggle 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Let’s go


Adam Calhoun??? Yelawolf???? Count me hyped!!!!


Let’s go Adam!! Much love from Bakersfield California