JoJo - Mad Love. (Deluxe)

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Mad Love. (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Welcome back, JoJo! Will always be a fan!


Love this work of art. Every song is amazing on this album, vocals always on point, melodies always on point, riffs and runs always on point.


This was hands down one of the best albums of the year!!!


I love this entire album! Can’t wait for the next one!!!


Stumbled across her new music, (I guess it’s not so new now!)I used to love her earlier sound, but this is much deeper and mature. She regained an old fan. I’m curious why there’s not a lot of buzz about it? Many tracks are ammaaazinggg!

Bella Cullen 1245

Every song is a jam! She has comeback stronger than ever! Girl power!


AMAZING. No words can express how powerful this album truly is.


Jojo finally made a comeback thank you Jojo this album is amazing :)


How do I request back ringtone...I love this album so much...I need a Mad Love and Edibles ringtone! Come on iTunes!!


Where is the rest of her music? Been searching for her stuff!


Love it😎

The real reviewer27

Not one bad song on this album! Amazing!

Dog lover!!!!(Kate)

This album is amazing


I’ve been listening to the album non-stop. I really admire JoJo’s vocal range. She does not disappoint!


Been a fan since she first came out! 10 years of a wait and the baddest woman in the game is back. There’s something about her voice that I love! This woman has killed it with “Mad Love.”love you, JoJo!!!!!

Scentbug lover

JoJo. The mastermind R&B singer of hits such as Too Little Too Late, and Leave (Get Out) has delivered her 3rd long delayed studio album Mad Love., on Atlantic Records after a rough 10 year contract with BlackGround Records. Mad Love. Is a genius comeback album that has delivered what all JoJo fans have been wanting. From the piano driven track "Music." About loosing her father to drug addiction, to her shaming fake friends on FAB. And the throwback Motown influenced title track, Mad Love. And who can the track Edibles? It is all good. Not lacking in the least bit. Great job JoJo!


Let me explain something: This is a beautifully done album. If you're my generation (25-35 year olds) you already know who JoJo is, and why she's a superstar/talent. If you're out of that bracket, you will rediscover why she's so special and unique, a 💯% REAL person. At such a young age, she's experienced life through both poverty and success. Her perspective is one in a million, literally. There's no bullsh!t to market her for anything, other than her God given talents, i.e, acting/singing - that VOICE!!! AND, she writes!! For me, subjectively, she's in the leagues of Mariah, Whitney, Celine and already well on her way (at freaking 25!) to being a legend. If you know her story, (if not, consider looking it up!) you know why she deserves this and much more!! Well done, JoJo! Shine on, Baby Girl!


Love it!!! I had been waiting years!! For her new album!!!!


Jojo has some sick songs on this album!! It's a must have. Really she needs more radio time then some of these overrated "artist"


She goes in on this album and her concert was amazing!!! 5 stars!


She was most defiantly over-looked but this album? Yeah, there's no overlooking this album. I listen to this album almost everyday. I don't know what happened but I'm glad something was done to her being noticed as the amazing artist she's always been: I've always been a JoJo fan since day 1 and never understood why she was always over-looked, when her songs from back then were/and are still jams! But hey, she's on and popping and I cannot wait for the world to reveal this GEM. It's way past time!! If I could rate this higher, I'd do so. I say you're crazy if you haven't got on JoJo, especially this album. So worth listening to!!


Yessss Jojo. Fans waited along time and she delivered!! Amazing music!


This is my first time this year hearing this album I am so mad I didn't get it much sooner.


Saw JoJo on Mad Love Tour in Dallas last night. Amazing! Great energy, crowd was pumped & we all had a great time.

Patches and mr.t and Sam

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Or should I say… MAD LOVE!!!❤️❤️


I wish she got more recognition for what she’s doing. I think her music is beautiful and there is so much passion, emotion, and soul she puts into the music. Thanks Jojo :)




Best album this year!!

Yesenia Melina

I used to jam out to JoJo when I was a teen & this album is amazing! Meaningful, powerful music, so much soul, so much attitude! Yes, JoJo! Yes!

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So worth the wait! Love this CD 😃


Excellent music! Lyrics! Awesome!

Talking Angela Fan

This is literally my fav album and Music is like beautiful. u have to buy it she slays😍❤️✨


What a great comeback for Jojo. Her songs are simply astounding and her voice can pierces anyone's soul. Her range, her lyrics and the beats of her songs are mesmerizing. She's sultry, sexy, heartfelt and has just became one of idols again. You go girl!


For the longest time I was afraid Jojo wasn't making music anymore and then she released an excellent EP and I checked almost every day for her next album. It's finally here and it's 100% Jojo which means it's 100% amazing. BUY IT!


This album is amazing. Buy it! She sounds amazing. Her new songs have some edge to them with great beats and lyrics with a message. This girl is all the way back! Honestly, I don't understand how she is not charted higher. If you liked her old stuff, you will love the grown up version of JoJo. Comeback artist of the year! Welcome back!


This album speaks to my soul! She's come back and annihilated the game! 😩😍


I'm officially a fan!

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She was always good but she has gotten even better! Can't wait for her tour.

Ari Jai

JOJO SLAAAAAYYYYYSSSS!!! I already got my Mad Love concert tickets, and if this album is any indication of the performance to come, it's going to be FIRE!! 🔥

DanYiel Teflon

Jojo for years!! Ya sound has always touched me & made me groove I'll groove to the music as long as its great as it's been!!

Starling so far

No words for how amazing this is & how much I love it!


This is such a good album!!!!!!!


I'm so glad to finally see her make a comeback. So much talent. Amazing vocals. Amazing stuff!

Mac Candy Crush

Love this album!!!


She really has grownup and it's beyond beautiful! Album of the year!! ❤️️❤️️


I'm glad she is back. I loved her old stuff, but I don't feel she was into it. This is the kinda music she can relate to with passion behind her vocals.


Amazing!! Jojo's voice is out of this world❤️ was waiting for her comeback and this album is perfection! Needs to be no.1 on the charts!!


JoJo has continued to mature and excel throughout the past years since "The High Road." I am extremely proud of everything she has done thus far and so happy she now has full control of her music. She's brilliant, resilient, and a beautiful person and I am sure this album is going to take JoJo far.