John Williams - Great Composers: John Williams

℗ 1999 Varèse Sarabande

Great Composers: John Williams Tracklist:

Crazy fan61

Great work best orchestra ever


This is the song you are looking for...


I love the theme song it reminds me when it came out! Best movie made if all time I say!


Can't stop listening to this:)

The straght face

I love Jurassic park theme #awesome movie


I love John Williams music! This album has a lot of great music!


I absolutely love John Williams! And this is a pretty awesome collection!


John is definitely my favorite composer, no doubt about that. Completely amazing and not fake, a must have for all of his fans.


It always amuses me when people say they don't like classical music. I then ask that person, " Do you like the movie Star Wars? "The reply is always yes. I then reply;" then you do like classical music." John Williams is modern classical music. Beethoven went to Vienna because that's where the money was. Today the composers go to Hollywood for the same reason.

Songsak L

One of my favorite movie and soundtrack.


His songs are wonderful pieces of music. My favorite song is Star Wars (Main Title).


This really is a beautiful album and when I read Techmate's review, I had to laugh. Thanks!!


An orchestra doing John Williams badly still sounds better than a lot of other movie composers' "masterpieces" any day, and as redos go, these are definitely top-notch "recreations" of the original orchestrations. So if you are a "soundtrack snob" and you're expecting all the original versions of these themes, get ready for a bitter disappointment. I am a little biased, though, since I have bought the work of Joel McNeely, John Debney, etc., conducting the Royal Philharmonic, the Prague Philharmonic and other orchestras that re-did the scores and themes from other composers and films, and they were all pretty decent. (Check out McNeely's re-recording of Barry's BODY HEAT score for a good example.) When I still got the same goosebumps listening to THE TOWERING INFERNO theme that I did hearing the original version, I knew they had done this right. If you don't mind not having the originals, this is worth your dime and your time.


All I have to say is that John Williams is one of the greatest musical artists of all time! This album includes nearly all of his best and my favorite compositions. Anyone who enjoys entertaining and lovely music should come here!


There is no way you can pass this album up, John Williams is the greatest composer on this planet and will never be replaced


I absolutley adore John Williams! He's an awesome composer! I'm a band geek, so of course gonna be freaking out about it, but it's a great buy! Totally worth your money! =)


This has some great tracks by John ( Were on a first name basis here ;) ). This is worth getting. Enjoy!


John Williams is great! Especially the Star Wars theme, The Imperial March, Superman, an the Jurrassic Park theme. I listen to the star wars theme every day! Simply Amazing!!!


Varese Sarabande Sure picked a good composer. John Williams is truly the master of Cinema Music And this is a good Compilation of some of our favorites, and lesser-known favorites, on one Disc. If your looking for Blockbuster music. John Williams is it.

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