Jeremy Camp - The Story's Not Over

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The Story's Not Over Tracklist:


Wonderful praise music as we know Jeremy Camp will give us!

Elizabeth Roseberry

I love Jeremy camp so much i’ve even watch the movie

Bobby Hannafey

I love his music so much, he inspires me so much!

Blue star 22

This is amazing and I like it


I love Jeremy's soul, his heart, and his mission... However, his mission really stood out from the crowd while he had Randy Willams' feel and creativity in the band. Without his chemistry, I feel that Jeremy's sound is obscure, being one of many playing to the whims and demands of CCM executives. I wish him success, and all glory to Our Loving God.

Future Pastor 777

Been listening to Jeremy for years and am always continually inspired by his music! Always providing the force in Jesus I need to get a breakthrough! LOVE Jeremy Camp!😊

Michael Brian Schaffer Kaunley

I love your music


🧡 not one bad song on this album!


I have loved his music from the star, I believe this to be his best album by far. Amazing lyrics, upbeat, a music that just finds a way into my soul. Absolutely love EVERY song on this album!!!


Love The New Project Bro


I love this album. The songs really speak to me in this season of my life. It helps me to keep moving forward and keep my eyes pointed on the Lord. I have been playing it over and over non-stop since I received it


Truly a great gift GOD has given Jeremy!


This album is awesome. Every song has touched my heart, given me hope, help me in my current life struggles and has strengthened my faith and has helped me realize that I need to rely on God more and let him guide me in my own life that I have recently messed up. Thank you Jeremy Camp!

future improvements

This is absolutely what needs to be said in todays world! Humility and gratitude, but most of all HOPE


I just saw Jeremy Camp live last night at the Franklin Graham. “Decision America Tour” in Fayetteville, NC. Jeremy is AWESOME live, and he sang quite a few of these songs for those of us who made it out. He sounds better than ever and his music rocks! The testimony and Christ driven purpose behind this music makes it different. Thank you for another amazing album!

Chosen by Christ

I love all of Jeremy Camp’s music but this album is the best by far!!! ❤️ My favorites are Should’ve Been Me, Only You Can, You Don’t, and Indestructible Soul!!! My Family and I have been a fan of Jeremy Camp for years, and this new Album didn’t disappoint us!!! 💖 Buy it!!! I promise you won’t be sorry that you did!!! ❤️


Jeremy knows who he is, he knows the Lord, and the Lord has blessed him. Keep making music!! God Bless!


Excellent Music as Always!!!!

Kristy Waller

All of Jeremy Camp’s music is incredible! Love the new album! Energizing and upbeat! He has an amazing heart for God! Looooove his music!


I only listened to this because Matthew West co-wrote it. Awesome song.

God seeker76

I have become a bigger fan with each album that comes out from Camp. This is easily the best one yet from him. I love the powerful message with great grooves and driving beats.


I heard Jeremy Camp one morning while walking my dog, Jamie. We were both so shook that I became a lifelong fan and bought the album today. It knocked the enemy right out of me. Thank you Jeremy!


Needs to go back to the type of music he started with.


Hard to deliver fresh, relevant content over and over, but this new project is current and progressive, but still has all the great hallmarks of classic “Jeremy Camp”.


Every song is so powerful and so beautifully done. Jeremy Camp is only getting better and better!


Still Alive and Dead Man Walking are the jewels of this album. Honestly, a lot of the rest of it is just too pop/hip-hoppy for me. I’m a guitar guy so this is like the exact opposite style and sound from Jeremy’s earlier records (which I prefer). Great professional sound here and Jeremy’s voice is always fantastic. Just not really the style of music I jive with.


Love it, M Chapman

For God Alone

Love the lyrics and sound! 🎼 Keep more of this type of Christian music coming.. YESSSSS! Looking forward to the full release in September!


The three songs JC released are just what we needed! I have been a fan since his beginning and owe a huge tribute to his music to my faith. Can’t stop bobbing my head, smiling, and singing. Can’t wait for the rest of the album! Keep doing what you doing JC!


Love it 🎉


I love dead man walking and all the people hating on his music don’t appreciate or understand that it doesn’t matter what it sounds like as long as you are praising Jesus Christ our lord and savior. By the way I’m 11


I think it's great so far. Can't wait to hear the rest.


I enjoy the sounds and the upped tempo mixed in with his lyrics. Good uplifting music

beau seefes

The songs are great keep it up.

Gabriel Isaac Samara

I feel like ya I get where people are coming from wanting Jeremy Camp to sound the same, and don’t get me wrong I do miss that, I think his new songs are pretty interesting. I really don’t know if I like them or not, if he’s being a sell out and conforming to modern Christian music or if he just honestly wants to try something new. I’m not Jeremy Camp so I don’t know his motives behind this new type of music he’s producing, but all I can say is I hope his walk with God is still genuine and good and if so I look forward to seeing him in Heaven someday.


Should’ve Been Me is beautiful. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the music. Thank you God for allowing the world to hear such a gorgeous song and voice. I have no clue why so many are being so negative about a Christian artist and you.


Basic, "radio-friendly," over-produced pop from an artist who lost his rock edge. Not to mention same repetitive lyrics.


Absolutely LOVING this new stuff from Jeremy!!!


7eventh time down, and now Jeremy camp, they sound like boy bands! What has happened? I can’t take this electronic sound, where is the rock that made you who you are? 🤦‍♂️ Very disappointing!!!

Ace eye on it

I mean I appreciate some Christian artists branching out from the old “Christian Radio” sound but honestly I don’t feel like his voice sounds very good with the music that being said I’ve only heard the pre album released songs so it could get better Nevertheless thanks for your efforts in spreading the Good News!👍🏼


This new album isn’t even out yet, but the three new singles are epic anthems of worship and encouragement that pack an energetic punch! Jeremy Camp is blessed with the gift of crafting music that is truly refreshing.


Time to go back to rock. Sorry.


If the first three songs are any indication, then is is another soulless, computer generated, producer driven album. No heart, just a bunch of cookie cutter songs. This is not uncommon in Christian music unfortunately. It’s a shame such a gifted talent has to be crushed under the weight of commercialism.

T-Money 4 Ya Life

We’re just beginning!!!

Music Album of Jeremy Camp:

Behold (feat. Jeremy Camp) - Single
Behold feat. Jeremy Camp - Single (2015)