Various Artists - Celtic Twilight, Vol. 5

℗ 1999 Hearts of Space Records

Celtic Twilight, Vol. 5 Tracklist:


If you want this song for .99 c , then search Jeff Danna - the artist who wrote it.In his list of songs you'll get the option to buy.


Loveee ittt


I almost cried when I heard The Blood of Cu Chulainn during The Boondock Saints (My favorite movie.) The fact that Itunes does not allow this song to be downloaded as a single forced me to do something I did not want to get into a habit of again, downloaded songs off the internet.


This song has relly moved me in so many ways. i think that this song shows alot of a motion and it is just really great but theer is one bad thing that i think that itunes should change is that you should be able to buy it seperatly


I agree with the other people who have posted comments in this album. Although the other tracks on this may be good, it is unreasonable to ask someone to buy the entire album when all they might want is one or two songs. "The Blood of Cu Chulainn" is an amazing song and should be available for purchase individually.

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