Jade Novah - Stages

℗ 2020 Let There Be Art, Inc.

Stages Tracklist:


Jade Novah has always remianed on my list of artist who are actually artist. She is a multitalented artist who has been behind the scense and the forefront but before that I discovered her on YouTube. Jade Novah's first album "Blue" was introduction to the world, an amazing body of work that she displayed. This particular album (Her sophomore) "Stages" seems a bit more personal. This project requires NO SKIPS!!! I can listen to her album all the way through with ease. There is a song for everyone on this album and you will enjoy it immensely.! Jade and her Husband (the producer) worked diligently on this album and you can hear it. Jade's vocals are clean, fun, and a total vibe. She is a skillful songstress with so much to offer. Stevie Wonder has even recognized her talent prior to her becoming an offical solo artist! Get this album and you won't be disappointed


This is a sexy album and the video for Somebody Son will make u leave your wife, lol


Jade Super Novah..you killed it with this one.


From start to finish! Beautiful voice! ❤️💕


Lay It Down, Cycles, Stages, In Your Head & Somebody Son has been on repeat since friday 😩💚💚


One of the best albums I have heard in a long time. The instrumentals, lyrics...everything is spot on. Wishing her much success.


Oh my when I tell you I got my life I got all of it She didn’t play at all you really should buy this album KEEP R&B ALIVE PERIONNA


Such an amazing effort from a voice that really transcends. Jade is one of the best vocalist alive. Can’t wait to see what this does for her career!


So proud of this project!!!


This album is just absolutely wonderful, and I’m just so proud of Jade & Devin constantly slaying and putting out this amazing art. They do this all themselves as independent artists and I’m just so insanely proud of them!!!!!