Alina Baraz - It Was Divine

℗ 2020 Mom+Pop

It Was Divine Tracklist:


From the first song to the last it is on point. How that cut with Khalid is blowing up the charts I don't know.


So good. I keep listening to the album over and over. Her voice is so soothing. Love everything about this album.


Her voice is so soothing and the productions and lyrics is just EVERYTHING 😍


First review I have ever left. So fresh and rare. Love the whole album. Her voice is so inviting. It makes me want to daydream about love and enjoying the summer.


Every song is absolutely amazing!


I don’t write reviews of albums at all, but I’ve been keeping up with Alina Baraz since Urban Flora, and she has never disappointed even once! This album is absolutely amazing! I am someone who is constantly drowning in negative thoughts. When I listen to this album I feel at such peace. There isn’t a single skip on this album and each song has its unique melody, also the Nas feature was amazing who is one of the greatest rappers ever to do it! Alina Baraz also followed me on Twitter after she saw a video I made for her and it made me so happy, she’s such a humble artist and I know she is going to be one of the biggest artists in the world one day!! I can’t say enough good things about this album. I love you Alina ❤️❤️


There is not one song I do not love off this album. It’s written very well and flows great. Her sound is a little muffled in some parts but the harmonies are outstanding. Rare that I enjoy every single song off an album. Can’t wait for more to come! I want to buy the CD just so I can play in the car 😹


I love her songs Who Got Me and Off The Grid. Beautiful album ♥️♥️

bison 2021

I’ve been following Alina since 2015 - she’s consistent and true to herself. Her music is like none other

iLoveThisApp *3

Have loved Alina Baraz since her Urban Flora era and love her even more. She progresses every time she releases new music and this album does not miss the mark at all.


this is all we wanted and more her voice is angelic as always😭


Literally ALL of these songs sound the same.

Kevin Asencio

She’s doing an amazing job these songs are really good and happy she’s doing her thang


'It Was Divine' truly was divine. I haven't listened to an album this cohesive in a while. The thought Alina put into this album is evident, and 4 years really was worth the wait. Many songs contain switch-ups that keep the album fresh and interesting. 'My Whole Life' and 'To Me' are some of the best songs released this year. Her journey to self-love in the midst of relationships is so beautiful to listen to. Also shoutout to her song with Nas - amazing.


Smooth as melted butter...AB, you just keep raising the bar on quality lyrics and sound. LOVE your music, your message, your vibe!


She never disappoints, her music is so raw and real, nothing like I’ve ever heard.


Im obsessed with this album.


She’s not our secret little gem anymore but I’m so happy she’s getting the recognition she deserves


She keeps getting better with every album.


Nothing will ever beat that

J Edward Garrett

From beginning to end this album is a masterpiece. This is the breath of fresh air that R&B needed


Girl, that voice!!!! Take me to heaven. 💖


Alina is one of myfav artists!


A masterpiece. No skips.




you kids will buy anything... And THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From urban flora to the color of you to it was divine, there has been such improvement in the way that Alina sings, her production value and how she transitioned into true r&b, her voice is so soft and sultry and refreshing and being a new fan, she is so underrated and really needs to be pushed more by her label, or she just needs to sign to a new one. Overall incredible album and one of the best albums of 2020 so far!!


The flow and production is on point. I can listen without skipping and imagine I’m sitting on a beach, cool breeze, drink in hand, not in the house under quarantine.

Co Bay



This I feel is the music the world really needs right now in light of current events. Alina’s soothing voice and soft production make for some of the most enriching R&B I’ve heard this year. A talent like Baraz is definitely a rarity in today’s landscape, and this album couldn’t have dropped at a better time for me. I’m someone who struggles internally with love; in attempting to balance the needs of my partner and convention I often lose myself in pursuing my own desires, and I feel this album somehow encapsulates that perfectly. Every track on here speaks to me, with Night and Morning, Take It Home, and The Beginning being my faves. It’s crazy that I somehow never caught wind of Alina B. before this, but she has definitely made a new fan in me and I will definitely be supporting all her music from here on. I hope that she continues to evolve and inspire people like myself with her current style. This is easily an album I can recommend to most everyone!


To Me is my favorite from the album but I love all the songs 💙

Aisha AlSaqabi

Been waiting for the debut ever since she explained that “The Color of You” was only the prelude to the album. She’s been teasing us with snippets for years and it’s so good to finally be able to hear the entire tracks on the album. The production, lyrical magnitude, range of instruments and vocals all come together so beautifully to solidify the project’s capability. Listening to the whole album in order just puts you in a trance that you never wanna wake up from. Endlessly proud of Alina for opening up her heart to us through her music and of the whole team involved for doing such an incredible job from beginning to end. Thank you for giving us this gem🖤🖤🖤


Lyrical art 💕 Thank you for gracing us with this album.


There are people commenting here who don't like this new 'swearing' Alina, and there are also people here who are hating back on those people that said that they didn't like the swearing. IMO: Alina was always a very refreshing 'break' from the standard, mass-produced, cuss-word filled, sexually inappropriate hip-hop that clogs the airwaves today. Now, her biggest fans are just worried that she may be leaning towards that world, and leaving the one we've enjoyed so much. Listen, the music industry is what it is. These young teenagers spend all of their allowance money on music, and they just luvvvvv hip-hop, which, we are all aware, is not so much about the quality of the song and it's lyrics, but who you were with, and probably what you were doing, when you heard it. That is a hard pill to swallow for us true music fans that don't just listen to a song because their friends do too, and we aren't constantly looking for acceptance. In a nutshell, there's simply more money in swearing. It has probably tripled her audience. Business move, people. Business move.



708 Magazine

Alina Baraz is simply amazing. Alina's vocals & vibe are so classic.


Alina. I’m a big fan of your music and your sensual voice! You make some very great music to relax to. Very well done album I’m so proud of your success and I hope you continue your craft! Love you! 💓 My favorite songs are: The beginning, Until I Met You.... who am I kidding I love the whole thing! 😂


So right after the bat Alina Baraz fans will notice is that sound that she captures on urban flora is the same type of sound you get on It Was Divine. Since becoming a fan after urban flora Alina Baraz never seems to amaze me. The first song I heard from her was fantasy & ever since then I’ve been a fan. She re-captures that vibe on frank, off the grid & more than enough these are standouts for the album. More than enough uses the same melody as fantasy & make for a wonderful assortment of music. The one thing I can say was listening to urban flora had me wanting to listen to a full length project by her. So once the color of you came out I was feeling like okay this her album only thing the color of you left me with was wanting a full body of work from her & with It Was Divine she has definitely blessed her core fans with this album. I can say truly divine & elegant album this the first time I took my time to review an album & I’m grateful for this amazing body Of art.


Sounds amazing, good to see her grow




I love it 😍😍😍


I love this album SO MUCH! The whole thing is so beautifully done. Side note, to the person who asked why she has to swear and stated that it’s unattractive: I don’t recall her asking for your approval. She can say whatever tf she wants, it’s HER art. But yes, buy/stream this album


Her sultry sound is so fascinating to my ears. Great album. You can never go wrong with her albums. She never disappoints.


she’s absolutely insane. no one is doing it like her.


she’s done it again <3 so so stunning in every way.


Alina’s albums are consistently amazing! Listened from beginning to end. So much talent!!! 💕


Such smooth sounds pure sensuality


Been in love with Alina’s music since I heard “Unfold”. Bought her last album and this is the perfect follow up. Keep making good music Alina.


absolutely perfect