Dane Cook - ISolated INcident (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2009 Comedy Central Records

ISolated INcident (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:



Nick Carle

So I was in math class and remote location came on I started cracking up every one was looking at me hahaha


HOW do you like me now BIZNITCH!!!!!!! i thought that was soooooooooo funny:)




Not f*cking funny. The color of the one star is more funny to me.. A COLOR is funnier.


i agree itunes should put the videos on

MW Chief

This is comedy at its purest! I'm a big DC fan and I've been listening to him for about 3 years now, and this stuff is hysterical. I couldnt breathe from laughter while listening to "Big Shot", I had to hold my ribs and everything to keep myself from dying of laughter, THATS how funny it was.


I'm a huge fan of dane cooks earlier stuff, but in my humble opinion, this album is horrible. He's lost the fun randomness that makes him great. This is more a cd full of stores which alludes to Dane's believe in his own superiority than it is a comedy album.

Pure dane comedy

The best dane ever best quote in my book hmmmmm how about "how ya like me now biznitch?!"


I love Dane Cook and can not wait when he comes back to the Dallas/Ft Worth area.


so funny


Dane Cook is the Fred Durst of comedy.


Dane Cook is one of my favorite comedians. He's is so random and thats what makes him funny. Some of his material may be inappropriate for a younger audiance. iTunes should put up a video version of these though because during his proformance he does gestures and such that isnt transferred well using just audio. Other than that though this is just great!

cpl dan

Dane cooks best album must have

hey gurl hey :

not the best of his work but his work on this is good :) but he tends to be more intelligent about his comedy now then back then but its good not bad but he funny man


Dane Cook's bits are sooo much funnier to watch than just listen! Put up a comment or put in a request for iTunes to add it if you agree!!


Whether you like it or not, Dane Cook has probably said 3 funny jokes in his life. He's not a real comedian and he will never be. You want your side split, listen to George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan, Bill Cosby or maybe even some of the guys from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Anything beats this. Plus, dropping the f bomb just because you can isn't funny. George Carlin makes good use of it, and he's probably looking up at you with extreme dislike.


I think Dane's still got his stuff. The crowd could have been nonexistant, but otherwise i thought it was great. I lot of people would disagree with me but i'm pretty happy about this album.


Title says it all. It's like he's trying to turn some very serious and depressing things into jokes. Dane needs to deal with his life issues before doing more comedy.


I just saw isolated incident live in my home town last night. I didn't want to buy or even listen to this before having seen it in person because that would have taken a lot of punch out of his jokes knowing what he'll say next. I have to agree with some of the others that this is not of the same calibur we are used to from Dane Cook. He just doesn't bring the same energy anymore like he used to. As a big DC fan I would still get this but be ready to be dissatisfied since the spark and enery is missing. Everything he said was hilarious don't get me wrong, but he could have delivered with much more enthusiasm as we're used to. SUFI!


I think nowadays, all Dane does is rely on 'I'm dane cook, people think I'm hilarious, and women think I'm hot". That, and the constant swearing. The first half of the album, I admit, was quite funny, but once he started with the sex talk, it went downhill from that. It just isn't funny, the entire second half is just trash that I personally don't want to hear. It's not hard to joke about sex, but he goes way too far.


Look up Russell Peters... hes a real comic that has good material all the time. Dane cook has to do random stuff to make people laugh because most of his jokes are not that funny.


Seems like he changed his material, i just do not know what to say.He is a good comic. But...


where is the peter joke with, the deleting of the contacts

Aron Samuels

It's a sad day when when the highest-grossing "comedian's" act consists of odd pronunciation and yelling mixed with pop references.


I think he is so funny. He never disapoints.


I loved the material in this album, funny but also personnal and relavent.


I can't tell you how excited I was to watch this when it aired on TV. I was waiting for months for this to show. After surviving the full hour I had never been so let down in my life. I pretty much have all of his material memorized and loved it all. But this routine is just awful. I am sorry Dane, but hopefully you come out with better stuff next time. I think you should give up the acting and focus on comedy...because since you took up acting both that and your material has hit an all-time low.


Ok i admit, DC is the best. Im a huge fan. But i think after watching and hearing this album, it made me lose interest in him. It only had a few funn jokes in it. The rest was just down-right inappropriate. Dane, really, u need to get back in the game. This album harmed u in some way.


He always manages to make me laugh!

I Love Nathan

Definitely Not Dane Cook's Best But Way Better Than Anyone Out There The Only Good Comedians These Days Are Very Limited And Dane Cook Is One Of The Best.

Syracuse is#1

Harmful if swallowed is a little better than this album


To be fair, to each-his own. What makes 1 laugh may not seem funny to another. DC is like the show 'Family Guy',you either understand, not offended, and find that humor funny, or you hate it. And if DC has taken material from "older" comedians who aren't on the stage anymore, so what? The point is, he must be delivering it in a "dane" way that his fans find funny; some of which have only heard the material from Dane 1st time anyway, based on the average college-aged audience he appeals to. On the other hand, it is my opinion that he IS talented, he's just trying too hard. Retaliation and Vicious Circle were great. I'm a Family Guy fan but I think that he can be funnier by removing some of the trash from the act. BTW, I'll be watching ISolated INcident tonight on Comedy Central..I'll be back at 11pm EST to give my feedback....


I got tickets to see Dane Cook here in Tulsa,Ok on June 18th as a birthday present to myself, and I gotta say IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!


I know Dane Cook isn't for everyone, however I find him hilarious! I just saw him about 3 weeks ago in Seattle and was far from dissapointed. He is crude and some material isn't appropriate for all audiences but if you understand that before you listen to him and accept it before hand then you'l go in with a better chance of enjoying it. I love Dane Cook and can't wait for more material to be released!


I loved this album. Dane Cook is so funny!




Great album! Dane is brilliant!


Dane Cook is funny - in every other comedy act but this one. I'm pretty sure I only laughed once and it was during the Obama segment. That's it. I don't know what happened, but Dane lost it here.


I used to be a huge Dane Cook fan. His first three albums were great. Now it seems he is just going for shock value because he is out of material. Didn't laugh once. I regret this purchase.


HUGE Dane Cook fan! Dane you rock some aswesomness! I loved this album as much as I loved the others! F**K the haters and keep doing what ya doing! hope you come to hawaii soon!!!


stand up in isolated incident was kinda weak. it was different than the square garden stand up, it just seemed like he wasnt hyperactive and energetic to make his jokes more live, but it did have some moments. dane cook still rules


Dane Cook is probably the best known comedian out there. He is the best and funniest. I do like this album but i think Vicious Circle is better. The B&E skit is the best! and the Kool Aid skit from Harmful If Swallowed.


I believe Dane has done it again. I had a parent that died of cancer, and the way he puts a twist on it, it's just great. You don't find too many people who can joke about death, and I believe he has done well. I'm not a fan of the W.W.Y.D.I.?? skit. None the less, I think he did great! Kudos to you, Mr. Cook.


I love Dane Cook.....or rather, I did....until this. I saw this routine on Comedy Central and I was SO excited! I usually laugh myself silly at his material, and even work out to his earlier routines because he made it easier to get through 45 minutes on the eliptical. But this? This is awful! I don't like comedians that make me feel uncomfortable, and this made me extremely uncomfortable. I don't get offended easily, but wow. This is Dane at his most bitter (at what?? who knows), his most angry (at what??), and his most vile. If you like that sort of thing, you'll love this. If not, maybe wait for Dane to go back to the humorous side of life, or.... find a new comedian. Which is what I plan to do.


isolated Incident was pretty good. it was orginal and of course: funny. but i thought tht there was to much jokes about sex and porn and tht kinda stuff. dont get me wrong tht stuff's funny but still, i think its a bit much. its no vicious circle but its good

Guy in a corner

This isn't some of his good stuff but its still good. The only comedian better than Dane Cook is Gabriel Iglesias. Hands Down he is the best.


A comedian with a unique view and interpretation about the world who can make the simplest of things entertaining and funny... but isolated incident seems like a rushed and uninspired show created simply for the purpose of being created... it exists without the heart, soul and energy of his early stuff and is simply not on par with his old work. I am a huge fan, and if your are, listen and enjoy. i personally look forward to more. But where his older work is on an epic scale that can be quoted and recognized by millions... there is nothing stand out about this one unfortunately... although it will still entertain.


i found a few parts of this to be funny. namely, the sections i preveiwed on iTunes, and the smaller crowd was a breath of fresh air.(i think what i appreciated the most was the absence of the thousands of screaming women!) but THEN i saw it on tv. he just kept goin about how great Obama is...... i didnt finish the special. i gave this an extra star cuz i laughed at the 8 minutes i previewed on iTunes.


This guy is the best ever. Nothing is funnier than your pee shooting in your eye.