Dane Cook - ISolated INcident

℗ 2009 Comedy Central Records

ISolated INcident Tracklist:

Zano morons

Get a life


Amazing Dane cook is the best comedian ever


Finally the king is back I'm 16 and I'm glad Dane's have matured almost right along side my age of maturity so if u r like 12 or 13 and complaining about his material go listen vicious circle or another comedian I mean b happy Dane has grown as a comedian the early days of crazy Dane are gone now Dane is going to b a better man and comedian for it so enjoy and have fun SUFI


So a couple of months ago i bought both Harmful If Swallowed and this. I listened to Harmful If Swallowed many times and i figured once it stopped being funny for me, i would listen to ISolated INcident. Well, today, even though i still find Harmful If Swallowed funny, this has been mocking me all this time so i decided to listen to it. ALL of his jokes are based on death or sex, neither r funny. Im 13 yr old boy, and i do understand all of the sex jokes but during "Peanut Butter Smack" anf "Big Shot" i dont recall laughing once. And wen he was talkin bout role play, idky he was tellin us that. Wasnt funny. He talked a lot about his deceased parents too, which i understand was hard for him, but it just kept thr audience silent for a while. He also talked about suicide. Thats not funny. I was rly let down by this bcuz Harmful If Swallowed was hilarious, and then listening to this, i am very disappointed. I was goin to get Retalliation, but i didnt want to be surprised again at the lack of humor. What also pissed me off was that the parts to it were somewhat out of order where do 21-27 (excluding 26) fall in the real line up? O yea and whats with the title? ISolated INcident? 1: what does that mean. 2: y ar IS and IN capitol?Dane, you have to step it up. In Harmful If Swallowed, you focused on tge news an stuff. Keep doin that! Death and sex arent funny!


Great but proly cause im14 but I thought it was funny


As a huge stand up comedy fan I must say that Dane is leaving me with an empty feeling. Dane's previous albums(Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation) showed Dane as a young fresh comedian with a point of view that was funny and relatable. Now it seems that Dane is getting too lazy in his comedy. He uses the same formula to create all of his jokes! As a stand up fanatic, Dane doesn't do much for me. I own over 50 stand up albums, many of which I have listened to over 100 times no lie. Stand up is my passion but I honestly can't see myself listening to this album more than 5 times. I wouldn't mind to see Dane regain his comedic form but unless something changes quick I just don't see that happening...


Lame as hell man was not even funny what a waste of money

a center for ants?

The Disc should be called "Therapie with Dane". Only 2 titles are actually worth buying. That is, track 3 and 12. The rest is full of vulgar shock laughs and brutal honesty where he fails to follow up with jokes to make you laugh. His past stff is much better.


I love Dane Cook to deathhhh. I love everything done by him, I dont think theres one joke that I dont laugh at. Dane is an amazing comedian. It doesnt matter how many times I listen to him because I will still laugh as hard as I did the first time I heard him.<33


This barely deserves the one star I gave it but here's a quick positive: it appears Dane has left behind his tantrum-throwing schtick and is just telling the jokes. The thing I hated most about Cook was his need to scream and thrash randomly to cover up how bad his jokes were. In typical Dane Cook fashion he managed a few jokes I giggled at and a whopping one that I laughed at. This guy hasn't been funny for years and I don't know how he keeps coming back. With this effort he crosses the line into full-on filth. A lot of this material reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay. The difference is Dice could tell a filthy pointless joke and make it funny. Cook fails miserably in this area. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone over the mental age of 16. Fortunately, I did not buy this album. I saw the uncut performance partnered with this album so I'm not too angry.


very weak material and not worth the money. Dane needs his mouth washed out with soap. Too much naughty words. Sorry... He used to be funny about talking about everyday life things. wonder what happened.


not his best work but still hilarious hes had some rough times he talks 'bout in here so keep in mind he can make anything funny. he ad-libs wit the audience to. keep goin strong DC!!!!!!!


I was a DC fan but Vicious Circle onwards, the material starts shedding. This album is his worst yet. It feels like just some funny storyteller friend on an interview, which pretty much is all about himself. That gets boring because you can't really relate to it. It's basically Dane verbally masturbating and charged you 9.99 to listen. Not worth it.


I went in with high expectations and came out disappointed. Sure some bits were funny but overall it was just too serious and not his usual energentic self.




I liked his older stuff but I think he is way too overrated. This was him at his worst. Ton of jokes that could have been told no better than a horny vulgar middle school boy.


Couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole album!!! A must own for all comedy fans!!!! Style is a little different than his previous comedy albums but is equally hysterical!!!!


Dane Cook at his worst. Not funny at all!


dude you rock!!! your the literally funniest man on earth XD


he is so funny!!1

no life till leather

I am a danecook fan. i watched both videos on tv . the edited and secret stash . vicous circle is still my favorite. This cd is good its just not his best stuff yet.


nice this albums is danes best whith all funny joke and if you hate dane i hate you


This album comes out with funny joke after funny joke. I don't find it to be his best album butu Dane is one of the funniest comedians i know and this album just enhances that.