Interpol - Marauder

℗ 2018 Matador

Marauder Tracklist:


The Rover sounds like Ozzy singing.


This album has Interpol taking us into the dark seedy places and the people we know there. The sound to me is getting back to TOTBL when you could hear Paul’s voice but barely make out the lyrics, that being said; Paul Banks seems to have drawn influence from a breakup and it’s to our benefit. Daniel Kessler is at his best cutting through every track and Sam Fogarino leaves his notorious, indelible mark. Don’t believe me? Go see them live and see for yourselves.


Why does this album sound like it was recorded on one track in one take? There might be a good album lost in here if the masters could be turned over to a different producer. As it stands, the first bad album from an amazing group of musicians.


I'm disappointed with this new Interpol album. I find all of the songs even "If You Really Love Nothing" to be worse than the worst songs on the previous record El Pintar. I think this is one of their worst albums. Some of the songs are incredibly repetitive and annoying (The Rover, Flight of Fancy, Surveillance). It's an OK album to listen to. I honestly expected more from Interpol similar to the great Antics and Our Love to Admire.


I love this band so much. But I can't grasp this one yet. Everything that's ever grabbed me by Interpol isn't very obvious here. I have listened to it, multiple times, and the Rover is still the only song that really grabs me. I'm trying, gents. I'm trying. It sounds like Interpol. It walks like Interpol. But it's just not hitting. This may be your "King of Limbs".


Just like to say since I saw you only once back in 2002 at 1st Ave Mpls. Always dig your own voice outside the Interpol. Groove on all your solo efforts. Your new found presentation and inspiration motivates me to follow such a path. No one has more influenced me since Robert Smith. Keep it real!

Shlim Shadaaayy

I’ve always hoped for Interpol to sound more like totbl or antics but knew it would be difficult. But on marauder they came as close as they possibly could. The album is full of atmosphere and you get lost in it in a good way. It’s very well produced and envelopes the listener in Bank’s crooning and incessant guitar riffs. Highly recommended


This is a great Interpol album....No. 3 in my book with potential to be No.2. Hard for any band to top TOTBL.


On first listen I wasn't sure I would like it, but it's always like that with Interpol. A few litens in I was catching all the subtleties, hearing all the backgrounds and tuning out the parts that bother me like off key segues that Interpol is so fond of and now it seems nearly perfect. Standouts for me are Complications, If You Really Love Nothing, Number 10, It Probably Matters. All in all it's a solid 4 out of 5!

Hayden hays

At first listen I was disappointed. But after another listen I couldn’t stop. Interpol started back on the right track with El Pintor and continued with this. My favorite songs are Flight of Fancy, Mountain Child and Number 10. Hell I love every song here.


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I'm hoping that it grows on me. Nowhere near as strong as the last album.


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DanO- the Man In Brown

I don't write reviews after hearing one song - I wait for the entire cd to become available and listen a few times to let myself get familiar with the new work and then judge it . In my opinion this sounds like the last couple albums - I can't see any honest impatial listener NOT think this new cd sounds like it was written and performed at the same time as the last few . That in itself wouldnt be so much a problem IF the last few were their best work . They were not !! Bright Lights - Antics-Admire -all strong cds I recommend ... But if you have Elpintor or Interpols' fourth cd - then you already have Marauder .....No I in threesome -" Babe its time we give something new a try ... I agree .


I’ve followed their evolution through the years and just like another reviewer said, I miss the depth and melodic intricacies we’ve come to love. Nonetheless, I support their new endeavor and will continue to support their work. Perhaps we all evolve into something new as time passes. Paul, Daniel, Sam... you guys are the best and I’m still with you. Much love.


Love it!


Absolutely wonderful!

Ear shot 598

I never heard of these guys just started listening to him because it’s new and now I have it on my Spotify list listen to the album a few times over... is definitely good stuff I really like it!!


Turn on The Bright Lights, El Pintor & Marauder...I call this the "Red Trilogy". Interpol fell into a bad pattern with Antics, Our Love... & Self Titled of writting too many songs at the same tempo and intensity. Also on those 3 albums they lost the depth and atmospheric sound which they traded for a more punchy rhythmic sound...A mix of the two is ultimately made "Bright Lights..." so special. I lost all interest in them at that point. It was only when I took a chance on El Pintor that I noticed they began to bring the magic of "Bright Lights..." back without just repeating it. Marauder is not as solid as El Pintor, that album is great all the way through. Marauder does have a few filler tracks but overall is very catchy and well written. I just wish they threw a few slower more atmospheric songs in like "NYC", "Untitled", "Hands Away" & "Lief Erikson"...What happened to that sound guys? Anyway, great record. If you like Interpol this is one worth buying!


Does it make one a fair-weather fan of Interpol if you thought their first album was the greatest things released in the ten years preceding it but the rest of their catalogue mostly a disappointment? That's my story. I didn't just like 'turn on the bright lights'- I thought this band hit on something that hadn't been (but sorely needed to be) explored since Joy Division. I was equally amazed other people actually liked them as I did, since this kind of music is still somewhat underground. I was sad they lost Carlos, but after the first album, I didn't really care. Which is to say, I thought they were a one hit wonder. They might have a great song here and there, but nothing with the impact and freshness of Turn On The Bright Lights album. And then I stumble on this today. And then I sample every song. And then I buy the whole album and ask, 'where have you been all this time?' Marauder is the follow up to Turn On. It's exactly what made and makes them worth listening to repeatedly. I can't believe it took them this long to return to their roots, but I'm glad they took a chance and did. The sound is amazing and the album is just inspired from start to finish.


Why can't iTunes fix the problem of their rating colors? It's the 21st can edit that.

Electric Skydog

Music that is of a certain style and authentic to who they are. A Legendary band with a new set of songs well worth getting into. 5 Stars


First off, no it doesn’t match the first two albums. But, it’s definitely up there. If I were to rank it within the bands now six albums, this would defiantly place number three just under “Antics” and just above “El Pintor”. The band seems to have definitely found their fire again on this album. The guitars are as sharp as ever. Sam Fogarino’s drums are still very heavy and drive the songs at a pace that’s like an out of control car that you’re just along for the ride in. Paul’s voice seems to sound more commanding than it has in the past. Folks who miss Carlos D’s bass-lines should be better appeased here as Paul seems to have studied and figured out what made those bass parts so good. There are plenty of moments where the bass bounces around or drops an octave when you least expect it keeping the song fresh. Paul’s still not at the level of Carlos but he’s coming very close with this album. The songs here are very solid rockers reminiscent of “Antics”. My favorite song is definitely the closer “It Probably Matters” which recaptures the greatness of the closers that were found on both “Turn Out The Bright Lights” and “Antics”. Overall this is a very solid album. My only complaint is that the breakdowns and jam out moments from “Turn Out The Bright Lights” are still absent from the song writing on this one. There’s no great opening jam like “Untitled” or otherworldly breakdown moments like there were on “PDA” and “NYC”. But overall, I’m very happy with this album.


Wasn’t a big fan of the last album, and was a little skeptical. This album crushed my expectations.


Love this album. Well worth the wait and $$$$

Daver 66

Can’t wait for the DC show - just got tickets! All time best band. Period.


It’s rare that a band can balance what makes them great and venture into new territory, but Interpol does it yet again. After three complete listen throughs I can safely say this is my second favorite Interpol album ( Nothing beats Turn on the Bright Lights).


Amazing like always!!!!


This could be any of the past 3 albums. Nothing exceptional about it but still listenable. What happened to the Antics/Admire Interpol?


Die hard fan, there live show ROCKS! Putting this on repeat, then adding it to the collection.

Monkey m30

Favorite band!!!

Malc D

Excellent first three songs released. Looking forward to the rest of the album.


Buy it. Love it.


….real reviewer here… it's a good track….


Trying too hard. A Shame. 35 reviews?

All about the 90s

Interpol continues to put out good music for the masses. Thnk you for keeping it real and not selling out.

Ryan L123

Going to be awesome

Aunt Ordie

INTERPOL never disappoints!!! I’ll never figure out how they remain SO TRUE to their sound and yet still expand, grow and kick such an audible punch while having such depth. Cannot wait for the rest!


Why do people give a great review then hand over a 4-Star?!! SLAP YOURSELF!! It’s INTERPOL!!! #FIVESTAR #LikeTheBinders


Great first single... love how it just opens with a crash.. good stuff here.


Enhance your life ... buy this album.


Excellent new release. Can't wait for this album. Superb band.


One of the very few bands whose albums I pre-order upon announcement, without a moment’s hesitation, because I know it will be worth every single penny.




Mandatory purchase. No excuses.


Love you guys!!!! Sound is awesome

The Only Roverette

I can exhale. I needed this. They never disappoint!