In Flames - I, The Mask (Arcade Version)

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I, The Mask (Arcade Version) Tracklist:


I wish that they would release all of their albums in this arcade style

Bohdi Satva

In this day and age of extreme digital technology its fun to throw it back to old School. For those who know, UN Squadron for SNES. Thank you In Flames for this rendition.


I absolutely love fact that In Flames did this. They couldn’t have picked a better album to choose either. The people that don’t understand this are clearly not life long gamers, or just too young to have the nostalgia that this brings.

Sadegh latify

Thank you so much, When it would be available


This brings back memories of boss fights on the ol' arcade games back in the 80's. I'd love to see if other metal bands would try this!


Arcade metal? Really? Hey inflames, 1992 final fantasy called and want they’re sound track back!!


This is awful and I love this band! Horrible trash

Really really really big d

As a child of the time period this is an awesome album. I love it.


You guys planning a game in the future ?? If so I understand... if not then why lol why would you do a polyphonic album hahahahahahaha