Cody Jinks - I'm Not the Devil

℗ 2016 Cody Jinks Music

I'm Not the Devil Tracklist:


Cody doesn’t just keep writing the same song from what I’ve heard. I bought this album a couple years ago and has aged well; it actually gets even better with time!


Cody’s the best “new” country artist hands down.


Great album from such a genuine artist! llove Church at Gaylord Creek

Nick McNelis

Thank you Cody for writing an entire album that sounds like it came straight out of the 90s. Hopefully you keep pushing to bring back actual country music. Imagine this....17 years since country music died, you are the frontrunner of a revolution. Keep it up dude! Thank you for staying true and producing such catchy, good music.

Zee Dogg

Thankful for this album. Truly moving.


Can’t get enough. Sounds great on Itunes but 109818492927x better live.




Love Cody Jinks. He's the real deal. Texan, artist, musician. If you're looking for modern cowboy poetry, look no further.


Beat country record in 20 years


Best album I have purchased in years!!!



Hillcrest SD

This guy is the real deal. I love the new breed of awesome outlaw country music. He ranks right up there with Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson. Johnny, Merle, Willie, Kris and Waylon would all be proud of this original talented Texan dude.


Love the album. A must have

lindborg 1023

This is the real deal! Great music! No question. Buy the album.

Red suit

I thought country was lost but this kid found it!!!

Smith 75

Cody Jinks is making country music great again!!


It's so nice to hear some real country for a change. Plus lyrics and voice are really nice. I found Jinks by reading someone's review on a fake country artist, the reviewer mentioned Jinks' name...It's actually a good way to let real country fans know about new country artists that are actually good. So, if u like Jinks then check out sturgill Simpson, I love his song voices and MANY others.

Ty Morey

Shame on country music radio for not giving this man the publicity he deserves. Instead we have to suffer through Luke Bryan and FGL. Keep it up my man!


Amazing album by a very talented musician.


Cody Jinks is an extremely talented singer who knows exactly what people want to hear. His songs have a way of calming your soul. There isn't an album or song I don't like.


Best country voice Since Keith Whitley

Adam g e

Best of 2016

Roping Montana cowboy

Cody's music is the best I have heard from a new comer in a long long time. Keep bringing the great music.


Been following Cody from the beginning he deserves extreme fame and success, he is what country music has been missing.


Why is Jinks not on the radio? A great country sound and great song writing!

Don Buffalo NY

Radio in over two years thanks to Cody Jinks and Whitey Morgan another breath of fresh air thanks boys.

bieber sucks123

Jinks brings back actual country in country music. The Texas country scene is killing it these days.


Every last song is amazing. Great guitar and lyrics that actually mean something


Gotta say.. I've had this CD playing in my truck non-stop since the album was released. Such an authentic country sound. Cody never disappoints.


His best work yet!!!


WOW!! Nothing beats this CD. Nothing. Wearing out my hard drive listening to this music. Superb! Wish the rest of the new singers made music like this.


Two days ago, I didn't know who this guy was. Today, I can't stop listening to this album or Adobe Sessions. In an era where all you hear on the Radio is pop and that bro country nonsense, here is an artist who sings real country music, tells real stories, and produced one of the best albums of 2016. I love every song on this album with my favorites being I'm Not the Devil and The Way I am. I'm always looking for great country artists (Last year was Chris Stapleton) and this year I might have found my new favorite. If you are like real raw country music, get this album and support this artist.


One of the best around!! Love everything about Cody Jinks!


To be honest, never heard of this chap before today, but from first listen I was sold. Such a true soulful voice that just makes you so relaxed and at peace. Fantastic album, every song is a gem. Gone back in his other albums to gather more of his great music. So glad I took a chance and listened to the title track, cause that introduced me to an amazing talented man. Great album


If you're tired of country radio and like real, raw country music, here it is! Cody's voice alone is amazing. I got to see him awhile back and after hearing him live, I became an even bigger fan. If you like this, go listen to his other albums. Keep it up Cody! Cannot wait to see you again!!


Cody Jinks is a National Treasure. This album; Country Music Gold.


Over the last couple years I've listened to Cody Jinks' album Adobe Sessions so many times, that I just about learned every single word to every song on there. I thought there was no way he could follow up a record that I'd become so familiar with, so connected to... I thought wrong. Here's to Cody Jinks, keep them shows comin' brother.


With a voice that catches you from the very start, Cody Jinks is quickly becoming maybe the best pure country singer of his generation. He sings in a baritone that is so easy, and writes songs that are dripping in honesty. Great artist and an album well worth the wait.


What real country has been waiting for! Amazing writing, authentic and inspiring. Cody and the band have kicked it up a notch and have matured into a standard of Texas music.


just discovered cody on iTunes. wow, this album is so good, i almost can't believe it.


Not one mediocre track! Brilliant!


Just when you thought he couldn't get any better... He blows your mind. This is fantastic. Chris Stapleton may have the ear of everyone east of the Sabine River, but Cody Jinks... You are fantastic. Like those old LPs, just put it on, pour yourself a glass, and listen... Sounds like a late July sunset after a hard rain in Texas. If you're from Texas you'll get it.


There is not a better country music singer out there right now. If you haven't never heard one of his albums you have no idea what you are missing. In a world where country music radio would actually acknowledge real country music artist, Cody Jinks would be at the top of the page. This should country music album of the year with a couple songs competing for song of the year. Music at its best! Song after song of out standing country music. His remake of Who I am would make Merle Haggard proud.


Hells to the Yes!!!


Cody Jinks is one of the few artist that I enjoy listening to over and over, no matter my mood, surroundings or company. All 3 albums are fantastic--I'd hate to choose just one--but his latest work may finally make this talented guy a household name. My fav on "I'm Not the Devil" is Heavy Load, which literally makes we weak in the knees. What a voice. And he's great live too.


this album is real texas country. if you want country music this album is for you. Cody Jinks is bringing country back. this is real Texas Country.

Grand Toad

This may well be the best Country record of the year. This music is as honest as it gets. I was raised on Cash, Nelson, and Jennings. This record, to me, is as good what those greats produced. Keep it up Cody.


There is not a single bad song on this album, Cody jinks is one of few artists that's putting out real country music and great music at that


This is by far the best album Cody has compiled. Their hard work really shows with this album! There is not a song on the entire album that I do not like. Cody really puts his heart and soul into this one. It sounds more true to the excellent live shows he does.


Sent from the lord to keep classic southern country alive in a rap, pop country world. Music wouldn't dissapointed Hank Williams!