Dane Cook - I'll Never Be You

℗ 2009 DANE COOK

I'll Never Be You - Single Tracklist:




enough said


great song but the acustic version is better

Purple Passion

All eye can say is BAMF!~ That is what dane is lol lol!


everything dane cook is amazing! :)


Stick to the comedy Dane. This is horrible


Another reason to love this man. Is there anything that he DOESNT do with flying colors? I mean honestly. Stand up. Acting. SINGING?? I love him. He has an amazing voice.


I still don't understand if this song is supposed to be serious or funny. But eitherway Dane is bad at singing, i thought this song was really funny! I reccomend buying this song if you enjoy Dane's comedy or if you like crappy songs. Very Funny!


Stick to comedy.

dane cook is awesome

haha this song is so funny


this is my fav song Dane does, and iv had it stuck in my head 4 bout 3 days but its a good song

Gummyworm Wrestler

Oh my God, that was funny as hell. We love you, Dane Cook!


dane cook is the funnyest man in the world i love u dane cook!


Dane Cook has a SURPRISINGLY good voice. The song is what it's supposed to be--comedy, in true Dane Cook fashion of course! I was surfing around iTunes for some new stuff, and I can't believe I never saw this before on here. Glad I did find it though.


Buy this song!


if its Dane its GOOD!

32 Point Five

...of Rodney Carrington. He's a great comedian and an extremelly funny songwriter. Dane was trying to copy the formula for writing funny songs although its not nearly as good. It's still really funny but I wouldn't recommend this song to somebody who is serious about their music.

a largar

amazing lol hes great


dane cook is an awesome comedian, and as of late is finding his way into better and more fulfilling movies. but, i think this is probably not exactly the right "medium" for him. he has a great voice that was obviously meant for the stage and the big screen, but im not so sure that its right for music. the problem is i can't exactly put my finger on what i don't like about it. he almost sounds rather strained, and i think he should stay in comedy. sorry dane.




whoever gave this song below a 4* rating is a complete idiot. dane=god.

Innovative Bull

He sould be singer! but he a better comedian & actor, but if he duz all 3 then he'll b a ... TRIPPLE THREAT lol (comedian/actor/singer)


I am a BIG fan of Dane Cook and all of his comedy works. However, his singing voice is terrible. I cringed when I heard this song. The vocals are bad and the lyrics/instrumentals are pathetic. Love you Dane, but stick to comedy! You're hilarious, stay with that!

Forever in Agony

Not the kind of music i like, but its pretty good


i like this song becuase i can relate to what the song is about


I heard this and I didn't know it was Dane, and I liked it so I went to download and found out it's Dane's song! Crazy how that happens....yeeaahh. Just buy it, stop reading reviews like a nerd.


This song is great! There isn't anything he can't do. I love the twists and surprises in this song. It is just plan hilarious. I love you Dane Cook =P


I think this song represents a personal project. Probably derived from a poem Dane or a friend wrote, before he made it big. I don't think he's trying to compete with Timberlake. And yes, Dane probably isn't going to be singing at the MET anytime soon.;-)


Dane Cook is a hilarious comedian and he sings too? wow....he's just amazing.


This guy is way too powerful for his own good. I mean he's funny but did anyone know he could sing? I didn't.


I'm a huge dane cook fan i have all of his CD's i've seen every TV appearance, im serious when i say they aint nothin he cant do he a comedian, an actor, and now a musiacian....Congats to him


this song is great. danes an excelent comedian and a pretty good actor. hope to see more songs wen u get the time


its actually a good song, and whether u find it funny or not, its still good way to spend 99 cents...


i love dane so much. he is such a good singer! more songs dane! please?


Honestly, Don't waste your money on this. It's hardly comedy. I have been one of the biggest fans of Dane Cook and love his stand up. But honestly, he seems like he's getting rusty. Doing that horror movie thing was a bad idea and now making a singing carrer out of stand up is ridiculous. All you people out there, please dont waste your money.


Dane Cook's voice isnt so bad surprisingly, haha. This songs beat is amazing and the lyrics are great. Always good for a great laugh. Your still funny as hell Dane!


dane cook made a song.


This is not Dane Cook Stand-up. He's singing a song and it's not nearly as funny as he usually is.


Couldn't be better!!!


im surprised that he actually sounds pretty good and DANE WILL YOU MARRY ME?


it true


This song is fricken shweet! it's performed on Vicious Circle...only it's done better here. And surprisingly--he can sing...he has a really nice voice, I could listen to it all day....LOVE YOU DANE!!!!!!

Karr Karr

he is amazing..funniest guy id ever met..but i think he should drop singing just stick with stand up


I love Dane Cook, but this wasn't really his thing. Sure he wanted to be a rock star and go on tour, thats why he did it. The song just wasn't all that good and I wouldn't have bought it if I had know it was one. I think it is okay but his comedy is so much better and he should stick with that.


First he did comedy... that was great... then he did acting.... that was bad... now he's doing singing. Wtf Dane? Stick to comedy.


hey dane cook can, make people laugh, and sing? wow i never knew he was this good. i recommend this. but it isnt the best. wow i'm impressed


Dane can rock it even as a singer. The lyrics are dane-tastic. If you love Dane you will love this song.


Dane Cook doesn't need any explanation to his song because his brilliant comedy is transformed into song. I love this song. It's funny and still resembles Dane Cook and his work. His comedy routines are hilarious and this song is just as good.


Dane Cook the funniest comedian ALIVE!!


Dane Cook: n. (d-a-n-e c-o-o-k) Comedic Genius, Singer, and a person who will NEVER be you. lol. You don't have to read the reviews. The name says it all.