Hobo Johnson - The Fall of Hobo Johnson

℗ 2019 Reprise Records

The Fall of Hobo Johnson Tracklist:

vacum idk already takin

Hobo is the best


Love it album. He just keeps getting better.


I’m sorry but I just don’t know how anyone listens to this album. That song Happiness gave me diarrhea listening to it. 😐


I think all of hobo Johnson’s music is wonderful. It’s certainly up my alley, his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Very refreshing to see such passion and substance oozing from his heart and soul. I listen to all types of music, it’s all depending on what mood im in. Well lately I have been In two consistent moods, first being Queen because Freddy Mercury’s energy vibrates through my soul when I listen to him and the second being hobo Johnson because his energy vibrates through my soul when I listen to him, like I’m listening to a friend... it’s wild to try to explain Without sounding like wacko.


This guy is so unique, how can you not love this art. Good music, unique and unpredictable. There’s NOTHING like this out there. All I can say is unique!!!


Twenty One Pilots rip off. Sorry this road has been treat often. Come up with something new.


What is this crap


Mind blowing like smoking gunpowder mind blowing. Hobo Johnson is a different kind of guy... Him and his band the lovemakers take you through stream of thought poetry slam with fun beats.


Awesome Album Bro✌️😎


People who don’t understand how good this is need to go back and listen, the creative expression brings out so many emotions. The tones that people are saying are half assed are so masterfully crafted. They’re so intentional, they are pure emotion. Stuff doesn’t need to be bad 2019 rap to top the charts. I hope more music like this gets painted across the board because I could listen for hours


this is literally the worst thing ive ever heard


The kind of crap “nice guys” listen to to feel better about being passive aggressive manipulative predators


Love this guy


I get it. Not everyone is a fan of the president. But we have yet another Californian who bashes the president. Imagine living in the wealthiest state in the US and complaining about the 1%. Sounds a lot like Him and the CockRoach. Disappoited. Yet another artist using their platform to spit hate. Not a fan anymore.


You made me want to make music even more than I did before.


I love hobo Johnson! Between the live makers music, and franks vocals plus his writing it’s a math made in depressed kid heaven!


This is an amazing album and I recommend that everyone listens to it!!!!


Loved Hobo Johnson since the first time I saw a video of him over a year ago. So excited to buy this album on iTunes! Even more excited that I love every minute of it.


Not for everyone, but some great, unusual songs


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if that random guy you went to high school with had a solo album? Stream this garbage to find out



💩 poo poo in my pants👖

What a good album.


i have literally been listening to this album on repeat since it’s be released , i love hobo so much and i absolutely couldn’t wait for the album and i was not let down


Blake did it 🥰


Fun, catchy, and real!




I’ve been waiting for this album since “The rise and fall if Hobo Johnson” came out. In love with your music, I’ve recommended it to my friends and they love it too. Thank y’all for the music!


I found Hobo Johnson a while back with his Peach Scone song, and was impressed with his style and very real lyrics. This album takes all his previous work and shows so much growth. All of them are jam packed with thought and meaning, some melancholy, some joyful, reflections on love, life, and death. All in his own unique way! Can’t wait to see him live in November 😊


Wow, oh wow. This album is much more progressive than his last album and seeing how much Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers have progressed as musicians is, in its self, proud to hear. I’d agree with his dog, I’m proud. Each song has its own style while remaining Hobo Johnson’s particular style of rap/slam poetry/alternative aggression. If you aren’t familiar with Hobo Johnson, this is a great album to get started! 10/10 great rate mate!


This is one of those albums that you can feel as you listen. Beautifully done Hobo 👌🏻


Best album made! F U C K I T U P BABYYYY


this is it. that album you’ve been searching for. it’s right here. this=it.


love these guys always


Makes me feel like he would just come to my backyard and start playing songs with the mic.


this album is such a gem. might not be for everyone, very specific sound. overall, its an amazing album.


So excited for this album I've already been listening on repeat


Frank’s sophomore album is nothing less than what I would expect: Magical. Frank will break your soul and then make you laugh all in matter of seconds. He provides hope and copes with loss. He explores love and sadness, Subarus and suicide. Quite frankly (did ya see what I did there?) this is a masterpiece written by one of the moment’s lyrical geniuses. I applaud you, Frank. Well done.


I feel so bad for Pere Ubu. That's all. That cockroach song? He fumbles over his own words - shale/shell? Sloppy. And he drops F-bombs as filler. Sloppy. The larger question is how Reprise signed these guys...


I love frank and his lyrics are just something to be known. His voice is amazing and the deep meaning behind the lyrics really just allows you to relate to them ❣️❣️❣️


it’s fooking amazing


This album was worth the wait.


It’s so good


I love his music so much and I have been waiting for this forever!!! The songs SLAP and are so much fun. I loved the singles, and I was so excited for the other tracks! Especially February 15th!!!! I’ve been waiting for that song to be on all platforms for the longest time! This album is truly amazing, and truly a good time. I 10/10 recommended listening. 💙


He finally recorded it 🥺


Whoever says this album is bad has NO taste in music at all franks music has gotten me through so much and his lyrics and songs are so amazing original and relatable my favorite songs on this album are move awayer and I want a dog I was actually surprised when I heard I’m going to be alone forever on here because I remember watching that when it barely had any likes on YouTube and now it’s crazy to hear it now on his new album and to see how far he’s come I’m so proud of you Frank (Blake) thank you for everything


Great Album Man


Blake(Frank)’s music is so pure. It seems like Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers know exactly how to make me relate to their music. This album is great. “The way I listen to music is like medicine. It makes me feel better about my life and my dream is to do that for other people and travel the world doing that and helping people like so many people helped me so thank you for letting me do that for you.” - Frank Lopes(Hobo Johnson)


To be honest I was a bit unsure listening to most of this album, it’s not that I didn’t like the songs, it’s just that they were different than what I was used to hearing from frank. “Peach scone, Romeo & Juliet, etc.) The last song “I want a dog” was the one that pulled it all together though, Honestly made me tear up. I think the album will grow on me the more I listen.

5sauce MIKEY

i see no god up here except hobo send tweet


he said mashing parts at least 2x