The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger

℗ 2019 Third Man Records, LLC

Help Us Stranger Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I had no idea this band existed, but this is really fresh! Jack White is a perennial artist.


One of the best albums jack white has been a part of to date. Much better than his recent solo album. One of those albums you will just leave on repeat for the first few weeks after you buy it.


It is extremely rare for me to buy music that isn’t 40 years old, but this is a good rocking album! The Raconteurs is definitely worth a listen!


I believe that rock isn’t dead, this blew me away


Jacks done it again, great job and Brenden Benson adds incredible vocals- where has this guy been. Seriously going to look up his solo stuff. Thank you Racontouer’s


This is some good music my man


After an underwhelming initial listen, I revisited this album to find it fresh and brilliant.... then I saw them live. Every musician is an integral piece to this band. This album is a perfect blend of the Indie/ Country sounds of Benson with the Blues/ Bluegrass/ Hip-hop(?) sounds of White. The Raconteurs would have continued to fade into rock history if not for this album, and I for one am glad it came.


Some albums may have a few songs that I love while the rest are ok. This album. Love. Every. Song. No filler songs in this one. Every song I love!


Feels like the wind in your hair as you tip your head out the window while driving into the late summer sunset. Nothing to think or worry about, just infintie sky and limitless easy momentum toward nowhere and everywhere all at once.


Ok, so there is a Skynyrd song on there. I hear a Queen song and a Pearl Jam song too. Either way, this is a good rocking album with all sorts of influences to be heard and enjoyed. Well done these days !

Cool kiddy888

After not putting out an album in 11 years. These guys come back with a banger of an album. Bravo raconteurs. Bravo


Glad someone hasn’t sold out for easy money with a bunch of edm throughout the album. This is their sound and feels true to them.


This is an updated review now that I have the full album. I am very happy with the songs and this album is great. At first I was not thrilled with songs that dropped, but hearing the entire thing its really good. Cheers guys, solid stuff and thanks for dropping the screaching vocals, the sound on this one is spot on!

Courtney Love II

I love Sunday driver's music video. Now that youre gone I kept repeating on my music player. so good! Help me stranger is very catchy and thats another one that's awesome. Also, only child is good. What's yours is mine starts off awesome. I hope they keep making music.


After that Boring House Reach pile of feces this is a welcome return to great rock n roll from Jack and the gang. F’ing Gold!


Best Rock & Roll record I’ve heard in a very long time.


Fun rock album. get your jam on!


While I am a fellow Detroiter, I have to admit that I had never been a huge White Stripes fan, and other than the one single by The Raconteur’s first albums, didn’t listen to their first album. I saw this as a new release in the iTunes Store and thought I’d listen to a couple of tracks. I am completely blown away by this album. The groovy, driving, gritty rock coming out of these tracks is a breath of fresh air. I hope the rest of the industry recognizes just how good this album is. GREAT album!


Well done 👍


I was not really a fan of their previous work... but this is amazing....


It's so good to hear real gut wrenching head bangin Rock again!!! Yeee HA!


Didn't start out as a fan. Just noticed a few cuts on their previous albums that I thought were pretty good & noted these guys could be awesome if they want to be. Then, they were gone. White can be equally brilliant & strange on his own. Kinda hard to buy into a whole album's worth of his art. BAM, then, this shows up. I am a classic rock kind of person. Thank God somebody still gets it. I love it.

plz stop stupid updates

Am I the only one who hears the blaringly obvious similarity between Somedays and Lynard Skynards Simple Man?


One of the best releases of 2019

Kpeed off

What happened?


Typical for bands to release the best songs on the album before it comes out, and then there’s not much to look forward to once released. Not the case here. Whole album is excellent, and not a reason to hit skip at any time...or pick the needle up. Love it, and can’t wait till they come to Cleveland!!!

grant the snail

Listen, I love these guys. But there are definitely songs I skip on both of their previous albums, just because they’re sorta unmemorable. Enter Help Us Stranger to wipe the smirks off the faces of the haters and hurl your weave into the rafters.


"ROCK" hahhaha, fake behavior. waving a wet torch. Popular Music IS MARKETING!!! Good Music is BETTER than this "Rolling $tone" rock. Rolling stone says "IT'S REAL GOOD"....but only for $110,000 !!!! Nothing new here. Meaningless Lyrics, Flacid Art Posturing. I'm sure JW will get lots of Cool pictures taken of him by Rolling Stone. And Pitchfork will be SCARED to disagree$$$. Meaningless pointless DUMB music... but listen to it!!!! BECAUSE iTUNES TOLD YOU (cough Got $PAID 2) AND YOU're too FN LAZY to Search and Discover Real Music, other than this Corporate SLUGGGG. A+ Deserves a GRAMMY FOR

fartbox 666

They keep getting better and better


It’s a great album For this hot miserable summer of 2019. Heat index of 102 F While watching black mirror , eating a taco salad , drinking a Powerade . While working 120 hours in the last two weeks.. Next week black keys are coming out And thom yorke & his new album & some new film on Netflix.. then the debates Bernie / warren 2020 Jack white is amazing


This brings the heat. The music is clean and sounds great. To bad this stuff hasnt been going on for years together. Yall play well together most definitely.


White and Benson bring out the best each other! Add Keeler on drums and Lawrence on bass and you have magic! This album is excellent from start to finish! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take 11 years for the next Raconteurs album! Five stars all day!


All of these “meh” reviews were written before the album even came out... I just finished listening to the LP, and in the words of Jack Black, “It’s a Scorcher.” It’s worth the wait, and worth the listen. It’s exciting and full of emotion. Great work like usual.

The solo projekt

Too many good things to say. So I’ll just go back to listening to it.

innovative dog

Rocks so much

Kunye vest

These guys have soul, rock harder than all the bands out there! This music is amazing, it captures so much energy, so many intellectually inspiring ideas that the music will blow the mind! It transcends everything they’ve done, it goes harder and stronger than any other band. This music is as real as it gets! The madness and insanity is surreal at times, the sound will take you places! It’s psychedelic and controlled at the same time, everything and nothing. It integrates all the complex layers of emotions and innovations, fans of smart music and catchy music will all love this! It stirs you up and makes you think...makes you feel....become alive! In the grandiose age of social media human disconnect and millennial entitlement there is a bit of hope left at the end of the tunnel, it’s within this music! Get it now!


Thank goodness Jack went home. Great album so far. Now that you’re gone is pure awesome.


I have only waited a couple of months for the album and only heard 3 songs so far and I want it to come out now. i have been wanting the Raconteurs to make a return and when i heard that they were i was so excited for it


Good God, if you don’t know that songs get released as singles b4 they come out on an album , then you whine when you " pay for the song twice" for them, we can only surmize we know we can count your IQ on one hand.


A real rock and roll band is about to grace us with actual rock and roll. Refreshing. Catch them live if you can.


Just balancing out the 4 stars to 5.


Despite the weak album cover, I’m loving everything so far!!! Keep it up Jack!!!