Dane Cook - Harmful If Swallowed

℗ 2003 Comedy Central

Harmful If Swallowed Tracklist:


In my opinion it’s Dane’s best. He blew up then his follow up took over the world. Hilarious! Takes me back to better times. He was the man then and still is! Huge tour in 2019. Thank you Dane Cook! All the great years of laughs.


Articulate, Love Dave


You should try The Atheist


Lololololololol best comedian ever! Best tracks are: Not so kool aid Operation monopoly Bk lounge Slip n bleed Pranks

Joey Voto

My parents met Dane Cook personally… Don’t like it too inappropriate. It’s good for people that are, like, adults…


This guy IS a joke. Not even remotely funny.


Just not funny. Like Daniel tosh without being funny. Watch the look on a real comedians face when someone mentions Dane cookes name.


He's a no talent, joke thief hack. If I could give this piece of garbage zero stars I would. If you like and buy this crap you are de-evolving and you're stupid.


I love comedy, but I'll admit that foul language usually turns me off since it is often indicative of a comedian who isn't really all that funny and has to rely more on shock value (perhaps with the exception of Chris Rock). There was no "Explicit" warning on this album. But beyond the language, this album just isn't funny. I laughed twice at most. I have heard other Dane Cook comedy, and some of it is pretty funny. This album just isn't. Spend your money on Jim Gaffigan. Not foul and unbelievably hysterical.


I am in love with him.


Great comedy

double digit

This cd is so funny. I saw Dane Cook live and it was really funny as always. Buy this cd.


absolute waste of time


I tried, I really tried, I even listened twice...but this is not funny.


The first few jokes I heard by him were funny but then all the female-mocking voices by him and the screaming really wasn't funny or original. It's just 5 year old humor thats dirty.


I think Dane Cook is the funniest guy ever


I didn't think it was that good except for like bk lounge and pranks but for $10 not horrible...


this is super funny. not just regular funny, but makes you laugh hard enough to the point that you feel you might suffocate. -Jeremy


Holy ****! WHOPPER! Awhole WHOPPER of funny. And the pi.....pickle....pickles. Don't know how that makes sense, but has a **** of funny ****,! CAn't get any funnier. GOOD JOB DANE COOK! DIRECTOR THINKS YOUR FUNNY..... Is B&E on itunes?


Its good!!!!!!

division of joy

Some of the album is hilarious like Not so Kool-aid but some of the album is just boring and repetitive. Dane's racial jokes get old and aren't funny as they are all the same. Overall I like Dane Cook's sense of humor but some of his jokes get old.

Harriet Jones J

Dane cook is the man

FBi email

He us the best funeist love it but he doseent need to sware so much and the topics are dull but he makes it funny but if he picked better topics it would be even better

Big daddy fat sacks

The funniest thing ever made


I'm not saying it's Bad, I'm just saying it could be better. 'sides kool-aid, the subject matter is boring as... anything.

Sandie Digo

There's no way this guy is close to funny I rather get hit by a bus then hear this again please people don't by this

Hizzzz guyzzzz

(: Not so kool aid = da fing bomb Check out this mother f**ker (: 


Dane Cook is a true entertainer! The noises he makes! But the cussing isn't really nessesary though.

Dane the frame cook

Dane cook is so funny he us the only camedian I like


dane cook is soo funny!!!! this album is hilarious! you must buy it! you will not be disappointed! not so koolaid is the best one on here but they're all so funny! BUY IT!!!

C0mN N Rock



I luv the bk lounge, not so kool-aid, and would you rather the best!!! They're all good tho.




dane cook is soooo funny, he makes a story about anything possible and it turns out hilarious!! i especially like the one on kool-aid....... and where the kool-aid man crashes through the wall and screams 'oh yeah! ohh yeaah!' ahh.... funny guy he is. funny. (so funny that he should host 'last comic standing'..... but i doubt that it will happen.)


He is way funny


I tried to give him a chance but I didn't find him funny. I waited a while then I thought I'd try it again...nope not funny. He's just ok I guess but nothing too special about his performance. He's the kind of guy you would find at a party or something making people laugh cuz he is a good story teller and makes the story pretty entertaining. But overall as a stand up comic he's not that great. I just think he yells too much and cusses a lot. And not in a funny way like Lewis Black. I wouldn't recommend him but apparently people think he's funny so check him out and judge for yourself. I would rather listen to Lewis Black, Demetri Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, or Mitch Hedberg. That's just my opinion xD


My friend insisited that this guy was "hilarious"....that's the only reason I got this. I may have chuckled once during the entire album. This guy's got nothing on Carlin chris rock, pryor, hell even George lopez is funnier than this drek.

brutha marvin

This is the single greatest comedy alblum ever made!! dane cook is the best comedian i have ever heard... buy this alblum! :)


this is friking hilarious!!!!! dane is awesome!!


Yeah Dane the best by far and everybody that doesent agree must have somthing wrong with them he wouldn't be named comedian of the year by rolling stone for nothing or win the comedy central showdown if all he did was "yelled" and for those people who are fans of that guy mitch hedberg he's just a pot head hippy so y'all can't say much either


I lovz dis guy!!!!


Some of his stuff is increadibly funny (Not So Kool-Aid) but some of his material is increadibly dull (the rest of this album.) I'm sure he's funny, but I'd go with someone like Geroge Carlin or Ron White over Dane Cook any day.

Comedian Guru...

lets just set things straight, either you love Dane or you find it necessary to completly tear his act down, sure he yells a lot and and is very energetic but that is his style! Every comedian has his own style, Mitch Hedberg has had his one liners, and George Carlin pushed the limits, those were their styles and I loved both of them. People say that he is the worst comedian ever, thats BS, I listen to A LOT of comedians and there are far worse ones out there. Dane tells a ton of stories, does a lot of Jerry Sienfeld "omg that's so true" jokes, and is goofy and outrageous. So if you like a slap stick style of comedy, don't might curse words at a steady pace, and want to recite jokes for months, but this album. ( if you like Dane, also check out Nick Swardson, or Daniel Tosh) On the other hand Dane can be a lot to take, hes a very in your face style, so if you like more political comedy, or straight shot humor, don't buy this, check out George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, Jim Gaffigan, or Demetri Martin (Who are all FANTASTIC) Hopes this helps, and stop tearing Dane, HES NOT THAT BAD! Peace!


This is so funny I actually got in trouble for laughing so hard

zippy shale

I saw the movie Employee of the Month and I thought Dane was funny in that. So, I thought I would check out his comedy. It is not only NOT funny, it's out and out offensive. Apparently, all Dane really knows how to do, is swear and swear and swear some more. There is nothing funny about all that profanity. It's just pathetic, senseless and assinine. It's a total insult to anyone with an IQ higher than 10, and, it's a sad reflection on our "modern" society, that there are actually people out there who find this type of trash funny.




I think he is soo funny!!!