half•alive - Now, Not Yet

℗ 2019 half·alive, under exclusive license to RCA Records

Now, Not Yet Tracklist:


This album is just lovely! The songs are amazing! I love the melodies as well as the lyrics. Uplifting and joyful.




Yes, this is a Christian band, I’m pretty sure the members disclosed that, but unlike most garbage bands like skillet this is really good


every song on this album is good or great

(good movie lover guy)



Great album, but the song “Ice cold (with Kimbra)” is actually spelled “Ice cold (wtih Kimbra)” you might want to fix that


This album is everything I would have wanted it to be. Great listen front to end, no desire to skip a track. I am so curious though, particularly when one likes an artist to the degree of reviewing, as I believe if it’s written it is part of the emotional angle to connecting to the music... This is NOT a Christian band. I’ve heard people discuss it before, I’ve seen it in a review, because the singer was raised Christian has no relevance. Spending your youth hearing religious themed teachings inevitably will travel into lyrics, but in now way makes a band that one dimensional. As a musician I just encourage those who want to believe a band can be defined by a religion or anything similar, make sure the true affinity for them is not due to that, because I’ve learned often folks say a band is “x” or “y” or “z” because they want them to be and automatically are thrilled because they think they connect, when the belief system of the band and main songwriters are in fact not in sync. The name of the band itself is based on religious feelings of Sigmund Freud (born Jewish and became atheist) and Carl Jung (believed religion was Universal amongst and between essentially all of them). Rambling, but not a Christian band, tired of hearing I researched comments about these guys.


There's a few songs that are really nice to listen to, but a lot of the songs are just very.. eh. It's an ok band with ok songs, but there's nothing really that seems emotionally charged or anything that really grabs your attention mentally. Half Alive makes good background music.


They’re so good


I remember the day the single, ‘Still Feel’ released, the very hour in fact. In the past they had been known for sounding generic and cheap. With each single release that lead to the album they started sounding better and better. This album released and it broke ground for this band. The synth grooves this album produced are truly sensational, and the lyrics sound like the art the band releases, they officially have a vibe in this world. I hope this is just the beginning still, because I would be more than happy to see more content be produced by this band. 10/10


I ran to buy an iTunes card as soon as I saw the album. Grasias Half•Alive.

Indie Mood

I’ve been looking forward to this album since they announced it and it does not disappoint!

Mixed Music Guy

It’s not often I can say a band wowed me with their unique sound. half•alive, however, left me stunned how, track after track, they managed to not only make something unique, but also make something worth revisiting over and over.

Carrie 💛🧡💙

This album is pure gold (haha). But seriously, the music is amazing and it was definitely worth the wait. My favourite songs are RUNAWAY and Pure Gold.


I have been waiting so long for a Christian band that isn’t super cheesy and obnoxious, and it finally comes along with this album. The songs are amazing and meaningful with still feel. as a stand out joy (which bears no resemblance to Alex Clare’s Too close “the yeeting cow”). The band is amazing, and I eagerly await their albums to come. Good job guys, keep it up.

Yeetus McSkeetus

This album gets an A+ from me. All of the songs are great bops. 👌

Glitches And Fun

I love this band so much and so I preordered the album as soon as it was available for preorder. I got the songs as they came out but now that the full album is out I haven’t gotten the rest of the album. apple is trying to make me pay again for the rest of them. other than that, great album. I’ll have this on repeat for a long time.

Andi the demigod

Every song is a bop, half•alive can do no wrong. My favorite band ever and these guys have impacted me so much.


absolutely incredible. the work put into this album is not unnoticed. i’ll have this on repeat for awhile :’)


This is the first album in my entire life that I could find solace in both the songwriting & performance/delivery. From one anxious millennial to the rest - this album is a must-listen


best preorder ever lol


i’ve been here since the beginning when half alive was accused of copying twenty one pilots. this album is amazing, totally worth the buy


No band has impacted me the one this one has. Brockhampton, Tyler the Creator, and now Half Alive have become my favorite influences in music. I’ve never been more excited for a debut album in my life. I love you guys seriously.


Some people debate whether the music or the lyrics of a song are more important. Either way you look at it, this album is amazing.


The songs that you get are 👌👌👌 exited for the rest of the album!!!


The songs we have right now are all amazing, can’t wait to hear the full album especially maybe and breakfast!!


v happy to see them succeeding

Calvin Arkon

I’ve really enjoyed all their singles, I’m really looking forward for some more great tracks

Passenger of a pilot

What an influence you all are and will be. Just never lose sight of your salvation and choose your words wisely! Go, grow, & glow.