HAIM - Women In Music Pt. III

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Women In Music Pt. III Tracklist:


and I love it from start to finish


this album is one of there best yet! each song is different but yet very cohesive at the same time, and also the instrumentals and the attention to detail is superb! definitely recommend. i love haim so much.

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HAIM are not content to release the same album over and over. The LA ladies are 3 for 3 in my book. Well done.


all roads have led to this iconic album for HAIM!! I’ve listened to it repeatedly from start to finish and every time I discover something else that pulls me in more and more. This is THE album of the year!!


This is arguably their best album so far. There’s been plenty of great albums released so far in 2020 and this album is among them.


Fans will love this record . The rest of us zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jeff from Nine Times Blue

Of course loved the first album. So disappointed with the second. The third is brilliant.

Jackson Moon

First, I have an everlasting connection to the HAIM sisters. They literally blow my mind. WIMPIII is their best work yet, and it’s so nostalgic of both 70s singer-songwriter and themselves. With this one, it feels like they took a huge collective look back at the past 8 years and made it into song. Also, there are no bad songs. There are only GREAT songs. WIMPIII is officially my favorite album of 2020.


this album is incredible literally not a single bad song. i love these ladies.

Simpson fanatic

HAIM does it again! Thank you girls for an amazing album and a light to our 2020 year!




Gives me 70s folk rock vibes 💕✨✨

Jovian Tides

Was super excited for this album, loved all of the singles. HAIM were more adventurous and in the process crafted a unique, original sonic style. Layered instrumentals, catchy lyrics, vocal harmonies -- it's everything you wanted from a HAIM album and more. Other than the amazing singles, I really enjoyed the stretch of songs from Leaning on You to FUBT. But it doesn't feel like there are any filler tracks and as a whole this album is one of my favorites this year.


It is so difficult to find just one favorite song! I love this album as a whole! I’ve been excited about this album coming out and it did not disappoint! There are some genre bending songs that catch the listener by surprise on the album and we need more of that in music! This is their best album so far! This album needs a Grammy nomination! Just saying!


Haim just keeps getting better and better and it is about time they got more recognition. Every song, every chorus, every verse is beautifully written. Their voices are transcending and the instrumentals and percussion are always spot on. I 100% recommend this album to anyone who has any taste in music.




Not even close to alternative. Sounds like generic pop and acoustic music.


Very sincere and fresh. Thanks HAIM.


This one feels more guitar/rock heavy than their first two albums for some reason and I love it ❤️ It is definitely a strong contender for my favorite album of 2020 already. My early favorites are Up From A Dream and I’ve Been Down.


Instrumentation, saxophone yass



Jack fish 1

This album is a huge step up from STTY. I was not the biggest fan of that album, but they blew me away with this album! Great work HAIM! Can’t wait to have this on repeat!

Elly H.

For sure


Classic voice, harmonies, explodes with creativity and musicianship, so fun to listen to throughout


album of the year, 100%. this album is STUNNING and they should be proud of how amazing it is.


Amazing album from start to finish. I love how the band is progressing and experimenting with their sounds. I read the song description while listening to the album for the first time and it was really interesting to hear the BHS of each track upon first listen. There's a really sexy and funkadelic vibe happening as well as a ton of guitars and sweet catchy melodies. Usually HAIM remind me of someone but this was the first time I was like wow this is just so HAIM. My favorite right away is Gasoline. I've played it like over 30 times in a row!


They keep getting better and better!


O🌴 d I


This album is a departure for them but is perfectly executed and still feels very HAIM.

Best Advise!

Yes yes... and more yes. This is the best yet!


This gives me hella Dawson’s Creek vibes.


Album of the year. Start to finish... pure excellence. Not one bad song. It was worth the wait. Thank you for this album. 🖤✨


You know that feeling when you listen to an incredible song for the first time? When listening to this album I had that feeling over and over again. These women are incredibly talented. I used to call them a “fleetwood mac” vibe but no, it is much more than that. It’s a HAIM vibe. Wonderful job, gals.


flawless album start to finish. feels so classic and original


There really are not any bad songs on this album (that is refreshing).


I admire these 3 gurls for bringing this album to us. Luv them!


this masterpiece is their best album so far...just cant resist it thx haim sis


I only recently discovered Haim but I haven't been this excited to buy an album in quite some time. "The Steps" is a total earworm that I haven't been able to stop playing on YouTube. So glad this album is including some of their recent single releases too. Go girls!


I’ve listened to HAIM for years now and I think this could be their best album. So far all the songs, including the bonus songs they released last summer, are fantastic. The Steps is a great single, that honestly, should be getting more attention. I look forward to the rest of their songs on this album.

bama jeff

Love these songs so far! Very nice vocals, instruments, and production! Check out the videos for "The Steps" and "Hallelujah"...absolutely awesome. Have watched them hundreds of times! Very good girls!


I’m in !!!!




These songs are amazing and are so different yet still so Haim.