Glee Cast - Glee: The Music - The Complete Season Four

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Glee: The Music - The Complete Season Four Tracklist:

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It’s actually true!

Marina's pity party!!!❤️👾

How to be a heartbreaker was awful and I'm just glad that Marina is getting recognition


Season 4 of Glee covered some really great music! I am particularly blown away by Melissa Benoist. Her voice is amazing! She has great range and her singing abilities are so versatile. She can sing any style of music. Makes me wish she got more solos. Her voice also harmonized really well with Alex Newell's.

MacGyver and Faith

It didn't download on my phone but took my money... I love the songs but it takes ur money. If downloads on my phone I will repost my review but for now I do not recommend getting this album...


There is one flaw to the title of this album: it says it's the complete season 4, when it is in fact, not. There are tracks missing from several episodes, such as 'Glease', and 'Britney 2.0' and 'Glee, Actually' to name a few. There's also a track missing that is included on the Season 4, Vol. 1 album. How can you call an album a complete season album when it isn't? That's just not right for those that want the entire season's worth of songs on one album like the previous seasons. Cobbling together a true complete season album from this and the ones missing isn't as nice or as easy. That being said, what IS available on this album is good. I just wish it had been the ENTIRE season of songs instead of just MOST of the season's songs.


I usually love these complete season CDs for a reason: everything's on one CD, in one place. Yet, somehow, Season 4 apparently isn't like that? What, just because there's a separate CD for Britney 2.0, all of those songs aren't going to be on this one? Sorry, that's not what I bargained for here. All the other seasons included every song, what's the problem with doing it now?


Being good is here, but where is this version of O holy night...?


love it, but they didn't put homeward bound/home. one of the best songs they sang.. :(

Sarah Meima

We’ve Got Tonite is my favorite Glee song ever, it’s so beautiful


What’s wrong with you? There are 30 songs left… EPIC FAIL

Redneck 322

Glad this show is being cancelled for good.


worst season of glee ever


Why aren't all the songs on here?


now they tell me ive been waiting and now i have like a million singles from season 4 and where britney 2.0 thats the 2nd ep of s4


DA babies!!!! These songs are all perfect!I love the new voice the new characters add! The songs are getting better and better (@gleekworld347 from Instagram & Twitter)


Finally, for so long I have waited for the complete season four album to be released and it's amazing<3 its a amazing release and I love what glee does and stands for and the music that goes alone with it is just outstanding, two thumbs up for this album!


Where's Britney 2.0? Pretty sure that was the second episode of season 4...

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