Coldplay - Ghost Stories: Live 2014

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It is a completely different Coldplay album, not like any others.


A Good Live Coldplay Album


I'm a huge fan of Coldplay's older rock-oriented albums. I had initially thought that "Viva La Vida" was their last good work, before they transitioned into pop music. "Ghost Stories" came as a surprise - it has elements of pop, but it's so much more. It's haunting, gorgeous, moody - and it doesn't follow conventional pop formula. It's true Coldplay. It's now my second fevorite Coldplay album, behind "Viva". A definite recommend to anyone who likes their music.


Tho i wish all the songs were recoreded at the same concert/ vennue its a incredible album! Its a must have for any Coldplay fan!

Jolie Lives

I was just downloading this & listened to "Always On My Mind" on both the Live version &. The Ghost album & found that Chris' vocals are clearer on the Live version rather than the Studio take. His voice cracked more often in Studio. Liked them both a lot for different reasons. <3<3<3<3<3


Coldplay never disappoint. Always perfect in every way.


I’m open to all kinds of music—but this is such a dramatic departure from what made Coldplay iconic. This is too much pop and rainbows for me.


I was 1 time at a concert for Coldplay and it was amazing, I just can't describe it! With all the lights/visual it's just deferent than any other live concert I've been too! And I hope I can get to see them live again for this album (Ghost Stories)


It was so cool to have Coldplay announce Live 2014, just a few months after they released Ghost Stories! And it doesn't disappoint at all. I'm so excited to listen to it every day! I constantly have it on repeat every day. If you love Ghost Stories, you'll love this even more.


Coldplay sounds great in the live but i guess all they need are elements that shall be added when preforming live music, otherwise it doesn’t make a big difference to me when comparing to the original album. As a huge fan, i would recommend this album even though they are playing around with these electronic “trashes”. Still hoping that they would use more actual sound instrument like they did in the last album. Whats more, this album takes more than u thought to be understood and therefore “A Sky Full of Stars” is not the best song in this album from my personal concern. I will give 4 stars for this album disregarding some recording and mixing problems.




Coldplay is one of the greatest live bands ever. Chris Martin sounds exactly like he does on the album. Glad there is a live album now


Always the best band in the world

Major mayhem

Another great example of what good music sounds like.


I honestly have to say, this makes since for Coldplay. Especialy since not everyone got to see them on their Ghost Stories Mini Tour, including me. This live album is awesome, Ghost Stories just sounds better when it's live. I just wish Coldplay would have come to Detroit so I could see them. Oh well, great live album nontheless.

fill in the blank

The live versions of the song made me actually love this album now. Beautiful


Beautiful live performances, loved it!! Well done coldplay !!


Coldplay's music has been beautiful, timeless and graceful despite how it's changed over the years. Each album is special in its own way. Live versions of their albums are always fun but Coldplay really hit it off with a live Ghost Stories album. Brilliant and beautiful in its own right, in a different yet equally wonderful way. Absolutely love it, worth the purchase. Enjoy fellow Coldplayers! ❤️


The emotional ties that we heard on their sixth studio album Ghost Stories we finally get to hear them live!


I cannot wait for this album to come out love these guys they're music makes my day go by with ease !!


This is perhaps COLDPLAY'S BEST WORK #6 is Stellar, Superb, with lyrics that will speak to your soul and like CM says A STAR FULL OF STARS is all about unconditional love and a reminder that goodness and light will and always emerge! Well done and with immense gratitude I say THANK YOU🙏


Listening to the Ghost Stories song live brings a fresh perspective on something that is already very good. I’ve pre-ordered this and have been listening to the tracks that have already been released over and over again. I only wish I could actually go to a Coldplay concert!


Love the album. Can't wait for Live version.


I absolutely loved this album. I love everything they've ever done, but the total change of genre in this album is carried out so meticulously, I am left wanting more!!!


Love Ink


Amazing album Coldplay never stops to impress me such a beautiful album


Amazing band like Always....amazing sounds

throne of pineapple

I was extremely fortunate to have been at the Coldplay show at Royal Albert Hall in London in July. It was one of the most magical nights of my life, and hearing these live recordings takes me right back!

no, not really.

Saw them at the RAH. Absolutely stunning and glad the whole world can see the beautiful musical performance soon.

Utile Dulci

Coldplay is better than ever! It is fascinating to me how this band, which I have loved for over ten years, never ceases to amaze me every time! They are absolutely brilliant live and I cannot wait for this album’s release. Long Live Coldplay!


After their #1 album Ghost Stories, the world was stunned with the beauty of Coldplay's music. Here they come again, with a new live album and new music videos! Coldplayers, prepare yourselves for even more!


coldplay best band in the world


I utterly ADORE the Ghost Stories album, and I could not be more pleased that this live version is happening! These songs sound even more spectacular live (which I didn’t think was possible). I especially love listening to Always In My Head and letting myself simply fall away and become enveloped by it. I understand why some people may have been turned off by the new style of this album at first, but you can’t deny that it is truly a masterpiece. I don’t care what the haters say, this album is fantastic. I have never seen Coldplay live before, but I’m really looking forward to getting out to a Ghost Stories concert once they (hopefully) go on a full tour next year! Coldplay will always and forever be my favorite band!


I'm sure this album will be just as beautiful as Live 2003 and Live 2012, I LOVE YOU GUYS <3



Kamal the Best

It's probably going to be a great live record, but it would be nice to get an new song not found on the original "Ghost Stories" album, like how "Live 2003" was the only way to get the song, "Moses." Great either way, though.


Coldplay has always sounded amazing live & this live album fails to disappoint once again.




can´t wait for the album!!!! Coldplay never disappointing me , best band and perfect rythms!


I will never understand why 'Ghost Stories' was met with so much hate from critics and fans alike. It really is a gorgeous album if you really listen to it with open ears. I'm so happy they are releasing this album in a live format. Chris Martin and company are absolute pros at performing live. And, the added bonus is the TV special, now seen in its entirety ("Midnight" finally!), a gorgeous visual realization of the music. The "Ghost Stories" era will probably go down as one of Coldplay's least-liked eras, but I for one, think it will always be one of their best.


Simply just one of the great live acts of our generation


Coldplay is awesome live. Super excited to hear all of these again.

Warm Pause

Coldplay are the best band ever!!! I'm too excited for this! I love Live 2003 and 12, hopefully this one will be just as good!

Ali mathers

This is amazing. Thank you so much coldplay. I can't wait for the album to come out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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