G-Eazy - Everything's Strange Here

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Everything's Strange Here Tracklist:


I’m not gonna go into it bc I don’t feel like goin Into it, this was just sad garbage I’m sic


Worst album I’ve ever heard, at least it’s funny


More 1 star reviews than 5 says it all. I hate to say it cuz I had hope but... I don’t think the original G is coming back...


Well, he's either trying to be Post Malone or MGK not sure which. I commend artist who try something different than their normal, but not sure if this works for him.

Petros Georgiadis

I have always known G-easy. Although his music wasn't much of a go to for me, i still followed him on instagram. Once he began promoting this album, I took notice. Once it was released, I WAS HOOKED. All ten tracks on this album are pure gold! 'Lazarus' and 'Stan' 'Had Enough' are definitely highlights however, 'Every night of the year' is a hidden gem and a must to all those who dream and are afraid. Since this album, I have familiaraized myself with more of G-Easys work and I am officially a fan of this man! A genius.

Billy the bestttttt

His vocals are hideous, as well as the beats. This album is straight trash.


gerald please improve your singing voice.


What is this garbage🤮


I’m Feelin this

Max Jackson (Zaxo)

I know that this is different from what he usually makes. But I actually dig this.


He clearly wants to be Post Malone. And can you blame him? But this just sounds very disingenuous. For me, that’s my biggest problem with this record.


Wow 💕💕💕


Gerald fell off a few years ago and this album just confirmed it. Yes, I listened to every track and each was a trainwreck.


These songs are so good, some of my favorites right now, so glad he switched his style up.


No Gerald. No.


Waiting for them slaps! Where they at?


HUGE FAN But This Ain’t It Bro, Sorry Gerald.


Absolutely NOTHING like what he normally makes but if you look at this album less as a g-easy album you realize that it’s a work of art 🔥❤️🖤💜💙


Listened to the whole album then deleted it, ‘‘twas terrible to put it nicely


This is just garbage 🤢

Blu 912

If you’re going to cover a David Bowie song you could at least give it the energy David did. It’s such a shame it didn’t receive justice and sounds very boring. As David Bowie gave energy and heck he was in his 60’s or 50’s I think when he made that song. His version of ‘Lazarus’ was so energetic but at the same time very sad. Including the music for the song too! G-Eazy sounds as if he’s trying to make something magical happen that just never does. Good try though but a huge miss with it.


This album is probably the worst thing I have heard in a long time and I actually really enjoy g-East’s music. This album is really bad, every track sounds like shaggy from a Scooby-doo TRYING to sing with a cold. If you want to hear that kinda sound then try this album. Regardless of his singing, the instrumentals on this album are little him singing over a single string. There is no substance when it comes to “good” choice over production. I really liked his earlier works such as “these things happen” and “when it’s dark out”. Even his last 8 song album “scary nights” is a lot better than this. This album was a pain and depressing to listen to and if you want to try being very very cautious going into this album. If you never heard of g-Eazy and this is first time to an album of his, DO NOT listen to this.


Shows how much he’s grown


I’ve been listening to this since it came out and I love every single song from it. I love how he was able to expand his sound and still make something amazing


Though nobody can replace the original, I actually kinda dig his version of Lazarus. The other tracks, not so much.


People are so scared to listen to anything outside of the ordinary, or what they’ve come to expect from an artist. This album’s really good if you actually listen to it, instead of judging it on a couple snippets you listened to. That’s one of my biggest issues with iTunes, you can rate an album without even buying it. Artists are supposed to be creative, not trapped in a box their fans created for them. Obviously, this isn’t his new sound, and it’s just a concept album to hold fans over until his full length album comes out, but good for him for trying something different. My favorite review though is the person who said it was trash, but gave it 5 stars 🤣


Great album and songs love the new direction


I like that he tried to expierament and do something different but it just feels like he’s gotten to deep into the lifestyle.


One of my favorite albums


It’s not the old style many wanted. There are some solid tunes, but unlike all other albums that produced hits for every track, half on this EP fall well below what we’re use to. Hopeful for These Things Happen II


So chill and relaxing 👌

Girlfriend -234

Everything after the beautiful & damned is so trash


I’ve been a pretty huge G-Eazy fan since I heard some of his later mixtapes and first album. As for this album, I get where he’s coming from. Breakups, especially ones that come with a serious relationship are one of the hardest challenges to overcome in life. Having said that, this is clearly an album where G had to blow off some steam and let his feelings out. However, I think that the album was hastily done and the production isn’t very good. It sounds downright weird, like they took an hour to make each song on the album. G, I support you man. My first serious girlfriend cheated on me after dating her for four years, and she broke up with me out of nowhere over the phone. I think the best thing that you can do for yourself is get back to producing your best music and show her that you don’t need her to be happy and successful in life, and that you can be just fine on your own.


such good vibes


What happened to this guy? This is as bad as it gets.


Love how he can change from hip hop/rap to whatever he wants and is so versatile. G is one of the best artists around these days

vic is to good

I was 4 songs in when I realized I was listening to a G-Easy album 😂😂. This is terrible album. It’s his yeezus. But the only thing positive I can say is at least he move away from hip hop cuz white people make corny hip hop and need to stick to pop or country 😂😂


Just oof


Doesn’t sound good at all.. idk if that’s just because I’m used to hearing a different sound from him or ? Either way this is just not it..


i wasn’t a fan of G-Eazy singing at first, but now i know i was completely wrong this project is just perfect 🔥

Zach G wuz here

G is still fire even with different vibes

trash panda 52

He put his heart into the album and you can hear it, music is supposed to move you and even if it’s different from anything else that he’s made before at least he’s expressing how he feels and that’s all that counts 🤷‍♂️ listen for yourself and decide tho


This album has a couple cool tracks. To me though, it seems like he's trying too hard to be emo & it's just does't sound authentic.


Love the new album! Shows a new chill side of G-Eazy


G’s just expressing another side of his style. Most of y’all gave him more one stars and that’s fine, but that ain’t gonna stop the man from doin what he wants to do. He already made it far in the game, and honestly, he can do whatever he pleases. Personally, I love how g switched up on his style, it added a different yet tasty style that we’ve never rly seen from him b4. Keep killin em g, u gotta story to show the world!!! Always gonna be a fan of yours forever 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤


Alotta hate on this. A truly interesting piece to hold us over till the album. These Things Happen Too coming soon👀😷🕶


Couldn’t even get past the first song, my ears started to bleed.


It has been sad to see his rise to fame impact his album quality. This sounds like he tried to do something different and no one in the room was willing to give a honest opinion. I hope he eventually goes back to his roots because he used to put on really good shows and none of these songs would improve a setlist.


I applaud him trying something new


For those of you hating this album is a experimental project. He wanted to try something different. He’s really focusing on These Things Happen Too. Respect this mans work and all he put into this album

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