Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying

℗ 2007 I Surrender Records

Rise or Die Trying Tracklist:


The entire album is awesome, but my favorites are "Prepare to Be Digitally Manipulated", "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die", "Catastrophe", and "If He's Here, Who's Runnin' Hell?"

Curtis 5954270

I do not typically listen to this type of music. Do I think Four Years Strong is one of the top 5 bands of all time? Not even close. However, this album is in my top 5. Seldom do you find an album that doesn't have a single song that isn't incredible, such as this. For me this sits in my top 5 with Ten- Pearl Jam Dark Side of the moon- Pink Floyd Madman Across the Water- Elton John Into the Wild Soundtrack- Eddie Vedder This album is definitely worth the money as I find myself playing it over and over again.

ipod Lost at NEMS

Love this album

Lionel/ Leo

This album is an absolute classic


Amazing album these guys put on a killer live show too

Samuel Everett

This album really made an impact on me in my senior year of high school. I bought only having a surface level knowledge of their work. I only listened to this album for a few months after that.


These guys did what a lot of bands had tried to by making a timeless catchy yet heavy album. I love every song on this cd and it never gets old.


These guys don't even label themselves as pop/punk? sure Four Year Strong is a great band for people that enjoy the new trend of combining Pop Punk with melodic hardcore and a bunch of pretentious shouting with barely any hooks. calling this band "punk rock" is something i'd get a little upset about. its very different from punk music, which i am very knowledgable on. I've tried to like these guys for a while and im convinced that their live show is pretty good but its just a little generic for my taste. if you like trendy bands like A Day To Remember and other Pop-core (not pop punk) bands then you'll love these guys but ultimately there is a better alternative to listening to Four Year Strong. The band "Set Your Goals" is a similar band from the same era that is more exciting and versitile, has more hooks and the musicality is just more existant and fun. If you want a casual listen, check out Set Your Goals instead, if you want alot of this stuff, you'll probably want both band's albums.


Beyond "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die" there is no single song that I can suggest just because they are all that good. Buy this album. I swear to the lord above you won't regret it. Listen to it while you're skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, walking to class....I don't give a crap, just listen to it. If you've ever been to Warped Tour in the last three years you'll enjoy it. It's beautiful. Peace, love and music.

William Lexcen

Probably one of the best albums I've bought in a long time. Their songs just gets you pumped. You will not be disappointed.


yes its that good.. one of my fav cds from my fav band right now


Sooooo good


This album is one of the best ever. I usually like heavier stuff but this is just so catchy and fun.


These guys rock! Bada bing with a pie FTW!


To everyone who hates on FYS Try this, stand in the crowd when they play HGRLND live. Chilling thats the only word to describe it. simply the best band of our generation 90's kids. get with it


This sounds nothing like ADTR. But anyway. This CD is freaking good. At first it was eh, but now it's amazing. The best songs are 'Men Are From Mars...' and 'Heroes get Remembered...'. The only songs I'd tell you not to buy are 'Wrecked 'Em...' and 'Bada Bing!...'. Its far better than their second, for anyone who liked it.


great!!! this album just makes me wanna jump up and down!


Best album of all time! every song is great




I love bands like a day to remember and escape the fate(with ronnie radke) that have singers with amazing voices but still have the harder side in them and this band pretty much lives up to that(: a little screaming would make them number one on my list but watevr their still beast

jf woods

Basically, if you know A Day To Remember, then this band is like them, but without the hardcore/breakdowns, and the singer never screamed. They're notbad for their genre, it's just not my style. If you like ADTR's pop songs, then you'll love these guys


Every song has been perfected with great guitar rhythms, drums, and vocals. This is my favorite album of all time. It's wonderful. You'll love it.


a must buy. this cd will more than exceed your expectations, with my favorites being heroes get remembered legends never die and beatdown in the key of happy, each song produces a good rhythm and no song is dull. don't hesitate to buy this cd.

That Welsh Guy

This album almost single handidly changed how I view music. Since I've listened to and followed this band I have opened myself up to so many more musical opportunities. I still listen to this album constantly, almost every single day and I go to their shows as often as possible. This band's choice of rhythms, hooks and lyrics are absolutely superb and it all gels well together. I've actually purchased this CD online and in stores when I was in a pinch on a long road trip and didn't have it ... I absolutely had to find it and listen to it. This is music to live by.

Patrick Ham

THis is by far the best CD I own! And These guys are defanitely my favorite band, I hope they continue to put out albums for a long long time!


This band is amazing. I can't stress how catchy their sound is! The synth and poppy vocals... but then break downs. It feeds my pop and hardcore needs. Love it and Buy it


i really want to like these guys but honestly all these songs sound the same. nothin really stands out to me. they are no different from a lot of punk rock bands out today.

Brain twin

Not only are the songs amazing, vocals, guitar and drums wise, but the names of the songs are completely awsome. they crack me up. i bought pracitcally the whole album. this band is really good


This entire alblum is great. Buy it now


Well this basically speaks for its's self; ive never bothered writing a review before, exept for A Day To Remember- Homesick (absolutly epicccc btw) and this album was deserving of my tie for a review. its freakin amazzingg

Jew swaggle

Just awsome


I did not buy this, yet it showed up on my bill.


how do u even compare this to metallica? that's like saying red is better than blue. yes, they're both colors, but they're totally different and not comparable.

Los Steigers

epic, worth every penny and better than metallica


this album is the heavyness of happyness that we all need :p


I am strongly reminded of Forever the Sickest Kids.... Good thing I love them, so I love these guys. Plus, I love FOB, and Pete Wentz shaved his awful beard for this band... Really good music. Can't wait til the new album. Sadly, I can't remember the same. Something with the world enemy in it.

red bull mcdonalds!

I only bought the songs that feature, former Bury Your Dead vocalist, Mat Bruso. Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated and Maniac (R.O.D.). IDK about the rest of the album, but those songs are pretty good.


Just kidding. Somehow this band slipped through my discoveries, and to be honest, this is by far the most incredible album I have ever laid ears on. Worth every foureakin cent.


I just found this band on pandora and I love it!


This is pretty much one of the best albums ive ever heard. Buy it.


This is definitely not like fall out boy or panic at the disco, I have no idea how people make that connection. Just take a listen to the last track. And Heroes get remembered, those are nothing like FOB or panic. This is so fun to listen to, I can't stop. It's great. Buy it. Support this band.


buy this album now it is pure insanity just do it


if u want a album with some badass breakdowns and some great punk rythm this is it


A signal that same old same old pop-punk is coming to an end. A signal that bands can't just do the same thing every song and expect to make millions. From the powerful drums, the melodic singing, and the actual hardcore screaming, this album is an awesome mix of powerpop, punk, and hardcore. The best part is definitely the instrumentals. They're just plain amazing. They have awesome skills on their instruments. That's rare in most pop-punk bands. The singing is plain awesome. I agree with that one review. If this CD was a person, it WOULD get laid. (:

thiswillbethedeathof andy

this is by far my favorite album in life so far, the album start to finish is great in every way, there isnt a single boring part to it, the takeover sets the tone and when the song picks up you are instantly pumped up, and it s thrillride all the way till the end of maniac where is just takes it over the top and hammers in there drive to rise up. rise or die trying indeed.


This is simply my favorite album ever made by anyone. I can't stop listening to it. I just wish FYS made a cd with new songs instead of a cover album. That was a big upset for me.


Probably the most Bad @*$ CD i have. I can pop this in in the car and eveyrone will love it the perfect combination that somehow makes the best music of my life

no need for a name

music as good as this doesnt come by often


is amazing.

Beast(: (grrr!)

These guys are so good, there music sounds so real. My suggestion would be to buy the whole album! They made there music sound good, and they also made it sounds catchy. I could listen to Four Year Strong the whole day! It bumps up your mood, from cabby to happy or possibly even ecstatic!