Four Year Strong - Four Year Strong

℗ 2015 Pure Noise Records

Four Year Strong Tracklist:


This is the first FYS album I listened to and I thought it was amazing (which led me to checking out and getting all their other stuff). My favorites are "Here's to Swimming with Bow-Legged Women", "We All Float Down Here", "The Sound of Your Heart", and "Go Down in History". They are all top-notch songs though.


Four Year Strong changed up their sound several times in the past few albums pursuing a more pure rock sound as they once put it in an interview. In this album they seem to have found it .


They never let down

Rosky Family

This may very well be their best album ever. It may very well be the best album I have had the pleasure of listening to all the way through. I still get excited to listen to every track on this thing. I bought the CD, the Vinyl, and saw them live, each time they sound more and more perfect.


Another FYS album in the collection. Every one is quality. Stumbled upon the group and have since bought every album I could Well done Guys. Thanks for another quality az kickin' album. Keep em coming!


I don't care what anyone says I love them. They have fun and they are amazing live!!!!!!


One of the best albums of the year. These guys have been killing the game for years.


Great album well worth my purchase!!


This is crazy they made a big drop with this. some of the best FYS I've ever heard


The master's of easycore have made the perfect record. It assaults my ears in a good way.


FYS have always put out good stuff but let's be real, the last 2 full lengths haven't been on the same level as Rise or Die Trying. With the self-titled they've gone back to their roots and expanded upon their trademark sound. Adding those big choruses from the last record and the great riffs of RODT. One the the best parts about these guys is the awesome guitar work they add to each song. They keep adding that, we'll keep listening.


Realist Rock album of 2015 and prob last from the 5 years. One of my new favorite bands


After waiting a few years between full lengths four year strong came crack with their best effort to date. No frills or fluff or fake BS. This record is all high energy smashes.

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Great album art! Catchy lyrics, riffs, and Jake does no wrong on the drumset. These guys continue to churn out album after album with different moves but the same devastating punch. Its a total KO in my book.

Brent McKinney

FYS have a great sound and I really enjoy their work. See them live if you get the chance.


Riff chugga chugg chug boom!


I've been an FYS fan for a long time. I love this band. Their new album is incredible. After their latest EP I didn't think they could get any better, but they have! Stand out tracks are "I'm a big bright shining star" and "Swimming with bow-legged women." Love this album and this band!


If you're a "Rise or Die Trying" fan this album will not just knock your socks off, but your shoes too... Oh and your brain will explode because of how awesome it is.


Is it weird that i had a boner the whole time this album was playing? Back with a bang!


They are currently on tour and they are selling it early, after listening to it for a while I dig it a lot! So glad they have the new album out totally going to have this on repeat!


This album is just amazing. Buy it you wont regret it!


So stoked for the rest of this album!!


So far Awesome!!!


Ok, so FYS has been a favorite band of mine for a long while now. Their last album wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a FYS album. This sounds like a fresh take on their original sound, really looking forward to this!


They can't make a bad record. I actually prefer and more favor their growth now than over RODT (which was a great record). Unique sound/style.


This band is ridiculous this album is gonna be great. They're music just makes me feel good. Fys 4 life


Can't say I'm looking forward to this album 😕


buy this NOW


The hype for another amazing FYS album is on!


The EZ gods have been so kind to bless us with new FYS. All hail the robot shark.


Reminds me of Enemy of the World mixed with Go Down In History! Can't wait. And I love Chris Tuckers line "Wipe Yourself off man. You Dead." As a track title!