Dane Cook - Forward

℗ 2009 DANE COOK

Forward - Single Tracklist:

Charles Justice

First off, did any of you people that rated this a one realize he made this about the time his parents BOTH died? This is clearly out of grief. And even with that being said, it's good. He doesnt have the BEST vocals, but hey are good. Better than most actually. And the lyrics are full of deep meaning to what was happening. This was just a one time thing-He's still going to do stand up, and even if he did become a real musician, he'd be great at it.


wow!!!! he is a really good singer being that he is a comedian. I have to also say that I love the way the song was written and performed you can really feel what he is feeling,


I am a HUGE Dane Cook fan! I just recently found out that he sings 2 songs...and i must say, he has an amazing voice!!


ok so this song is absolutely amazing. I knew that Dane had a good voice, but DANG!!! he he incredible and I am in love with this awesome song!!!!!


This is a great single. its not the dane we've all come to know and love, and i guess people don't like that. but if they could jjust set the comedy aside and actually listen to the song, they'll realize that it is extraordinarily good. Dane Cook is multi-talented and is my favorite comedian, and if you don't like him anymore because of some awesome single, that's your loss.


This song is perfect for what I'm going through.... Good job Dane.


Dane cook is a good singer im very imprest!


He's actually pretty good. He sounds like Josh Kelley a little bit.


Dane Cook is the best at everything he does! If you love his comedy, then you'll definitely love his songs! It's his sad song, and you have to hear the other side of him, it's amazing =)

Trippin It

Dane's voice is very distinctive, and I suprised by the depth of this song. The songs fits wells in my "chill out" playlist.


Is there anyway possible that he's related to David Cook. If there is I'll be in heaven!!!!


i never knew he had a song. but hes actually pretty good. he also has a sensational album cover haha :)


Amazing. He really impressed. I'm a huge fan and was suprised to find him singing. I want a full album of his original music. Plz Dane? If you want him to make a full cd of serious songs click yes!



J. Biffy

Dane Cook is amazing in everything that he does. Including this. Everyone who disagrees is obviously not listening to the same thing I am. Whether he's doing comedy, movies, or music, he has my full 100% support. Su-Fi<3


who kenw dane has an awsome voice i love his comedy and now his music!!

aint nothing

I'm sorry, but somebody had to say it.


Is this supposed to be a joke or real?


its good.... i didnt think he had tht skill wow


Dane cook should stick to his singing. He is average he doesnt stand out, but he is alot better at singing than he is at being funny.


Really well done considering who this is! Nice and relaxing and a pretty good voice...I would suggest to buy it! Even if you don't like the song and you like Dane Cook...this will give you a new outlook on him!


Forward isn't bad. It wasn't funny like I'll never be you; but I still liked it. For a comedien he has a good voice. His voice is surprisingly good. Great job! Sufi


okay; i'll admit he's not the greatest singer i've ever heard ever in history. but he's actually verrryyy good! i think all the people saying this is terrible just don't have an open enough mind to add up dane cook + serious song. i bet they haven't even listened to the whole thing. but seriously; can dane do no wrong? he's absolutely hilarious [and don't worry; i doubt he'd give up comedy] a good actor, both comedic and dramatic [he was great in mr. brooks] and now a great musician. the lyrics are deep and powerful; and brought me to tears with the recent death of my grandfather. just give this a chance, and i promise, you won't be disappointed.


Wow. You'd think someone would be like "Dane, this is a bad idea." Wow.


I think this is such a great song for dane cook to do. It really shows people that there is so much more to him than comedy. This and I'll Never Be You are both very well done considering that music isn't even what he does for a living. Buy this song!


He is very talented and has a good voice, it wasn't a terrible song at all, in my opinion it would have been better as an acoustic ballad. Seriously though Dane rocks.

The Real Tim the Enchanter

I like this alot for someone who is one of the greatest comedians ever he has a really good voice

no need for a name

i actually hate this kinda music but he can sing good really




i like his voice...its great. its just hard to switch him from a comedian...to a singer. its still very good though, brilliant.


Some of you guys are just mean! Dane Cook is a talented person in everything he does. Maybe everyone who rags on him is just jealous b/c he made something of himself and is doing a fantastic job. Yeah, the song may not be a number one on any charts, but hell, atleast he put himself out there and obviously the song means something to him.


When I read on Dane's myspace that he had a song I was thinking it was a joke or something. I had my sister listen to the 30 second clip on itunes without telling her who it was. She liked it a lot. It's a good song. All of you unhappy people need to lighten up. Just because it's not Dane-esque does not mean you should shun it.


Lame. I wish there were negative stars possible on this rating system. Crap.


wow, im really surprised, i was expecting another famous person trying to sing, even though its obvious they cant worth a crap...but then i heard this song and was like, wow, dane just blew me away very fantastic


This is good music, but not extremely good. Dane Cook didn't mean to sing this horribly or make it sound comedic. This is a serious song that talks about how he feels. You people need to remember that both of his parents have died, and the only family he has left is his sisters and older brother. Personally, I think Dane Cook sung this song incredibly well in the terms that it is sorrowful.


he shouldn't try to be able to sing that's what almost every celebrity is trying to do and it makes me sad but dane cook IS hilarious


at first i was alittle unsure of this song but after listening to it i love it its great buy! great job dane


What there isn't any more material for him to steal anymore so now he decides he's going to sing. I will admit this is the funniest thing he has ever come out with. Maybe it's a big practical joke. The next thing he'll do is start making awful romantic comedy movies. Oh wait he's already done that.


how can you not fit in when your dane cook. everyone loves you. STOP WHINING.


I love this song!! It's absolutely not what I would expect from Dane, but I like that it's different. I definitely want more of this kind of thing. I would love to see a music video for this. Can't wait to hear more!


dane cook is absolutely amazing! hes quite a good singer if you ask me and no im not tone def i have many friends who agree with me, anyway....dane cook is a very talented man ive seen almost all of his movies and comedy "concert" things and i must say he gets funnier every time i see them .....kudos for dane cook


Nothing will ever beat I'll Never Be You though....


this song is great, and he's got a good voice, but comedy's his thing, and if he goes this way, he should do song that are his style

Holly Means

Yes, it's out of character, all you people who seem to think that this horrible because it's not comedic. But who really wants to be cracking jokes all the time? And all you people who seem to think that he's a horrible singer: are we listening to the same track? Anyway, I like it. A lot. I give it four stars, because this is a pretty good, sad song by a guy who really can sing well.


This is so different from what he usually does, I love it! But, if you only like Dane because he's funny you might not like it : ( it's serious, but a great song. You really wouldn’t know he could sing this good just by watching his comedy, but he has an amazing voice.


haha I love dane cook! He is amazing! I love him!<3

Little Brittle

DC is funny, good actor, and can sing and you haters cant see that


His latest comedy albums have kept me laughing for days...his movies are hilarious...and he has a great single on his hands...Dane Cook can do it ALL!!!

The Fisher Family

I have read reviews that say this is horrible and his voice is horrible, but I think different. Dane Cook did a great job at doing a serious song, which I believe suprised all the listeners and fans of Cook. I have many listens on this song since I bought it a few months ago, and I wrote this review to show that this song is actually really good, not some joke. Thank you for reading, buy the song!

Roger Wolfe

This song is incredible and Dane has a surprisingly amazing voice. I am not saying he should give up comedy but he should really pursue this serious music thing. I feel like Dane might have been hurting when he wrote this and it kinda hurt me a little. :( BUY IT!!!! And for all you haters out there, you should be ashamed of yourselves shooting Dane down like that! LOL!!!