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℗ 1982 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

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I’m a adult I don’t want edited ANYTHING EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where’s the live version of “hot blooded”?, every version I ever bought had the live 7 minute version of “hot blooded”


The Originals! The way it should be!


Hot Blooded is the studio version...not was the live version when first issued on cd record cassette etc...


Ugh! So bad. Epitomizes the worst of the "classic rock" genre.


One of my favorite tracks by foreigner, it's got such a good bass line and a great chorus.


Thank you getting this album back out to all of us who love Classic Rock. Foreigner - Mick Jones creator, with Lou Gramm's vocals - is still the clearest of all the calssic rock bands. This music will live on and on !


Foreigner is one of my favorite rock bands, and this album covers all of their best songs without any "filler" tracks that tempt you to hit the skip button. A lot of people are complaining about the live version of Hot Blooded, but if you buy the album on iTunes, you actually get the studio version instead! If you truly love rock and roll, read no more; go ahead and buy the entire album! I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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Foreigner is the most amazing group I have ever heard! Yeah Buddy!!!


This album is one you can listen all the way through with out hitting the skip buttton


I do like this album but it's just songs they've already recorded and they put it on a new cd and expect it to be a new album. It's a good album but its just all songs from previous albums.

:D :) =)

My fav oldies song of all time is juke box hero. I'm always teasing my boyfriend cuz he hates juke box hero (how can u hate juke box hero?!) I'm always like "listen to this song! Itz awesome!!!" then I put it on and he's like "again?! U really want me 2 like that dumb song don't u?!" I just laugh... anyway, my fav and always will be!!! 


I grew up listening to this and all other 80s artists... And I was born in the 90s; it's what my parents listen to and I heard it so much, it grew on me and I feel in love with this kind of music. My mom actually really got me into hall & oats and forienger. Great, great album!

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This music is the best. You and I love it and enjoy it. Its worth it.


Foreigner is nothing foreign to me. I grew up listening to them as a kid in Hawaii and all the other places I grew up in. However it was mostly this album, because in my opinion it's their best album and includes all the classics, like Cold as Ice, Head Games, Hot Blooded etc. Very good Classic Rock Album , Buy it.


screw all the love songs! the classics are were its at!


I grew up with my mother listening to Foreigner 8 track tapes. I was born in 1970 and loved this band. Their music still stands up to the test of time. It is still valid, and inspiring!

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A must have for any RNR fan!


I'm not a fan of Foreigner, but this is a mediocre compilation album and it's a valuable one for new Foreigner fans. It covers pretty much all the hits from Foreigner's first four albums. However, the downsides are the edited version of "Feels Like the First Time" and the live version of "Hot Blooded", which might upset people who want the versions from the original studio albums. If you have Foreigner's first four studio albums (Foreigner, Double Vision, Head Games, 4) you don't need this album. If you're a big Foreigner fan, just buy "Hot Blooded" as it appears on this album since it's a live recording. For newcomers to Foreigner who want a better compilation album, buy the one released last year: "No End in Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner." It has that sappy yet lovable "I Want to Know What Love Is" and a new song "Too Late."


This is a nice classic rock album! Great tunes such as "Cold as Ice" and "Juke Box Hero." Along with arguably the best song: "Hot Blooded." But all the songs are good!


this is the best rock album ever made. I love this!!


this is the best album foreigner has come out with to date


Every and I mean EVERY song on this album is 5 stars. If you have ever heard a Foreigner song and liked it, you must get this album.


This is a good album for anyone who wants the best of Foreigner. One of my favorites. This is worth your money!!


A solid classic rock album. Every song on this CD was a Foreigner hit. Although the live version of Hot Blooded is a little disappointing (the studio version is actually better), this is a classic CD that has just about all of their early rock hits.