Eric Nam - Before We Begin

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Before We Begin Tracklist:


My favorites are congratulations and no shame!! but the whole album is pretty good :)


This album is literally so good like all the songs couldn’t be better

imma throw hands



we must stan

Dancing Lyssa

There are some albums that are truly great from start to finish. I can (and have) listen to this album on repeat for days. There’s not a single song I skip.


BWB is amazing, and Love Die Young gets me every time! ❤️


Great soulful songs!


Great vibes. Loving this album, glad I stumbled across his music. Now I’m a new #fanforlife

Tutus info

i love his music and his music always gives me amazing vibes. && this release was one of the best & im so proud to be seeing him on tour !!


Eric gives me this vibe and he gets me in the mood it’s amazing I love every song he’s made they’re amazing. He is also the reason I persevere in doing my homework no matter how late it is his songs keep me awake.


words cannot describe how much I love this album, I love this album so much I bought it on iTunes, I have never EVER purchased an album before until now! thank you eric for your beautiful music


this is a great album thanks eric


His voice is heavenly, the lyrics are a masterpiece, the instrumental is a symphony. This is what music should be. ❤️❤️❤️


I’ve known Eric for a while now and these are some of his best songs. My favorite one is Congratulations. I love the tune and the lyrics. I 100% recommend this album. It is his first album all in English. It is totally worth it.


Loving the songs!! I’m so happy that Eric has an English language album. The sound is just so awesome. Also I love his voice. I can listen 24/7 without getting sick of it. Favorite songs are Congratulations and You’re Sexy I’m Sexy. But honestly I love it all. I truly think Eric has worldwide appeal. People need to listen! I’d be so very proud if he could breakout into the “mainstream” US market.


Eric never disappoints us with his music. Loving each song. This album is on repeat ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Eric Nam’s voice is amazing and so is the album, from sweet, nostalgic ballads to fun party jams, this album has it all.


Love all the songs! 💕


Honestly even though I didn’t buy the album and listen to them somewhere else, it’s amazing. I first found out about him through a video because I wanted to explore more artists and his songs caught my attention. He may not be that famous but honestly it doesn’t matter because he’s an amazing singer. I love how each song is very different in beats and rhythm. He deserves more. I don’t have any words about this album except to absolutely listen to his songs.


Love the songs, they are phenomenal. Each so different, so original. I will be listening to this album a lot!!! Excited that this is his full English album.


If you would have ask me three days ago who Eric Nam was I wouldn’t have had a clue. He showed up on my recommendations on a podcast, and I thought he was handsome so I clicked, continued to watch for his charisma. This guy is hilarious, and generally a great story teller. Found out about his music, checked him out and glad I did. Bought this album and currently No Shame, I’m sexy your sexy, Come Through, and Congratulations are on repeat. This album has a mix of everything R&B, electronic dance, soul, and pop. I’m a instant fan, going to check out his Korean music now. For reference, I am American (Can speak Spanish) so I can’t speak Korean but I don’t mind language barriers. Can’t wait to hear more!


This album is so so good. It’s his first all-English album and his sound has really matured in a way that is great. There is such a good variety of feelings in this album, allowing something for every mood. I feel like not many artists seem to accomplish that, but Eric does a really good job expressing the various feelings all on this one album. My two favorites are Congratulations and his previous single, Love Die Young, but I like all of the other songs a lot as well.

unknown purrson

been on repeat all day.


Eric Nam you did it!!!! Love this album.


Enjoyable eclectic mix of songs. Something for every feeling. Half heart breaking slow songs, half upbeat fun songs you can move to. First album I’ve purchased from Eric Nam. Did not disappoint.


Been so excited for this ablum and he didn't disappoint. Loved every track!


It rarely happens, but Eric’s music always makes stop and just be in the moment. I love the mix of relationship-related topics covered in the album. Pretty much any type of stage of a potential relationship is covered. Some make your heart skip a beat, some make you feel confident about yourself and some are straight up savage in the best way. I especially loved the new take on Runaway!


I’m obsessed. Eric didn’t lie when he said the album was going to punch me in the face in the best way possible.


I really love this album and I’m completely speechless how everything was perfectly composed!!!! Thank you!!!


I have been so excited for this album. Definitely worth the wait! I love every song.