Eric Clapton - Complete Clapton

℗ 2007 Polydor Ltd. (UK) for Disc 1; Disc 2 Compilation 2007 Reprise Records

Complete Clapton Tracklist:


RIP my friend thank you for keeping the blues alive.


Clapton's best work was with Cream, after that he went downhill. Contrary to popular belief he is not one of the best guitar players of all time. Mostly all his "hits" were written by other people and his lastest albums are boring. For the length of his career you should expect a lot more.


Why is the original "Crossroads" compilation not available on iTunes? It is a much better collection.

Khaldoun asi

I love this song and it's so beautiful and sad, will most likely make u cry!!


This is not even suppost to be a album


The world's greatest guitarist has a great compilation of hits here -- there are some that didn't make the cut that should've, but on the whole it's a fantastic album.


Great CD lots of hits .but you can buy it at Target for $13.00


How could a Clapton collection by called "Complete" without "The Core"


I can't believe they don't have Tears in Heaven on here. Lame!!!!!!


I just love you baby! Ms Y


The song that started it all for me . . . Been in love with Claptons work ever since.


When Harrison and Clapton were putting this song together Eric mistook or at least could'nt decipher George's handwriting on the sheet music where it said "Bridge" (musical terminology) he understood it as "Badge" and that's my little piece of trivia.

bob bobblaw

I don't think so . . . . .




This is a great compilation of Clapton stuff to get newcomers started - but its WAY overpriced on iTunes; buy it at Newbury Comics, Best Buy, or Target. The prices at those places are ALL cheaper than this - not to mention you won't have to wait for the download.


Love Eric Clapton, whether or not I feel sad and need to cry with Tears in Heaven or rock out with Layla, 69 cent songs...its almost criminal! If you don't have the majority of these songs in your playlist...I do not know what it is you are doing with your life!!!

Sgt. Alex

Whatever happened to good music just like this. LAYLA!


Can it get any better than this?


I came here looking for 461 Ocean Blvd. When iTunes didn't have it, I went for this album. I've been an Eric Clapton since his Yardbird days. At one time I had all of these songs on LP vinyl records. When I replaced the LPs with CDs the only one I replaced was 461 Ocean Blvd. The CDs were lost in a move and I started replacing some of them with iTunes. I really am glad I bought this when 461 Ocean Blvd. wasn't available. This is a great selection of some of his best songs and they sound great. If you are looking for one Eric Clapton compilation to put in your collection this is a pretty good one. Yes, you can quibble about the song selection but I would rather just sit back and enjoy the songs that are there.


You can get this at Wal_mart for 15 bucks. itunes is ripping you off!!!!! But its a great compilation spanning many Clapton years!!!

pops 007



I'm sixteen and love hime too!! Tears in Heaven?! AMAZING!!

"G" Man

One of the better Compilation albums on the market. I probably have everything or band Eric Clapton played in on LP or, as in the "Modern World", CD. I purchased this for a nephew of mine as he was starting to dig a lot of the Music I had in my collection. I bought it for his Ipod and he has yet to get his total Clapton Fix...but, does anyone, really? If you have everything he has ever played in or on or with, then this is a good collage of it all. If not, this is a good teaser mix that may just drive you to buy all the rest he has done. Check it's worth the listen.


Eric clapton is the bomb!


Some think that this is just another compilation. Well, it is...of one of the greatest musicians to ever perform for us. He was and is the best of the best. It's nice to have all of his most popular songs in one place. I know I will listen to it for as long as I can hear. (and, yes, I am a old fogie..but you are never too old to rock out!)


Number 1 and number 11 have switch titles. Hope I can fix it in iTunes on my computer.


If you enjoy Eric Clapton's mellower productions, I recommend "Tears in Heaven" and "Wonderful Tonight." Personally, I also enjoy "Let it Rain," "Bell-Bottom Blues," and "Sunshine of Your Love." If you enjoy this style of music, you might want to try Bob Dylan's version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door;" it is mixed relatively well, also available in iTunes.

Pink Floyd-AC/DC-Fan

This album is a fantastic compilation of many great hits throughout the career of the greatest guitar player of all time---Eric Clapton. It hasa great flow starting with his earliest music in the band Cream, moving on to Blind Faith then some solo material, Derek and the Dominoes and more solo material with some collaborations. This album perfectly documents Clpaton's impressive career. A must have for any music collection.


Fabulous collection of Eric's best. 2 Laylas work for me. That's the way I remember them. Buy this collection if you want to get the best of Clapton. (buy the Beatles "My Guitar Gently Weeps" too)


Always loved Eric Clapton. Great songs. But I agree that if you ae a fan of Clapton you already have most if not all of these songs. And whatever idiot said he is underrated is retarted. When your named "god", your not underrated.

Bond is the man

you fail itunes on the price of this album....wally world has it for $15....


im a huge fan of this album. the bes songs on here are ive got a rock n' rolling heart and layla

I WANT AC/DC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unplugged means acoustic dum dums


As all Clapton fans will tell you, he never did anything bad, so sit back and enjoy the ride. From hard rock to bluesey pop, it never gets old.


great but if your a fan .. you have this already in your collection .

The purple penguin

I'm only in my teens and I can just jam out to Layla. The two sides to the song that are tremendous. The first half gets me all crazy and rocked out while the second half cools me down and touches me on the inside. Some of the best songs today are the great songs from previous eras THAT LIVE ON AND ON!!! Well Done!


My dad listens to him all the time and it made me like him


Why are there 2 versions of Layla on this cd?Only 1 version is needed.Also,there are critical songs that are missing from this collection.Those are: 1.Behind The Mask 2.Run 3.Holy Mother 4.Blue Eyes Blue Not having these 4 songs on this collection is unforgivable.


Eric Clapton is definitly a great musician. I'm 14, and I like it, so it's not just for old people.


Can anyone explain why "No Alibis" is not on any of Erics greatest hits cd's? I love that tune and think it should be included.


Of course, the one store I'd seen namedropped, with price, was off by $5 anyway and not in his favor... and then there's the matter of driving 22 miles round trip ($3.25 worth of gas plus mileage on the car plus the time to buy it) plus ripping it... oh, sales tax too... when all is said and done, iTunes is still comparably priced for this album. As for the album, it sounds great (good remastering) and most songs just prove how awesome Eric Clapton is! Definitely a REAL musician...


This collection is awesome, beginning with the pioneer sound of Cream all the way to the mid-90's r&b Clapton (My Father's Eyes, Change The World), stopping along the way with passionate Blind Faith and the blues-driven Derek and The Dominoes.The only thing that ticks me off is how Layla is one of Clapton's Magnum opus, when it was the incredible DUANE ALLMAN who had all the solos! Other than that personal complaint, Eric Clapton is incredible and this is a great buy!


u hear his sensitive side and then his guitar god early 60's cream side its great


I like the earlier Clapton better than the later, so i found the first disc of this to be excellent, while the second not so much. Also, why do all 14 year olds feel the need to broadcast their age in their iTunes reviews? I've read like seven reviews from different 14 year olds on classic rock albums who all love to brag about how they're only 14 and they are smart enough to like this music. Great achievement guys, liking something. Must have taken a lot of practice.


No matter what anyone says, clapton is great. This album is great. His fretwork is flawless. Im only 14 years old, but I think clapton is god...period


buy this if your a real clapton fan


The song Layla on Clapton Complete is 7min 8 sec’s long but only 3min 10sec’s is Layla and the rest is a boring Piano and Violin Solo; Put me Asleep!


This album is absolutly amazing. I can't really say anything else.


Everyone knows the music but you would think you look at one list of tracks and one picture when you click buy and find the picture in 5 or 6 different places and the songs spread out so you can't find the one your looking for in 5 or 6 different places -- defies logic same album spread all over the friggin place-- I'm the customer I don't care who is getting a slice at least not when it inconveniences meh Thanks and have a great day


just finished the book about 2 hours ago. already have the album. I now understand more about each one of his songs, he put his heart and soul into everyone of them. They all have meaning, depending on what part of his life he was in at the time. So everyone of his songs are masters.

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