Eagle-Eye Cherry - Desireless

℗ 1998 Superstudio/Diesel Music AB

Desireless Tracklist:


Simply put... This album is perfect for a relaxing, chilling night in. Love it! It's so much more than just Save Tonight. Don't sell yourself short. Listen to the entire album.


I absolutely love this album especially save tonight which is just a good sounding song!


I first heard this song when I was so young, mayb about 2. I was playing this app( by the way I'm thirteen now) today called song pop where u had 2 guess the song. Well this song came on and I immediately knew what it was. It's amazing what apps can do. Anyway, buy this album, you won't b sorry.

Disco kid91

I buy a lot of CDs and my dad is always telling me to turn it down but when I bought save tonight he told me for the first time to turn it up!!!! I can die now thanks eagle-eye cherry!!!!!

Cinderalla story

Takes me back to that place in time. Save tonight... We did.

Idaho Countryboy

Guys if you want to get layed get save tonight. the song is good to.


Great song...feel sorry for Eagle-eye though...I wonder how grade school was...


Save Tonight is really the only good song, but it's SOOOO good!<3


This is short and sweet - don't hesitate to buy the entire album.


"Save Tonight" was a huge hit, and rightly so! However, the rest of the album is very powerful and overall, underrated, or at least unnoticed. Any Ben Harper fans have to admit that Eagle Eye generates a simliar emotion in his melancholic yet strangely hopeful melodies, and might even (at times) have a prettier vocal. If you're a fan of folksy-rock and songs that tell stories of people struggling through various real life hardships, you'll enjoy Desireless.


I remember when this was first released. I was sitting on the couch at 2 in the morning watching VH1


save tonight is a great song, but shooting up in vain is flippin incredible. I recommend that if you only want to buy one song.


Heard this song on graduation night and couldn't get it out of my head. as of right now, it's the best song ever. I bought the ringtone, the song and the music video. waiting till i get sick of it. not coming anytime soon.


In my top 20 most played tunes always.

English Breakfast

Save tonight is such a great song, but it is the only good song on this entire CD.

music man a-rew

I do not understand how eec onlt has 31/2 on this cd they r so good


Of course everyone has heard the two big hits "Save Tonight" & "Indecision" but the true gem of this album is the 3rd track, "Comatose (In the Arms of Slumber)". A truly moving piece about trying to find inner peace in a variety of ways. It is not a 5 star work but it is better than most.


This is a quality album...I like about 90% of the songs on it. You should buy it

lollipop kid

good song first time around, after that, nothing but downhill


I love Eagle Eye Cherry! First time I heard Eagle Eye, I was in Stockholm in 1998 =) This album is a very good blend of Folk and Pop music. As good as Ben Harper and Jack Jonhson. Have you tried his sister's album Neneh Cherry?


this song rythm and guitar chords are a copy of one of Soda Stereo greatest hits, Musica ligera.


one of my favorites...cross between ben harper and peter gabriel i opine...

Blue River Records

Save Tonight is one of my favorite rock songs. If Flying Dutchman's "Eagles and Angels" is #1, then "Save Tonight" is #2. This song puts me in great spirits everytime I hear it. Great music, great voice, well written lyrics. Definately a must-have-song on your ipod or pc library!


Eagle Eye Cherry may not be on z100 24/7 but they're a really amazing band. This guys vocals are amazing. the most popular tracks are save tonight and falling in love again but i personally love conversation.