DJ Kay Slay & DJ Greg Street - The Champions - North Meets South

℗ 2006 KOCH Records

The Champions - North Meets South Tracklist:


Illest rappers on here


Top Songs 1. Pop the Trunk - Chamillionaire kill it with fast lyrics. 2. the Rush - quick song 3.Drama Gang-Dip-Set !!!! 4.In the Ghetto- Ballin


How is this CD, in any way, shape or form, indie? You look at the featured artist and nearly everyone of them have been on BillBoard for more then two weeks. Cam'ron hasn't been indie since before Big L died! Just wanted to point that out... >.> In my opion, the tracks done by the Northerners out shine the Southerners, but they're all at the very least good. This CD does have it's holse though. :/ Like Shaq knows what it's like to live in the ghetto...


I'm not really feeling this...I don't know if I'm going to have to listen to this maybe 5 more times before it sinks in but this wasn't good. I really wish better southern rappers were chosen because I am so tired of that supposedly "Dirty South' sound. There are some really talented rappers out of the South, some discovered and some undiscovered (still on the school bus) but this mixture wasn't good for the album itself. All in All glad to see we can come together for something besides funerals. 1Luvandkisses2theDramaGang!

Hova da God

All of these songs are ridiculous, I especially like "5 Deadly Venoms" with the dude Ghostface and that beat is ridiculous. "Pop the Trunk", "Live From the Block" and "5 Deadly Venoms" have some of the best beats i've heard in a while. Big ups to Kayslay on this one.

NJ SmurF!

How could u let Southern artists take this over?Man, New York is gonna die since no1 is helping it.Puffy is choking the life out of the Big Apple, and Kayslay just delivered a low blow.Hopefully NaS will be able to revive it.Some songs here are good thou, like The Rush, Can Stop the Reign (Remix) and Pappys verse on Pop the Trunk.However, that song was whack cuz Yung Joc was on it.Yet again thou, Papoose came with pretty much all good verses.

Jim Divine

Lloyd Banks the pince


I was waiting like 2 months 4 this to come out and it's finally here. Best song is easily "Big Problems". That song is crazy fire so go get it.Also look out 4 Lil Jon's Album Crunk Rock and Scrappy's album Bred To Die, Born to Live. Wildnout4life


Great album! buy it! had me bouncing all over the place


I could never have imagined the extremist styles of the North and South mixing so harmoniously. DJ Kay Slay and DJ Greg Street are geniuses! I am duely impressed.

Mz MusiC

u know i like this album alot cause its good seein the north and south work together. the south sayin we always hatin on them and everythin but obviously that aint the case i bet the south neva knew this album was droppin. at first i thought hearin yung joc n pap on the same track would be bad but its pretty tight though. its kind of funni hearin the south rappin over sampled music tho cause that dont happen very often. that remy ma joint is bananas im luvin that. well 5 starz big ups to kay slay doin it big in new york let em kno.


Dat is Da Best Song of the summer this song beats so heavy when i'm ridin in the car !!!!!!!! I Luv it Plus Shaq Killed That Verse OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Shaq Can Rap!!!!!!!!!!


I day dreamed that yung joc and chamillionaire was in a song and that came true. Whoo. Chamillitary MAYNE


This album is hot man buy it

chamilitary MANE!!

arguably the greatest mixtape dj of recebt years calaborating with the greatest mixtape rapper of recent years(chamillionaire). one of the better mixtapes this year. shaq is on a few songz which is tight and so is this new kid named ashraf who actually thinks 2pac is better than chamillionaire. which every1 knows is not true


this is what Rap needs to get: THE DIRTY SOUTH WITH THE NORTH come on now when u have Cham, Papoose, Yung Joc, Cassidy, and Jae Millz u know u have a dope album a must buy

ATL's Finest

This album is fresh, new, something out of the ordinary. North and South meet each other for some straight gangsta hits gotta get it.


Dis is da bomb. It is another KOCH Records Production. My track is with big Shaq Diesel (aka NBA Miami all-star, Shaquille O'Neal). Can't Stop the Reign 2006 is a hit because of him. Shaq can run the court and the rap game. Keep dropin' beats, holla at Wade.