Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030

℗ 2008 Deltron Projects

Deltron 3030 Tracklist:


For anyone who already has Deltron 3030 and the Gorillaz self-titled debut album, or anyone who is getting this album for the first time and willing to buy the Gorillaz album to do it, I made a pretty awesome mixed album of the two. Since Del the Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automater, and Damon Albarn are all involved in both, they fit together perfectly to create an entirely new album of their own. I started the mix with "The Assman Speaks'' from 3030, then "5/4" from the Gorillaz, then "Things You Can Do" (3030), then "Tomorrow Comes Today" (Gorillaz), then "Time Keeps On Slipping" (3030), then the song "3030", then "Clint Eastwood, then "Virus" (3030), then "Man Research" (Gorillaz), then "Battle Song" and "Meet Cleofis" both from 3030, then "19-2000". I can't remember the few after that, it's been a long time, but I do remember that I ended the disc with "M1A1" from the Gorillaz and then "State of the Union" from 3030. You can put in really any of the Deltron songs for the last few songs of the disc more to your own liking, because there are a whole lot of songs from Deltron 3030 that can fit well that are all great songs and fairly upbeat, which works well after 19-2000. Then you can bring it back down again before the ending with "Gravity" from the Gorillaz before M1A1, or maybe "Mastermind" from 3030. Up to you. But I'm telling you, it's great put together this way. If you had never heard either album before, you literally would not be able to tell that the songs were from two separate artists on two different albums (most of my friends didn't realize it either), they blend together so seamlessly, especially in the first third of the disc, which just sets up the rest really well. For example, at the end of "Things You Can Do", there is a quick sample of someone beat-boxing, and right as that cuts out "Tomorrow Comes Today" comes on, with that great beat at the beginning. And even though the two songs are on different albums, you would think it was intentional. And after that, comes "Time Keeps On Slipping", which Damon Albarn sings the chorus on, and plays that weird harmonica-sounding instrument on, as he does on the song before, and later on "Clint Eastwood". It's been a while since I listened to it, I'm definitely going to pop it in on my ride to work tomorrow now that this has got me thinking about it again, but when I first made this mix years ago I spent a long time matching the beats, tempos, song keys, themes, etc between the songs, so there are many little things in the music that make the album seem very coherent and give it a nice flow. For anyone who actually listens to full albums still rather than an ipod set on shuffle, put this ablum together like I've laid out and listen to it from start to finish, you won't be sorry, I promise. It has been ever since my favourite hip-hop album of all time. Seriously. It beats out 36 Chambers, or Ready To Die, or the Slim Shady LP, anything. And if you're here reading this, you probably go for music a little more experimental and arty than the average hip-hop, so I'd be willing to bet you'd feel the same way.


Absolutely the best rap album/ opera ever. Del straight kills it, nobody does it better!!!


This album is so so nice! Don't skip a single track.




I heard this music years ago from a friend in 2005. Unfortunately it didnt support the artist at the time that burned copies were floating around. I love Itunes quallity and this legal source. It is now nice to support an artist like Deltron so they can make more music in the future.


Such a great album.... Just listen to it from start to finish. 13 years old and it still bumps.

deltron omega

Hip hop masterpiece. I really doubt any other hip hop artist will ever match the heights that Del, Dan and Kid Koala achieved with this awesome album. The absolute pinnacle of musical artistic expression. Buy it and never let go. I just purchased Event II. Look out world.


What can I say? It transports you to the future and on an amazing journey. One of the few that you can put in and let it ride the whole way through. It's the Dark Side of The Moon of hip-hop. Mad MC and DJ skills. This is what hip-hop is suppose to be. Forget the bling and honeys in the club. This is real talent.


If you like real hip hop then this is for you. One of the best albums ever.

Xpert Assassin

One of my favorite albums of all-time.


Prolly one of the best hip hop albums ever made was listening to this my senior year "2000" trying to escape trouble in my Space Shuttle ~


This was 1 of my favorite Albums & still is to this day. 13 years old & still a head of its time. This is a time-less work of art. The productions, Del's stories & deliveries surpasses today's music by over a 1000 years... Lol


One of the most underrated albums of all time.

Jack Klompas

Listened to this over 1000 times and it never gets old. Nothing compares and nothing comes close.

Kody Wilson

I came.

ali Witherspoon

Del really speaks to me with his sick lyrical flow wish more people knew about him beast album props to Dan to


This album gave me an ear-gasm the first time I heard it, and I haven't put it down since.


by far one of the greatest albums i have ever listened to! Del's flow and rhyming skills are incredible and Dan the Automater's beats are so original and futuristic.

Daniel Salazar

Yeah they are the same dude

Veracious Vixen

This album is so conceptually sound, the music and the lyrics transport you to another place. It's one of those "listen to with your headphones on, close your eyes and enjoy the ride. I would highly recommend this album, even if you're not a fan of the trancends.


Del the funky Homosapien is just amazing in this album probably my favorite work by him. Worth more then 10 bucks in my opinion.


The comprehension, structural integrity, flow, and shear genious of this entire album is far superior to most anything you have heard. The lyrical flow of every track excludes itself from the mindless verbal diarrhea about cars, cashflow, fame, bi***es and hoes, or any other form of the nonsense that is mainstream rap, or what even some people like to call hip-hop these days... Instead every track takes you on an adventure, makes you forget about whatever it is you are doing, and takes you for an extraordinary ride through the imagination. I guarantee Deltron 3030 is unlike any album you have ever heard, or will ever hear. It is one of a kind, and couldn't possibly have been done any better by any 3 artists you know. Its origional, and f--king brilliant! Buy now and dont question it


Is AMAZING! Both this version, and the instrumental version. Definatly A must buy

Late of Pablo

For the Automator this is the album where it all came together. While Del's playful lyrics and skills dominate the album, each track is backed by a fully realized beat. These songs work just as well as instrumentals, which is amazing. Making this even greater is Koala's sampling, most notably on Positive Contact. GREAT stuff here. Yes, tracks like Rudolph are a bit silly, and the concept album idea falls a little short, but overall these tracks are special and deserve to be heard over and over and over . . . .

Since the year 1985

I'm 32 and will be listening to this album till I'm old and wrinkled. Thank you Del and Automator have been a fan since junior high.


I've been listening to hip hop for the better part of two decades and all I can say is that this album even to this date is one of the best del at the top of his form and Daniel the same it's like 1984 meets beat street haha......just kidding or maybe I'm not I don't know how to tell the difference YA HEARD HOLLA


This guy sounds like del te funke homosapien that raps in gorillaz Clint Eastwood and rock the house. Is it the same dude?


Trip balls to this amazing work of art. Music like this is why underground hip-hop is amazing.


My dad gave me this album in 2001, and I still listen to it all the time. THE BEST HIP HOP ALBUM EVER! Forget the popular trashy stuff, this is real...


Amazing lyrics close your eyes and listen to 3030.


This album is timeless. It's a testament to our and dedication to achieve great music. The synergy of beats and rhymes is virtually unequaled. 3030 takes you on a journey of space and time to a gritty future where humanity is lost. It's wise both lyrically and musically, and will live on through the ages. Thankyou Del, Dan, And Koala "Put in the Smithsonian on a podium for holy hymns." No joke


this is raw


Deltron 3030 is what true Hip-Hop is, the beats are smooth, yet powerful. The lyrics are thoughtful and creative, and since they come from Del, they are delivered in a unique style that could never be imitated or replicated. Del, Automator and Koala are at their best with this album. 3030 tells the story of a dark and bleak future controlled by corrupt governments and corporations, yet Deltron Zero holds onto his individuality and creativism through his music. So buy this album and listen through the whole thing, as the saying goes, they don't make them like this anymore.


I cant describe how awesome and amazing this album is. Must Buy!!!!!!


Ranks right up there with the Genius' Liquid Swords as one of the best of all time.


An amazing album, the beats are sick and Del is just so awesome. 5 out of 5 by far. My favorite Del the Funkee Homosapein album.


how many times i have listened to this album. Lucky for me i had it right when it came out and it still today it has not gotten old. This is one of the best albums of all time no matter what kind of music you like. I hope event 2 can live up to this masterpiece.

Jim Low

When I listen to this album I feel almost dwarfed by it's awesomeness. I am in AWE of this album. It really changed the way I viewed music. Further listening: Heiroglyphics Del - his first 4 albums Gorillaz

Eazy Ed

Yo it's 3030 I want you to meet deltron 0 and automater!!!

lang vo

thats it. perfect music. del dan kid. 2 asians and a black fellow make a bada** record.


There needs to be more people like this. We need more phenominal music like this. But if you do like stuff like the you also might like Brigand. They're out there like this almost just not to this level yet.


Deltron 3030 is one of the best hip-hop albums I have ever heard. As a sort of hip-hop-opera, I was skeptical when my buddy (who is a DJ) recommended it to me. Since it is Del though, I bought it without listening first and it was the best album purchase I've made in a long time. I can't stop listening to the funky beats, the off-time meter and the sick rhymes. Even the subject matter is very cool - describing a world in the year 3030. More than worth the money! Buy it!


Sick tracks del kills the album


This is the best 10$ you will spend


This CD is exceptional. Del's rhymes are incredibly thought out and thorough, something that has been rare in his solo releases, but is also a sure fire hit. Kid Koala and Automater really come through on the tracks also. The beats are beautiful, and the entire record flows. The three are in rare form, and this is a real example of synergy.


I love every song on this album. Nuff said.


This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Awesome beats are accompanied by smart, insightful, accurate, and relevant lyrics.


Deltron 3030 is the pinnacle of what "hip-hop" can (and should) be. There was nothing like it before its release, and there likely will not be anything like it for a while to come. Deltron 3030 is cohesive from start to finish, highly experimental, a cerebral work of art and about a thousand other adjectives i don't have the time to employ. In the tradition of rock's great concept albums (eg: Pink Floyd's "Darkside of the Moon"), Deltron 3030 takes us to a dystopian future, in which our hero, Deltron, fights an opressive government and attempts to become an individual in a society where there is no such thing. It should be noted that Deltron 3030 provided the blueprint for Damon Alborn's "Gorillaz" project (he appears on "Time Keeps on Slipping"). While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the Gorillaz project (also featuring Del The Funkee Homosapien and Dan the Automator) never really reached the heights that Deltron 3030 so effortlessly achieves. Highlights include: "3030", "Things You Can Do", "Positive Contact", "Madness" and "Mastermind", but you'd do well to pick up the entire album. It is truly a work of art that to this day has not met its match.

Grandmaster Gabe

iTunes finally put this album up. I have been checking for it for about a year. I bought the actual album from Rasputin but it was stolen from my car. One of the greatest's albums ever. Del slaps. most people have heard the track 3030 but have no idea who it is. they think its the guy from the gorillas. A must, a classic, for all hip-hop fans.

fantabulous extravaganza

all i have to say about this album is amazing. a collaboration of del the funky homosapian, dan the automator, and kid koala is fantastic. this record is beautiful