Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

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Plans Tracklist:

Trust and Us



One of the greatest bands of a generation.


I’ve been listening to this album since 2007 and I still find myself feeling as though I’ve never heard it before. I highly recommend this album to everyone who wants to listen to music that is meaningful. Awesome album.


Can't begin to describe how amazing and heart touching this band and their music is. Summer skin is my favorite and it makes me emotional every time.


Great! Amazing! Fabulous! Perfect!

Funn gurl

This goes down as my favorite album of all time, hands down. Each and every song in this album takes me back to a different moment in my life. It's like re-living it over and over again when I hit shuffle. Ben Gibbard is truly special. He has made music into an art form that so many people these days don't understand. If you have never listened to DCFC I envy you because you get to listen to each of their songs, for the first time.


What an amazing album. Even now years later listening to it all the way through. Every song has such a warm glow to it. It's hard to really put into words the craftmentship, thought, and producing that went into this record. The writing is so good on top of the compositions and the "feel" each song brings. It's a patchwork of emotions. Everything from Crooked Teeth to What Sarah Said... A true gem of a musical moment in time. So glad this exits in the world.


This album is wonderful. DCFC Brings some great guitar, drums, bass and vocals. 1 Marching Bands of Manhattan: this is a great song with good vocals and I like how Ben keeps repeating the same phrase 5/5 2 Soul Meets Body: This song starts with some acoustic guitar in the first verse. The two voices blend together well. The drums here are fairly simple, but they blend with everything else well. The bass wraps it all up. The last third really sums it up with a MBOM like ending. The tune carries on out to the end. 5/5 Summer Skin. The piano comes in with 2 cords, but then the drum and bass kick in. The vocals are smooth. There is a really good sound effect here. The guitar starts with a few chords with the piano and it continues into the next verse. They could've been a little more creative but it is good 4.5/5 DNFTST: This tune starts out with piano and Ben's vocals. Eventually, you begin to hear some background synthesizer effect. Also there is a background fire noise. Eventually the other instruments kick in. This song also has some bells well Ben is singing the chorus. The end has some crazy guitar. This song is fairly long but very good. 5/5 IWFYITD: This song has great lyrics and beautiful acoustics. There isn't much else to say about this. Just sit back, and listen to the lyrics. 5/5 YHIAER: This starts with pounding acoustic and bass. The guitarist does a great job. As usual, the vocals are spot-on. Drums are fabulous as well. 5/5 SYWBL: This song begins with an electric guitar riff. I think the vocals are great as well. The chorus is good as well. The bass player does an awesome job here, underlining this song with some of the best on the album. The Electric really comes in later. 5/5 Crooked Teeth: This song is perfect. Everything blends together perfectly. As usual, guitar, bass, drums, vocals are so awesome. This song is a little more upbeat than the other songs. Electric guitar gets really distorted later in a break of vocals. 6/5❤️ What Sarah Said: The piano riff begins this. It's guitar is great but it's a little on the long side. 4/5 BOAHB: Piano is great to start. The background effects really contribute to the mood. Eventually the other instruments come in. Drums are great. The vocals are again amazing. It's more on the soft side. Eventually some acoustic work works its way into the song. Then it all winds down. 5/5 Stable Song. The acoustics really shine with the electrics here. The lyrics are 👍🏻 and it's really good for closing. All in all this album is 100% worth purchasing. All the songs really shine. 🦄⚡️🎸⚡️🦄


One of my favorite music. I was looking all over for this music and I always forgot the name of it.


I am a person who feels music deeply. It makes my mood up or down for days at a time. I can listen to songs over and over again to feel certain feelings again. This may certify me as crazy to certain people but I choose to think it makes me able to discern real feeling for all the fake crap we accept normally. All that said, this album makes me feel. I repeat certain songs over and over. To anyone who wants to feel deeply, this is the band for you.

true bellarina

I know who this band is because I used to listen to their song Soul Meets Body, which is my favorite song


I have no words for how amazing this band is. I just started listening to them and they're already my fav band. 'I will follow you into the dark' was the first song I listened to off this album and it made me fall in love with this band and what they stand for. I recommend listening to this album asap!!! None of my friends or family knows who this band is, so they're almost mine to love! So when I found a fellow dcfc fan i was so excited to share my views on their songs! If you haven't heard this album, listen to it asap!!!!!!!!

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