Dane Cook - Retaliation

℗ 2005 Comedy Central Records

Retaliation Tracklist:


Fastest selling comedy album in 20+ years! Dane was ruling Hollywood y’all. He took it over! Was everywhere. Still the man today! Huge tour in 2019. Thank you Dane Cook!


Don't give this fool money.


Brrrrrr! I said no cookies!

Kay kai

I bought bunch of his recordings on iTunes and now they aren't on my iphone anymore? Help!


Dane comes up with unique humor. Listening to him is hilarious. Worth the money.


Shoot this guy is funny

DiLLigaF :-)



OK, I am currently laughing so hard, I listened to every single 30 second sample, and I SWEAR I just peed myself, this guy is so hysterically funny. I am LITERALLY crying so much 'cause I can't stop cracking up. He's as funny or MAYBE funnier than Weird Al and Jeff Dunham (actually Jeff Dunham is the greatest, 'cause he's using puppets with his comedy, and Cook is just telling stories which are SIDE-SPLITTING I TELL YOU). You will not be dissapointed with this, 'cause you will be cracking up. In my opinion, Superbleeder, BAMF, Car Alarm, Abducted, Itchy A*****e, Superpowers, Creepy [email protected] and My Son Optimus Prime are the funniest, but the others are amazing too. Enjoy!

Dark viper 666

Dane's best album out of em all. The 2nd part isn't AS funny as the 1st. Loved 'Struck by a vehicle'. I'd probably do the same thing if I wasn't too injured.


I love Dane Cook and can not wait when he comes back to the Dallas/Ft Worth area.


I rly lyke creepy guy @ work!!! 'he's shapes' lol


this was SOOOOOOOO worth my money!!!! it is so funny, if you buy it, you would not be upset!! :) :D :P


I love "My son Optumis Prime" it is hilarious. I think it is one of the best. I haven't heard all of them, but so far it's my favorite. Dane Cook rocks!!!


Why? You will be laughing so hard that you have tears and you won't be able to see!! This is some great Dane Cook action here!!


hahah wow you guysss just dont like it cuz your like 25 and dont enjoy swearing get a life! hes hilariouss all you guys think is funny are politics so shuttt upp

Ty Dude 354

Ok, Dane Cook is pretty damn funny, but i wouldn't consider this album to be hysterical. Has good structure when it comes to how his act, his jokes are running a little low but he, just being him, makes it funny.

JOJO hawkins

Some of the funniest stuff on the internet


HILARIOUS! dont even worry about getting the most popular tracks, get the whole album.anything by dane cook is amazing so just get all his stuff


I was reading the comments and I found some people saying that it is horrible and that Dane stole the ideas from other commedians! I can't belive you look at that. Just enjoy it! It's worth the price, and you get like 2 albums in one! Buy buy buy


By far Dane Cook's best material. Not just at the top of the DC mountain, Retaliation is one of the funniest comedy albums of all time. Buy it.


If you want REAL comedy listen to Jerry Seinfeld, Paul F. Tompkins, or George Carlin (who is rolling over in his grave because of this)


it just keeps getting better and better as time moves on a must get!!


I just have to say that as a fan of Dane Cook, I was VERY pleased with a first buy of an audio CD by him.Dane is just as funny and great as he is if you see him either on TV/DVD or in person, he is just a great comedy master-mind!!!


Dane Cook is my favorite comedien, he has something to say about everything


Dane Cook is the funniest comedian out there. Hes better than any of the comedians that the people who dont like him apparently love.


1. It's hilarious. 2. It's the price of 1 album, when there's actually 2. 3. Dane Cook is good.

party-man 75

A great comedian with some great stuff, no wonder he is so funny!


I like Dane Cook he is pretty funny but he is a joke thief. Check out Louic CK. Dane Cooks "Struck By A Vehicle" and "OBBY" are identical to 2 of Louie CK's tracks he wrote years earlier.


im pretty sure "the wall" is the funniest thing ive ever heard in my life. "whos cutting now???" lolz.

Epic_Ram_ Guy

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Omygod, I can't breate, I can't breathe!!! My favorite one was the wierd [email protected] "hey, thanks for the candy." That was hilarious!!!*continiues to laugh*


Dane Cook is the most overrated, garbage comedian, if I could, I'd give him 0 stars.


It just isnt funny. I really wanted to like Dane, truly I did but not one thing that comes out of his mouth is worth listening to. The jokes are sometimes stolen from other comedians and most of the time bad. The delivery is made up of screaming and inchoerent mumbles. All and all at the end I wanted to go up to Dane Cook and personally demand for the time I wasted back.

Dr. Jaffey

There is a lot of seemingly dark humor on this, but not dark enough to evoke the title. I feel like a lot of this material could be used to entertain someone on a date, but not give the other person any reason to come back. It seems a bit shallow and simple and that's sort of easy and safe humor, not ground breaking humor; this is really just one of your homies yucking it up.


HAHHAAAHHAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!! that is all i can say about this. soo funny

Nuclear Pancakes!

Dane Cook is overrated. Sometimes he sounds like Gaffigan at times. He's only funny for two seconds, but then he kills the joke with incestual mumbling. Overall, don't buy.


This is probably one of Dane's best performances. It's hilarious when he gets angry at somebody in the crowd for yelling like a moron. Buy it is all I have to say

Indie is awesome

Title explains it all.


Up on the list it says it will having you laughing so hard youl almost pee your pants. Well I did pee my pants! It is insanly funny. Forget the cost, it's worth it.


Wow. Dane cooks my first stand up comedian that I found entertaining. This album is really worthwhile buying if you want a good laugh!!!


Dane is incredibly talented and that shows on this album. Everything he says anyone can relate to. I've listened to this a few times and everything is funny the second and third time too. I definitely can't decide on one favorite, but I really like "The Wall," "Abducted," "The Friend Nobody Likes," "The Nothing Fight," and "Where's The Handle?" Just buy the whole album though.


dane cook is hilarious. honestly...how can you not think hes funny. he is hilarious. really. for real. i mean..."YOUR ABOUT TO GET STRUCK BY A VEHICLE!" but all he could think of was "ahhhh!" thats sooo funny. the bk lounge. hahaha


Dane Cook is hilarious! This displays his best work definetly. However they have songs on album only, just go buy the album at Target. You get all the songs, and I think it's the same price if not cheaper. When you listen to DJ Diddles, it's funny to see how many people Dane's making out ways. You definetly want to buy this, it's sooooo hilarious!

mitch hedburg rox

ok first dane cook steals half of his jokes from other people and hes been caught alot of times he is a phoney


i must say that dane cook is a funny man he does have some great stuff and if your into it i would buy it. its definitly worth the money. if you dont like this stuff thats too bad you might wanna try searching dane cook on you tube you might like some of his live stuff. just give him a chance


Dane Cook is an ok comedian but he is nothing compared to Richard Prior or George Carlin to famous comedians that dont only do "potty jokes"


Dane is an absolute comedy genuis. He's so funny I laughed for like an hour at one joke.


great cd dane is the best ever

Nick 123

this albun was pretty F"in funny but harmful if swallowed is much better


FUNNY!!! buy it... 'cus its funny.