Adam Calhoun & Demun Jones - Crazy White Boy - EP

℗ 2019 ACal/RAHHH

Crazy White Boy - EP Tracklist:


Got it before it goes.


These songs Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones made together are awesome. I like how they don’t let whiners stop them from doing what they do. It’s stupid how people cry about something they don’t like and try to get in the way to put a stop to something other people like. Crazy white boy tour was ready to do a show at the tackle box (you can get everything you want there fish bait, food, guns and ammo, chicks and beer) these do nothing cry babies from out of town calling the tackle box trying stop the show. Not working so they start calling in with bomb threats. That’s to much for Tackle box, The Crazy White Boyz don’t let that stop them, they talk to so of locals and found a place just up the road in Vina. Thanks guys for standing your ground, our ground, and doing that show anyways.


Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones are two of the best in the game. Glad they did this album together. Do another!!!


Of the dope