Country Music Ensemble - Garth Brooks Greatest Hits: Cover Tribute Album, Vol. 2

℗ 2019 Country Recordings Inc.

Garth Brooks Greatest Hits: Cover Tribute Album, Vol. 2 Tracklist:



It’s not Garth But these singers are giving him a loveing tribute not Garth if u want Garth buy a 💿. It says cover album for a reason

failed the smell test

How do I get a refund 🤬


It’s someone who sounds like him don’t it’s a imposter

Wes Fergen

Don’t buy this. Not Garth!!!

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It isn’t actually Garth brooks. It’s an impersonator that sounds like him


Miss all of his old music. Now I finally bought all I was missing. It is Garth “C’mon” 👌 Whoever is singing it 👍


It’s not really Garth!! Don’t waste your money on an impersonator! Buy the real stuff at a store!!


What can I say? Garth Brooks never disappoints his fans!!! Both volumes are wonderful. Stop guessing whether you should purchase it. Just do it. Garth Brooks made an AWESOME comeback.


Greatest Garth Brooks Hits Here!!