Soccer Mommy - color theory

℗ 2020 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord.

color theory Tracklist:

Ian M Thomas

In my 40 plus years of experience with listening to music....I found this to be one of the most darkest and horrific albums that you will ever have to listen to (parents, keep it away from your children). But the album is effective. The music and lyrics are strong and to the point (dominated by inner demons) and for a change, we have an aspiring young artist who is not attempting to manipulate modern pop culture by inhibiting overblown production and theatrics (much of what today’s pop music is in general) but instead, utilizes a down to earth image of a real person who is daring enough to face the realities of today’s modern era. This is a real good album. BMT.

Rhyne Mark

Your review gave me cancer with those suggestions.

RT review

Great, great song, very well done. I just started listening to this band and I was pleasantly surprised.


This is the alternative song I have been looking for in a female artist


So so good


Other reviews saying that ‘this isn’t music’ and ‘go listen to Taylor and Selena’ are just purely wrong. This album ALONE exceeds anything Taylor or Selena has ever made. I highly HIGHLY encourage listening to this album, it is well worth your time. Also listen to her 2018 album, Clean, because that album will make you cry.


Heard “Lucy” on the radio earlier and had to buy this. Incredible production/layered melodies in the chorus. Very blissful


The reviews underneath are rude. She’s not a ‘pop’ girl. Clearly their tastes lean more into that group, I don’t know why they’re ‘reviewing’ soccer mommy. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album ❣️

Adriana M. Hillstrom

So bad. This isn’t music. Listen to Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez

NYC girrl

I'm new to this artist (where've I been?). She pulls you into her heartbreak and depth of feeling with a pop sensibility. She's sincere and smart ...authenticity takes courage. Brava sister!