Code Orange - Underneath

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Underneath Tracklist:


The whole song of “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole” is nuts, but that breakdown at the end is straight up illegal. Enjoyed the whole album from start to finish.


This is just random noises with instruments and screaming, I don’t understand how anyone could actually get any enjoyment out of this but whatever.


This group for me at least has been pretty hit or miss, up until now. The experimentation is awesome, and more than half this album picks your eardrums up and slams them into a staticky, hardcore abyss. That’s a good thing! I really couldn’t be bothered with a couple tracks, like Autumn & Carbine or Who I Am, but everything else is awesome! They definitely have room for improvement and will change the game up with this.

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Excellent work.


Code orange go above and beyond to deliver one of their most exciting and interesting albums yet. They once again push the genre in a new direction without compromising their signature sound. They seem to be one of the only bands actually doing something new in the genre these days. This one will be on repeat for weeks to come.


Great album from start to finish.


This album in my opinion is the best code Orange album yet .


I find it hard to digest this record. I love Code Orange but I feel like the groovy parts on this record are overly interrupted by some sort of sample or noise making it hard to nod your head to at times. The vocals are way stronger on this record and the production is fantastic. I just initially find myself getting lost in it and sometimes wishing certain parts where longer. Either way Code Orange is here to stay and with said I give it 4 stars.


I will say that the comment about this being a 15 year old remake of Limp Bizkit is a not accurate at all. And just to clarify... I don't really like this band, but to compare it to LB is just wrong. Along with that there was another post on the opposite side of silly that tried comparing this to some sort of revolution as it was with Metallica and Nirvana... that is even crazier. This provides nothing NEW... which is why Metallica and Nirvana were so influential. Its not that Code Orange is a bad artist, its just nothing we haven't heard before from other groups and the only ones to truly find this to be a religious experience are the groupies.

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Code orange is forever..still..


Probably the most important release for metal in the last decade. Instant classic for sure. Do yourself a favor and listen.


Quite possibly one of the most bizarre metal albums, but you have to commend it for its tone of variety with the Metal genre itself. Great band.


This album is a truly fantastic experience for new and old Code Orange fans. The album really hits home with old material, but also shows you that Code Orange has other tricks up their sleeve with industrial elements. Overall, great album. Check this one out!


This album is all over the place stylistically. It's like they weren't sure how to write another good song, so they just threw a bunch of styles at the wall to see what stuck. So overrated.


How did they manage to outdo Forever? This is an incredible album from one of the best if not the best new acts in metal.


The dude who called this Limp Bizkit.. smh


Let’s all celebrate this moment because now that the album is out, everything changes. 25 years from now, this will be recognized as the moment when heavy music changed. This is the moment that decided where things go from here. Like Metallica’s Black Album, Nirvana’s Nevermind and Korn’s eponymous debut, this is another one of those precious moments in rock and roll history. Cheers to Code Orange. Cheers to us, their fans, the Thinners of the Herd. Cheers to the future, because this is it!

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Follow up to my 2nd review time for this album to rip


i’m just gonna ignore the one comment that said this was a ripoff of Limp Bizkit, for obvious reasons. anyways, just gave this album a listen and it’s fantastic. Will Yip’s production is great, the music is very layered & well executed, the vocals are in your face from start to finish and it’s a very engaging album. gotta give it another listen while reading along with the lyrics, but if you think they’re overrated just give this album a try. it’s a step up from their previous work & i think it’ll draw some new fans from those who think the hype isn’t deserved or at least people who respect the ambition in this album🤘


Need to make a 5 star review to balance off the uncreative worthless a-holes making 1 star troll reviews about limp biz kit


Looking forward to this album!


This was good 15 years ago when it was called Limp Bizkit...


The 1 star bs with little to no reason is absurd, just as a 5 star without a proper play through. So here’s to balance. Song rips by the way, looking forward to see what else they’ve developed into.

Rock legend!!!

Last album was sick. This new track threw me for a loop but it was one I enjoyed. Hope the albums is a banger like the last one.


New single rips! Code Orange has become their own unique brand of hardcore and I can’t wait until this album comes out.


This single is reinforcing that to the highest degree.


2:34 😤