Jeremy Camp - Christmas: God With Us

℗ 2012 Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.

Christmas: God With Us Tracklist:


Christmas is in December. Stop changing the meaning.

Walker DJB

The album is coming out mid February a month and a half after Christmas. Shouldn’t it come out before Christmas? You would think right?


Jeremy camp I first listened to when i was living at a homeless shelter with nothing to my name. I gave my life to the lord and his music has through these years given me the inspiration and hope that has strengthened my walk in Christ. I am now happily married for nine years to a strong Christian Roman and we own our own home. Jeremy camps music has been there through it all for me and this album delivers a strong and powerful message about Christ through that brings back the true meaning of Christmas.


God With Us is one of the best modern Christmas songs. The rest are covers and are alright is you enjoy Jeremy Camp's other music and his heart. I especially like how he scrubs the secularism/ paganism from the songs by changing or adding lyrics. I'm not against secular Christmas music, but it really shows his integrity for Christ and I appreciate that.


Hands-down my favorite Christmas album! We listen to it year-round! Absolutely love it!!!


Sings with his soul! It's all great!


Jeremy is amazing as always. Always have loved everything he does. This album is no different. This album is a great Christmas Blessing filled with God's love! Amazing album once again!!

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