Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour

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Ungodly Hour Tracklist:

Vocal Stan

An incredible, cohesive body of work. These two vocal sirens have proven yet again that they are a musical force to be reckoned with. Favorite tracks so far are: Ungodly Hour, Lonely, Don’t Make It Harder On Me, Intro/Forgive Me, Overwhelmed.


i absolutely love this album !


Beautiful. Just beautiful


Worth the anticipation! I am beyond pleased with this album! It’s on repeat daily for this fam! Love me some chloe x halle!!!!

B.B. Homemaker

I love the album always on repeat I didn’t know who they were. One song played and I had to find out if there was an album and BOOM!! I got my life thanks


They are phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!! This album is Spectacular!!!!!!!!!


So in a world where most music can be streamed with a monthly subscription, it really makes a statement when you purchase an album now a days. I made the purchase with no regrets!! These two are something the industry needs. Their dynamic, their Beauty and THOSE VOICES!! Worth every penny spent!


Not only are Chloe x Halle incredibly talented singers, they’re also amazing song writers and producers. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat since it dropped and it still amazes me.


This is a moment in music. Deserves everything.


i love this album its wonderful. beautiful vocals, great insturmentals, and great lyrics. This grammy is grammy worthy. its one of the best releases so far this year. This is probably Chloe x halles best piece of work. if you want some new music to listen to or quality music then listen to this whole albums. there are no skips on this album at all. i cant wait to see what these sisters do next.


Love all songs their voices are beautiful!

Linda km.



They did what NEEDED to be done on this album 🤩 just hearing how they’re Developing it’s beautiful. I need another new album now 😂 Busy Boy needs its medals now 🏆🥇 on me if they don’t win a Grammy off of one of the songs (the whole album tbh)


I’ve been sleeping on them. But I am fully woke now cause this entire album was 🔥🔥 my new favorite artist. Their voices are so beautiful and gives you chills.


Absolute fire!


Love everything about the album, these ladies are true musicians.

Aaron Lorenzo

They did not have to go this hard 😭 this album is amazing!!


I’m so proud of my girls! Sistas from another Mista! 😂❤️ Chloe’s range and Halle’s perfect pitch together is unmatched! 👏🏽


One of the best albums of 2020


They really came thru with this album 😫🙌🏾 Ungodly hour but yet every song was heavenly!


Their voices sound like goddess I have never heard as good singing


I wish I could’ve recorded my reaction to Wonder What She Thinks of Me! They sounded like angels!


Sounds like Muhsinah and Beyoncé


This is so goooooddddd they’re so amazing


i’ve added this album to my skin care routine and my skin never looked better. thank u chloe x halle and chloe x halle’s tennis court.




This album is so good - so much harmonies! Also, the vocal ranges are heaven sent! Destiny’s Child! 👏🏽❤️🌈

Kingston empress

Wow, I’m giving the album a listen preview in YouTube and had to stop and buy the album. Talk about a mature sound...bops one right after the other.


Every song slaps but my personal favorites are forgive me and busy boy🥰


i really like a lot of the songs the only thing is the album lead single is very misleading on what the album would sound like. it’s a grower. they sound like ANGELS literally i don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone sound this smooth.


This album will speak to you if you are within Chloe x Halle's age range, but what I really love is the music trascends age, and there is something for everyone on this body of work. Both of these ladies knew exactly what they were doing when they made this album. I'm so proud. Bailiens/Sirens stand TF UP!!


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So happy for the progression these women have made in their AMAZING MUSIC!!!




Great to hear what feels like new territory for these two on tracks like ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Busy Boy.’ Plus the interesting melodies and hauntingly beautiful background vocals that Chloe x Halle are known for really stand out on ‘Tipsy’ and ‘Rest of Your Life.’ They have a signature sound and they’re not afraid to let that sound expand. A beautiful album and a leg up from their spectacular debut. In short, they ate that.


They came all the way they with this one, I really hope the COVID-19 be over soon so they can open for Bey once again & then there own private thing going for real. They smashed this completely.

Neon owls

They’ve grown up so much and this album is just sooo good!!!!


These girls have been amazing since the beginning. This transition to mainstream so flawlessly but reminding us they are CXH. Incredible voices, harmonies and sound.


This album is so dope. These are grown women now and it shows. Glad I got to experience the growth!


This is my first Chloe Halle album, and I was very impressed. It totally lives up to the hype that I saw on Twitter, which is pretty rare.


Those girls are pure talent !


I love the album like they really popped off with this one. I am beyond proud of them. Every single song is a hit. It’s been on repeat 🖤Go stream their other album The Kids Are Alright. U won’t regret it 🤎


🔥They both have Beautiful voices!!! Black Girl Magic!!!


Album is complete flamesss 🔥🔥. I love seeing y’all evolve as artists but still be the girls who love making music in their living room! congratulations on this album girls!! Please enjoy this moment. 💐

cy tae

They did that!!! 🤩


This album is a masterpiece just like TKAA! I see more Grammy noms and hopefully an award in their future! Just amazing!!! 😍🔥✨


The voice of our generation! Great album.


Give them the Grammy already!


the growth of these young ladies wow i am impressed this album is a Stand Out for 2020.. No Skips

Cheyenne Zari

I love it !! No skips !!