The Amity Affliction - Chasing Ghosts (Special Edition)

℗ 2012 The All Blacks U.S.A., Inc.

Chasing Ghosts (Special Edition) Tracklist:



Their music is legit

Found these guys on YouTube a while back, absolutely love all their albums. There’s not many bands I can listen to the whole album and say that I love every song except with the amity affliction.


This album has gotten me through some times honestly. I think everyone should listen to it while they got through something.


this album was my favorite back in early 2013 when i first came across TAA. i loved it so much. it was a huge staple in my life as i was struggling with personal problems and i just didn't want to live. but this album literally made me realize i wasn't alone and that things can get better. i gravitated towards lighter music lie pop punk since 2014 and haven't listened to chasing ghosts a while since. but recently i wanted to hear it again and it just brought back that love and appreciation i had for the album and ive been listening to it on a daily basis. this album will always mean the world to me and i think it's one of their absolute best ones. i always liked all of their albums but this one holds a really special place in a lot of people's lives including mine. this band cares a lot about their fans too. joel just wants everyone to know they're going to be okay. he's been through hell but has bettered his life so much and even has a baby now with his beautiful wife. and he wants everyone else to know that we can all get better. that's another appreciation i have. you should listen to this album. it has meaningful messages in every single song, all across the board. it'll leave you feeling some type of way. (i hope).


Lyrically amazing, you can hear all the passion. These guys pour their souls out. If you're ever going through a hard time this album helps! And it's cheaper than therapy. Highly recommend.


After buying this album on a whim these guys have become my favorite band. Buy it, buy them all, you'll be glad you did !!



Christopher Farmer

I don't know why anyone would give this less than 5 stars? This album is the Pinnacle of everything people want!!! ,


This is a good album.


But what's to be expected from an evil, hateful person? The musicians are okay, but the auto-tuned vocals are so week.

Jamie Reese

I would recommend this album to anyone looking for a great heavy experience!


This album is absolutely amazing and beautiful...there's not really much else to say but that


Been on repeat for months. Can't stop listening to this!


i heard a bunch of their songs on pandora and a bunch from this album and i fell in love. this is seriously a great band with great talent


Top Tracks are Chasing Ghosts, Open Letter, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Born To Die is an amazing cover oh an RIP Bon is good haha i know thats half the album!


I don't know how this band isn't big yet. They only have like 30k followers on twitter. The lyrics are amazing. You can tell the songs apart they don't all sound the same. I can't wait for their next album. Ahern's vocals are incredible.


Best band out there


Yesterday I listened to these guys live at warped tour at Houston and I could not believe how good they were. It was my first time hearing them and it definitely won't be the last ill listen to them. You just got another fan The Amity Affliction


This abum means everything, even better it sounds the same live. Every song is just as perfect as the next. Truly a gem. Great dudes to support regardless they'll put their heart out no matter the crowd.

Derek Gregory

I have just started listening to this band and I can't stop listening!


I bought this album initially after hearing open letter on the radio and I loved all of it. I eventually bought other albums by other artists but no matter what this is the one that I choose to listen to every time. Get it, you won't be disappointed, trust me

Frog lovable

this whole album is amazing in every single way . the amity affliction has gone a long way from the beginning and everyone who doesn't know them are missing out .


I love this album and the Lana Del Rey cover is AMAZING!!!


Holy shlong they are amazing


Can't stop listening to this album!!! Amazing!


I love this band, indeed. I'd certainly love to see them in concert sometime. Great music to rock out to on this album. So buy it :]


I love these guys and everything they pit out


I discovered these guys about a month ago and I've listened to em probably every day since. Just love their songs, so much emotion is put into each one. Though I question their strong no afterlife thing, I guess if my friend was contemplating suicide solely for an afterlife I might feel that way to. Anyone who doesn't know the amity affliction is missing out


I agree with this guy. It says that first, yes, but it also says that "he already found beauty and the passion to give". Anyways, I think these guys are very good. And I'm probably younger than you guys.


Anyways that song is about a girl. He's saying he doesn't need to search everywhere for a reason to live because he found her

D Howar

I really loved this album. It's lyrics are really meaningful and that's something you can't find very often with a great metalcore band like this


Can't even explain how amazing this album is. Too amazing.


Insanely good....these guys can rip it


The whole album is just awesome


Definitely one of the best Metalcore bands around. Listen to this album and you'll know what I'm talking about. Worth the purchase!


I love this band and I love this album!! At first I thought it wasn't as good as Youngbloods, but as I listened to it more and thought about the lyrics it is at least as good if not better. Get this album!


It is very hard now days to find an album that offers quality on every single track. If you are in to this kind of music, you will love this album.


Better than Youngbloods, lyrics are still as emotional and put out a great message as always and they got heavier. This album is just as good as The Ghost Inside's Get What You Give which is an incredible feat for a band. Hopefully this album will put Them in the spotlight.

Derrick Gibbs

Possibly the best album of 2012. I love everysingle song on it. It's amazing.


great band, great album, never dissapoint


This album is seriously so freakin' good. I've been a fan of these guys for a while now, and Youngbloods was a positively brilliant album, i thought it would be hard to create something as good as that. But of course, Amity never dissapoints! Every song from start to finish, even the bonus tracks, are equally amazing. Not only do these guys have great vocalists and awesome melodies, they also write some pretty breathtaking lyrics, just so deep and emotional. A lot of people can relate to this stuff, and you can tell Joel writes very personal tough. Its very inspiring actually. Overall, this is truly and amazing album, just buy the whole thing, you won't regret it! :)


Really sick album. A little repetitive, but also really well rounded. Top Tracks: Too Legit To Quit, Chasing Ghosts, Life Underground, R.I.P Bon, Open Letter

Shinx USSR

Gorgeous album been waiting for since Youngbloods, didn't dissapoint one bit suggest buying the special edition "Too legit to quit" is too good! lol :P


Solid album. Buy the album. Catchy and powerful.

Cody Wolf

I've listened to the album for a while now and it is a great continuation of youngbloods. MUST HAVE!