The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

℗ 2006 Third Man Records, LLC

Broken Boy Soldiers Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Blue veins is sublime


I like this album a lot. I think their second one is a little better though.


How did I miss this 10 years ago? Kind of like The Beatles meets Led Zeppelin with a White Stripees twist. Love it!


This album is very solid, don't get me wrong, but it didn't blow me away like I expected it to. "Broken Boy Soldier" is one of my favorite songs, and "Level" and "Steady, As She Goes" are both excellent, but outside of those songs, this album is weak. I guess I would attribute that to the bandmates' unfamiliarity with one another, as their second album (which I bought before I bought this one) is a masterpiece.


Never heard this before. I was shopping and it was playing in the store. So I use my Soundhound app and bought it.


I cant even describe how angry it would make jack white if he saw that itunes referres to this as a 'collaboration' anyway, super solid album

Some Guy Who Says Things

Jack White is a beast!!


incredible music. sooooo good


I was lucky enough to get to see this band perform live and they blew my mind! To hear Blue Veins live brought me to tears. Amazing!!

Zhopa Sosika

This album is awesome! I always have "Steady, As She Goes" stuck in my head because I love it so much!


The first song by this band I heard was "Blue Veins" and it was incredible. The bluesy, thumping tune seriously forced a smile onto my face. Im not a huge fan of some songs on this album, but it is one of my all-time favorite songs.


I wish the guy who wrote the iTunes review would stop calling the Stones and The Kinks pop.


One time i heard blue veins on the radio and i swore it was a led zeppelin song... the singer does sound like robert plant... great song with a great album...


I didn't like the Raconteurs when I first heard them aside from "Steady as She Goes". Then I really started listening to both this and Consolers of the Lonely and I appreciated how different The White Stripes are from The Raconteurs. I have most of this album (and can't get the rest right now) and from what I've listened to, it's phenomenal. All in all, much different from The White Stripes (a bit bluesier and more controlled), but is such a terrific album. Check out the song "Hands" it is probably the best on here.


This is literally one of the best albums ever. It never gets old. I die for it.


Pretty good album. Favorite song is Steady as She Goes. Probably one of my all time favorite songs. Lyrics kinda funny... but really interesting. The band has that quirky personallity that catches alot of people's attention. Pretty Good. (-:


Jack White is one of the better song writers out there today. It's amazing that this album even got any airplay since most folks seem hell bent on loving less than stellar music that sounds like it was written my a 10 year old. Great lyrics, gret writing, great arrangments and great playing! Still one of my favorite albums.

applecore 434

all of the songs on this album are great. i got to say that i think that this is the best raconteurs album so far. steady as she goes, level, and broken boy soldier, all earn my place as the best songs on the album. the raconteurs are a great band, and i f you like alternative music, you'll love this band. check out the Dead weather, and the White stripes, jack's other bands.

Will Something

I have never really ever listened to the White Stripes except for the occasional song on the radio, but this band is KILLER! It experiments with a little bit of everything! It ranges form hammering guitars, to slow almost ballads. If you are a fan of music you will love this! I would also recomend their second album and Cage The Elephant's self titled album. Buy this album!

redneck's girl

I would rate this as one of the top 5 albums of all time. It is a must for any collection!

maroon 5 fan


Lola Best

This is the best band ever!


This album is pretty much pure fun from beginning to end. Many of the songs have a '60s pop influence, such as "hands" and "intimate secretary." The music isn't as creative--or as purely awesome--as the White Stripes. this album isn't a masterpiece that's gonna blow you away or change your life. But you will have a lot of fun listening to these songs. If you're a fan of Jack White, I'd reccomend this album. The whole album is pretty good. Standout tracks include "steady as she goes," "together," "broken boy soldier" and "infinite secretary."




This sounds like Dave Matthews meets Nirvana, Hank Jr.'s band and Styx for some Starbuck's and a blueberry muffin. Crap.

drumming master 95

Not the best, not the worst I just wasn't feeling it


I remember hearing Steady as She Goes a while ago and i'm really glad that I listened to the rest of the album. Every song is so different! I love Brendan Benson's voice. Hands is my favorite.


Forget "Steady as She Goes." You still remember why you love the White Stripes? Listen to Level. Heck, I thought it was the White Stripes first time I heard this song. If you haven't heard it, it basically goes like this...a keyboard goes F-B-G-D, F-C-E-B, then Jack White sings- My baby's on the level I'm trying to read her mind She's on the straight and narrow I'm guessin' all the time And I can see the road If I'm looking at the signs And I'm carryin' a load And steppin' out of line Then...the best part - the solo. I could buy the song for the solo. Then, Brendan Benson and Jack White, in order, exchange the vocals of the first verse. Then...finished. Buy it. Way better than Steady As She Goes, I assure you.


I have been a big fan of the White Stripes since De Stijl back in 2000, especially because of Jack's creative lyrics and their garage-rocky punk-bluesy minimalist sounds. After hearing Steady As She Goes on the radio a few years back, I discounted The Raconteurs, because I didn't think I'd be getting the same effect. Unfortunately, I didn't give them a second chance until just recently, because the album is fantastic. Although the instrumentals and backup vocals are not exactly White Stripe-esque, Jack's influence in both the lyrics and the guitar are evident. I would highly recommend getting this album, even if it is a little short. It's 33 minutes of good listening.

Do Me A Favor, Ban Everthing Hip-Hop! please

dont get me wrong but i hered better from them


I cannot believe the iTunes people said the only real rockstar in this group is Jack White, Brendan Benson is a rockstar in his own right. He might not be as well known but he ROCKS SO HARD! I am tired of everyone talking about Jack and forgetting that part of what makes this band awesome is Brendan's writing and voice! Oh yeah and in answer to Don't Ever... it is actually both Brendan and Jack singing Steady as She Goes. I debated that a long time within myself but while watching it live came to that conclusion.


I love this whole album, especially listening to it as a whole at once. All the songs are interesting and different, yet go together suprisingly well. The whole thing tells a story - its just up to you to decide what you think it is. Oh, and why do people keep bad-mouthing Yellow Sun? It's one of my favorite tracks on the album, and although it doesn't have a driving rhythm like many of the other songs it holds its own as a beautiful little ditty about a failed love.


My friend told me that they released a new album not too long ago. I was surprised that i hadn't heard of it. So, long story short, it's really good. The guitar parts are really awesome and all the songs have a lot of energy.


Just simply amazing, I love The White Stripes and when I heard that he started another band, I went ballistic! Jack White has done it again, laddies and gentlemen!!! This whole album is just amazing! No other word to describe it.


these are great songs and a great band, but for some reason the recordings sound lame, THEY ARE WAY BETTER LIVE!! if you dont believe me then just go to youtube and type in "raconteurs live"


BALLIN. great music, no doubt about it.

King of the Bongos

If I could I would probably give this album a 3 and a half. It's a good listen, but not great, nor is it particularly memorable. It definately feels like popier white stripes, which has it's downs and ups. The rest of the band definately makes for a more well-rounded and complete sound than just meg white stomping on a bass drum and smashing a cymbal. On the other hand Jack White is a lot less showy and interesting than you might hope. My favorite tracks are Steady as She Goes, Level, Store Bought Bones and Blue Veins; I would give them all 4're probably better off just getting those, but if you feel that you need to buy the whole album than it won't be a loss, because although far from stellar, it's a solid performance. Believe what people are saying about Blue Veins, it's probably the best song on the album. Also, if you like the Beatles you should like Hands because it sounds like The Raconteurs ripped it straight off Sgt. Pepper or the White Album (which I mean as a good thing)


the first time i heard of this band I saw the music video for steady as she goes and i fell in love with that song


Honest one of the greatest songs on this album is BLUE VEINS if you liked classic rock it is also one of the greatest peformed songs LIVE from someone who's seen the band 3 times in the last 2 months and twice in one weekend


Ok. Something else for the stripe fans. Its all jack white and he rocks in this. Brendan provides great vocals and back up guitar and sound pretty good. Better then meg at least. Song by song Steady as she goes: great single love the opening. not the best video but you have to love the song. Hands: my favorite song on the album, its about a girl of course and just talks. " girl you got those hands that heal help me get in touch with what i feel." perfect. Broken boy soldier. It has a almost creppy sound. just get past the opening and it really starts to grow on you. the vocals are ok but the guitar is fantastic. Intimate secretary: Weirdest song on the album. they just rant with rhyming lines and pull it off. Its not trying to be special but fun to listen to. i got a rabbit it likes to hop. i got a girl she likes to shop. etc together A very slow song. Brendan takes the lead on this one. but it makes you just feel good. level: Got to like the opening. bing bong bing bong. very white stripes sounding. just pure jack white. Store bought bones: oh what to say. guitar wonderful. vocals very bland but fitting. Almost a bone broke sounding song. ( yah i like the stripes sue me.) The end riff just is awesome. Yellow sun: acoustic turn almost a bealtes esche song. sounds good. nothing special. Call it a day: the second to last song. very slow once again. just ends the album, you can see the sun setting on the back ground. blue veins: a cult favorite. i didn't fall in love with it. slow very sad. you've heard the raves ask them all in all a favorite album of mine. get the second one from these

bad mamma jamma

Yeah, you might think I'm wrong, but this is a very good album. Sometimes the Stripes tend to get to campy for me. I have always been drawn to blues-rock. This CD is more rock than blues, but it is very good. My favorite songs: Together, Blue Veins, Store Bought Bones, Level. Great stuff! Looking forward to the next Raconteurs CD!


hey listen to "the white stripes" thats wher jack white is originally from and ther really good. other than meg (th ex-wife/drummer) slowing them down a bit they r quite good. listen to them, music is my life nd i no wut im tlkin bout.


the calzone is an idiot. this is a good album, but the guy sounds nothing like Robert Plant. Oh and press yes if you think Kanye West is god.


I first heard this album on npr: hear music special two years ago when they were describing this up and coming band about two years ago. The song they played was "Hands" and I fell in love with it and rushed out to buy the $20 CD. Although only half the CD is listenable for me, I thought that Steady as She Goes, Broken Boy Soldier, and Hands made it all worth my $20 dollars (this was before I learned of the invention of ITUNES and therefore, individual songs). Personally, don't get the whole CD, but buy the three before songs I mentioned. It'll be the best $3 you would have spent in a long time.

The Calzone

The lead vocalist reminds me of robertplant almost...and some craps kinda border-psycadelic...very cool


big time debut from a big time band. was forced to write this for blue veins. how you can dig this album and not dig blue veins is beyond me.


Holy crap! Consolers leaked.. you can get every song on the all songs by this artist button! OH MY! Broken Boy is a great album!


Love every track. I listen to "steady" and can't stop(except until call it a day, dont like blue veins). Jack white and the white stripes with a evolved sound. (Not as crazy and recless as the stripes though) Jack sacrifices a little freesom to make music with depth that the White stripes can't make. And it works perfectly.