Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

℗ 2005 Saddle Creek

I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Tracklist:



It is an amazing song, it made me cry.


This whole album is a masterpiece!! Definitely worth a listen.


The greatest album of all time


Life is Strange XD!!!


Truly one of the only "perfect" albums in my opinion. Not a single flop or filler, and honestly I can't say I like any one song on this album more or less than any of the others. Honest and beautiful


I could listen to this all day🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤🎼🎶🎶🎼🎤

Felix Fullauto

The Best they really good with depression and Happiness ❤️

fire fury

I can't put into words what this album makes me feel.


This is an ablum worth listening to. The difference between this album and Digital Ash is like night and day. It's like two completely different bands. Much like Digital, the lyrics are brilliant. Poetry really. He comes off as more mature on this album despite being released at the same time. Almost like he'd had some valuable life experiences that had made him wiser between the two albums. He seems slightly less pretentious and snot-nosed as well (despite the beginning of the opening track). But the real difference here is that the folk genre is a much better fit for Oberst's vocals. I love the folk direction that this album follows, especially the instrumentals. His vocals still sound a bit like he's singing while riding down railroad tracks, but folk is a much better vehicle for it. In fact, there are moments of vocal brilliance here. WIth the acoustic backdrop, his vocals actually do come off as fragile instead of weak. Here his vocals remind me of Langhorne Slim or Joe Purdy in that the imperfection of their vocals make their music beautiful I wish that I didn't hear Digital Ash first, because i went into this album ready to focus on the bad, but i was blown away with what i found instead, especially by comparison. Songs like First Day of My Life and Lua are simply amazing and they have encouraged me to explore more of Bright Eyes and Oberst's work whereas I was nearly completely turned off to them after Digital Ash. He still is a bit too emo for my taste however. That leaves me occasionally feeling as if this is more of a 4.5 out of 5 star album.


Bright Eyes could also be considered the best band. This is an album I have listened to over and over and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.


great album


More like shut eye. A poor man's Jeff Tweedy. Zzzzzzzzzzz


Conor Orberst is one of the greatest songwriters, poets and artists of the last 100 years.


All I can say is.... This is pure art. I love the lyrics and the music. This album blows me away.


It's simply flawless. I don't really know what else I can say. But if you don't own it, you're missing out.

I Luvthe touch

Great song-great band


This album is one of the most beautifully written albums I have heard and one that I don't think i will ever stop listening to.


I luv the band bright eyes but my favorite song is I'm wide awake it's morning

roni g.

What a beautiful, honest song. How is it that songs like these don't make the radio but I hear the same 10 songs over and over?!


This is my all time favorite album by Bright Eyes. I have a lot of respect for this band because their sound is always so different, you never know what to expect from them at all. If you intend on getting into this band I highly recommend this album. It took a long time for me to get to like them but it's the lyrics that make the songs so you have to listen carefully and just let the words take you away.There's not a single song that I don't like and it's hard to find albums like that now days by artists. I insist you buy this album you will not be disappointed. Do your ears a favor.


Heard this song in a cinematography class. The song was in a documentary and it fit perfectly. I've been listening ever since.


It's the best. Loved this album for like 9 years now. For the person that was unhappy with Coner's voice... Well you're an idiot. It's what makes everything. You want to hear a boy band voice listen to a boy band. This is music. Art.


At the bottom of everything, lua, first day of my life, and road to joy were my immediate favorites but it's a cd that I can listen to without skipping a song. It's thoughtful, unique, and I admire the realness. The lyrics are awesome and I loooove his voice, it's different!!

Tate K

Just listen to Poison Oak... you'll understand


I love this album. It is by far my most favorite of bright eyes albums and I have been listening to bright eyes since I was like 3. I have a very different taste in music than most 13 year olds, and my parents too. This album is so an amazing buy. Poison Oak is the best song on there. It's so deep. I find myself relating to his songs all the time. I LOVE them. You have to be really artsy and open to really understand his music. So when you listen to his songs, especially this album, really listen to the lyrics. I HIGHLY recommend this album if you want to buy it(:


This album is one of the most powerful albums I have ever heard. Only a few albums have really made me stop and observe everything around me... This is one of them. The album starts off with one of the best songs to come out in the past decade. It starts with Conor Oberst telling a story about two people on a plane that is falling into one of the biggest oceans in the world. With just this one song, it opens a wonderful, heart touching album. Some of these songs WILL grab your attention. If you really listen to it, and follow the lyrics, it will touch you. The lyrics are some of the most powerful I have heard EVER. The voice of Conor Oberst may bother some, but I would really hope that you still give it a try. If you're a fan of The Tallest Man On Earth, Bob Dylan, or Neil Young, you really shouldn't have a problem with them. It's a lot more rough on the ears than some of the similar singer songwriters out now, such as City and Colour (One of my favorites, also) So, anyone who wants a powerful album, buy this. If you want meaningless lyrics, and an album to exercise to, skip this. 5/5


I love bright eyes!:) when conor oberst dies, I will too...


Is my favorite track. It is so powerful and yet simplistic. Whenever it comes on my shuffle, I find myself listening to the song for hours. Great buy.

Puffy Guardian Reviews

And I thought admins were cool enough. Nice album -Timepiece


Conor Oberst. I love that guy. Because of this album. Every song is wonderful to listen to. My personal favorite is Land Locked Blues, unique lyrics, very heartfelt and emotional, Emmylou sounds lovely.....simply beautiful.

Angel 99%

I can honestly say this album has touched my heart in so many ways. The pain and depression lingers in Lua while he overcomes it. First Day of My Life is lovely. And We Are Nowhere and It's Now is honest. Every song has perfect, well-thought lyrics and, in my opinion, that's what good music meeds. I am also a huge fan of the album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, but both are worth listening to. If you want honest music, here it is. <3


This album and artist have great messages in their lyrics, as well as beautiful chord structure, but I couldnt get past his voice. His artistic mind and songwriting abilities are amazing, but to me, his voice ruins almost every song. It is just not what one expects from a professionally recorded album.

dancing to the radio

I'll admit it. I'm a late comer to Bright Eyes, so I don't have the cred that those who have listened to Oberst from the beginning have. BUT, if you're just wondering to yourself "is this album worth listening to?", I can tell you that the answer is definitely a yes. I'm sure there are some who don't like this album because Oberst's singing voice isn't conventionally "good" - it's not the sort of powerhouse/perfect pitch/what-have-you you'll hear from Rufus Wainwright, American Idol finalists, ect...the list goes on. But ultimately, that doesn't matter. His lyrics are powerful and vulnerable. And this album, with much fewer fancy bells and whistles that come on Top 40 albums, touches the heart in a way that they never could. This album contains the song that Bright Eyes is probably best known for: "First Day of My Life", and it's a good one (adorable, perfect for a wedding song, if I do say so) but it's not even the best on the album. "Lua" is probably my favorite. Perfect, heartbreaking. When you feel like everything is going wrong, listen to this song and it speaks perfectly to that situation. Buy this album :)


I fell in love with this album especially the song "first day of my life" you have to buy this album you won't regret it!!!!!!!


In my opinion, this is Bright Eye's best album. Lua, First Day of My Life, At The Bottom of Everything, and We Are Nowhere and It's Now are all so amazing. Connor Oberst is probably the best lyricist of this generation. As odd and nonsensical as this is going to sound, the imperfection of his voice and music somehow just seems to make the connection to the song so much greater and the emotion seem so much more real and raw. Everyone's going to argue whether Bright Eyes is indie, alt, emo, or whatever else, but I think we can all agree that it's simply good music. Love it!

Christopher Farmer

Every song is amazing...I think this album sets the bar pretty high....I like Conor's new stuff...but this happens to be the best album...EVER! I wish he made another one like this! DON'T JUST BUY ONE SONG...BUY THE WHOLE THING...!!! PS...I'm not Conor Oberst....Just a Fan!


This is one of the most incredible albums that has ever graced my ears. The song writing is incredible and the instrumentation is perfect for what it is. An absolute must have.


The First day of my life is a great song that gets me out of bed every morning.


Good album.Thats it. :P

Robert Nowlin

This is easily one of the best albums of all time.


When i first heard this album i thought it was beutiful and really well written. I started playing covers of his music and i found that all his songs have a C (chord format) the chorus to "road to joy" and the verses to "First day of my life" use the exact same chord arrangement C E Aminor F F(on third fret of high E) and G. Not only that but he uses this exact same arrangement in "Contrast and Compare" in his other album "Letting of the hapieness". That is why he has so many albums, CAUSE THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. Conor Oberst use to be my idol and iv'e been listening to him since i was 13 and I'm 20 years old now. Not only is his music becoming mainstream but each newer album is getting similar. Conor also uses those weird lyrics to catch your attetion but it is just bull. The only abulm with some actual variety and good music is "Casadaga" Its the only different album he has so far

Connor sjdjd

i first heard his music in a video from a video making fun of indie films and music and then realized how awesome indie stuff is


these are high quality songs to live your life by. amazing writing paired with an emotional onslaught; your fears beckon at your heart-strings. release the inner need of each and everyone of you while you grasp a connection with a different song for every different feeling this album pertains to. enjoy with love and an open heart...


Conor is so consistently good, it's difficult to pick out one or another album for particular praise, but I felt compelled to do so for I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that each song here is thoughtful and well-put together; usually one expects a handful of great songs on an album, and some duds, but after listening through this one (give the lyrics maybe two listens I'd say,) these are all winners.


Never a bad song! Great songs to play when you just want to relax with cold beers and good friends.


Land Locked Blues, First Day Of My Life, Road To Joy and At the bottom of everything.... Songs you must own! No questions asked.


I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, is one of my all time favorite albums. Conor Oberst is a musical genius.


I really love this album. I really do. At one point I was convinced that Is This It was the only truly epic album of the 2000s, then I heard this. I can't describe how much I love this album. It's easily on my top 5 list. Bottom of Everything-10/10 The lyrics in this are incredible. It really sounds like a Bob Dylan Song. We are Nowhere and its Now-10/10 A beautiful song, great harmonies here Old Soul Song-9.5/10 If Conor had cut out the end, it would've been perfect. Lua-10/10 This one has my favorite lyrics. The imagery is beautiful. Train Under Water-9/10 A bit long and slow, but still great First Day of My Life-10/10 It cuts the crap about love and is just a great song. Another Traveling Song-8.5/10 Upbeat, almost country-ish, I've never loved this song, but I don't hate it at all. Land Locked Blues-9/10 A very political song, I don't like the melody but love most of the lyrics. Poison Oak-7/10 The cursed weak song of the album, it is still pretty good. Road to Joy-10/10 Another perfect song, one of chaos and imagery. Now to criticize the other reviewers. First, Conor's good, but only a few of his songs reach Bob Dylan's level. He will not become the next Bob Dylan, despite his talent. Next, only Land locked Blues is a whiney song. Stop calling the whole thing whiney. Next, to the Allmusic reviewer, if you hate this genre, then why, why, WHY did you choose to review this album?! Bright Eyes's first few albums were all 4-5 stars, but then a hater gets to review Conor's masterpiece. Perfect. And finally, to the rock fans who gave this one star, GTFO. Music is varied, and if you hate this genre, then don't review folk. Just GTFO.

Jer Ber in the Air

The tune and cadence of the vocal has an amazing similarity to Al Stewart's Nostrodamus from the 70's. Mainly the "hooky" part at the beginning of each stanza. Good song.


Rarely do I hear a song for the first time that grabbed me and pulled me in. The first time I heard "First Day of My Life" I stopped what I was doing, walked over to the speaker and stood there smiling. What a unique and capturing artist.