Brian Fallon - Local Honey

℗ 2020 Lesser Known Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Local Honey Tracklist:

Christmas shopping frustration

Was introduced to Fallon through hearing Handwritten on the radio a few years ago. Came home, checked out the rest of the album, then promptly began purchasing everything from him I could find. Great stuff!


Perfect album


Another great album!


One of the best songwriters of the last 10 years. And he’s still got it.


The 21st Century’s greatest song writer is back with his most beautiful record to date. Killer deep lyrics, amazing melodies that build and drop throughout the tracks, and of course some killer bridges from the guy who crafts the most wrenching (in a good way) bridges out there. “I used to love the smell of the carnival, and the Tilt-a-Whirl setting us free... I’m sure gonna miss the summer, how the lights used to light up in me...” Also, someone pointed out to me (correctly) that this album has so much depth musically that listening to it on decent to above average speakers makes a big difference, over something like little laptop or phone speakers. Again... just beautiful.


Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said by other reviewers other than, if you have a daughter, I defy you not to cry while listening to "When You're Ready". I listened to the new album on release day, in my car, on my way to work and had to drive around my building a few times to pull it together before I went in. I'm getting choked up now just thinking about it.




One of those that can be played straight through. Can’t wait to see him live again as he is a true artist!


This album is sooooo good. The lyrics are paired with the perfect voice. Keep it coming


Powerful, emotional, moving. I’m so happy he doesn’t need to write music to be popular. He’s better than that.


I have waited forever for this album and it is beautiful. So heartfelt and warm. Love it. Wonderfully written.


Stripped down and some of the best lyrics Brian has ever written.

#Junkyard Dog

Brian Fallon is that secret you want to hold on to and treasure, but deserves so much more recognition than mainstream allows. His dedication to his craft is unreal, he's always growing, learning new instruments and how to play the original ones better. Every lyric on this album has a purpose as does every note. No fillers, pure Genius!


Love every Brian Fallon song out there!!!


Everything Brian does is gold. Such vivid lyrics and great storytelling!


Brian is truly well ahead of the pack. He, like another guy from NJ, writes songs that you see and feel while listening to them. A great talent and he delivers during his shows. See ya in NJ Brian.....Best wishes for continued success.


Brian seems to have an unfair advantage over all other musicians today. I can't quite place it but he's incapable of writing a bad tune. Songs made of 2x4s, grass clippings, race gas and saw dust. It's strong stuff! It's been a real treat to follow his career over the years and I hope he keeps trucking for many more. Thanks for the music.


Every time Brian puts out a new song it’s better than the last. Newest single is amazing and has been on repeat since it’s dropped. If you haven’t heard of him then start now. He’ll be your new favorite singer songwriter. My wife and I have seen him live a few times with gaslight and the howling weather and it’s been amazing every time.


Brian Fallon does it again. It seems like each song he releases becomes an instant, timeless classic