Billy F Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues

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The Big Bad Blues Tracklist:


Is that autotune I hear?


This sounds terrible. What happened to my ZZ Top?


To me, this easily could be a ZZ Top record. What I was really hoping for was another in the vein of Perfectamundo because I absolutely love that record; a somewhat departure from the ZZ sound. I can't honestly disrespect the Reverend Willy G, I just hope there's more BFG's in the pipeline.

The Bradleyss

Sounds EXACTLY like the Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyworld. Yeccchhhhh


Enough said.


This album reminds me of Rhythmeen because it contains that "special sauce." Low down nasty blues with bassie distortion. Nothing like it. Awesome!


This may very well be a very lazy effort, but compared to his 2015 album, Perfectumundo, which was very, very, very, very, far from Perfectumundo, this is right up there with some of his work as part of ZZ Top. On Perfectumundo, with the Cuban rhythymed songs, i expected, Ricky Ricardo. to show up. This is by far, nowhere near the mess that album is.


Always excellent


Sadly the best song on this album is Missin Yo Kissin which is just a blatant rehash of La Grange.


Lazy. Dude has nothing to say.


you won't be let down , this is some bar you happened to wonder into and it changed your life , and you have it on you ipod.


Billy is capable of making an incredible blues album. Sadly, this ain’t it.


Thanks Billy!! Been missin’ that sound waaaaay too long!!!!

Tony London

Texas blues and all whats great about Texas. Keep em' comin'.............


This is good

Electric Skydog

This style of music is pure Texas blues, fast cars, fast bikes, beautiful woman, whiskey all rolled up in one. Billy’s guitar is one of a kind!

Al L.

Nobody rips it like Billy G. Can't wait for the rest....