Billie Joe + Norah - Foreverly

℗ 2013 Reprise Records

Foreverly Tracklist:


Great combination of talent and sound!

Green Day Fanatic

I've never really liked country music but I absolutely adore this album. I've never heard the original version of Songs Our Daddy Taught Us but. I'm a huge Green Day fan and am obsessed with Billie Joe. His voice just sounds amazing!!! And Norah sounds so good singing with him there is just a spark between their voices that is unexplainable. I love it's folky sound and would definitely recommend it!


OK... I have always hated the depressing sound of Norah Jones, but have always loved the punk rockin' sound of Green Day (and of course Billie Jo). This album is Horrifying!!! Just because you CAN do something Billie, doesn't mean you SHOULD! How on earth is this classified as alternative? It should be country or bluegrass (which are both musical vomit). Billie... please never do anything like this again!!!!!


This cd from Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Norah Jones is a Grammy waiting to happen. Together, with an Everly Brothers template, deliver what should be best the best country album of the year. Smooth, confident and musically inspirational.

Big C.J.

it only works when it’s open. Sure, Billie Joe’s in Green Day and Norah Jones is a great Jazz/Blues/Pop singer. But this album, despite being done by two not-country artists, is more country than I’ve heard from mainstream Nashville.


I like Billie joe he's a great singer live every album he has come out with but to be honest this is an album I would not buy just for the simple fact is its not that good I agree with everyone that its nice for a singer to break out of his/her mold but again it's just not what he does not if he would have added a little spice in to the songs then maybe but I don't think it's that good to be honest


Two singers from opposite ends of spectrum coming together and sounding this good. Both sound amazing together in their version of 'Barbara Allen'. Billie Joe's voice has been so underrated. His unique melodic voice along with Nora's makes for an album to be listened to over and over.


I purchased the compact disc for my mother as a christmas gift. The sound quality of each instrument is very much organic. BUY!!


If you can't get the original, get this version. Both of these artists do a wonderful job, and the songs are authentically heartbreaking! No Nashville Pop here. Just real old country sorrow.


Johnny Cash and june? Norah can sing with any dude and it will sound good.

Eli 1984

A wonderful tribute to the Everly Brothers-give it a listen. You won't be disappointed!!


Well I didn't like country until this but I still don't like pop country but did not see billy doing anything like this ever but I gotta say great job and I don't think there is a better duet pair out there!!!


Well I didn't like country until this but I still don't like pop country but did not see billy doing anything like this ever but I gotta say great job and I don't think there is a better duet pair out there!!!


The simplistic artistry in this album is amazing. What a great collaboration with amazing vocals. Who knew!!!!!! A must buy


This is a beautiful album of relatively unknown Everly Bros songs. With today's tragic death of Phil Everly, if you care about or enjoyed the music of the Everly Bros (or even the beginnings of rock and roll or country music), you owe it to yourself to listen to this album. The harmonies of Armstrong and Jones are surprisingly good on songs only die hard fans will recognize. As a kid in the 50s the Everly Bros were my favorite music (followed by Little Richard, Elvis, Sam Cooke & Buddy Holly), and I loved listening to them on the radio and seeing on TV. I don't recall hearing on the radio any of the songs on Foreverly, and I'm grateful that now I have. There never has been and never will again be music or harmonies as sweet as the Everly Bros. Rest in peace, Phil.


I saw the cd at the corporate coffee place & my first thought was Seriously? lol I’m a huge Green Day fan and a fan of Norah Jones but I couldn’t imagine what they would do together. Never make assumptions. This is simply fantastic. Together their harmonizing is smooth as silk and I love the sound of days gone by. This will be on heavy rotation for a long long time.

Save the Brave Dave

I am surprised at how great this was. I am a green day fan and a Norah Jones fan and never thought they would do a duo but it's awesome.


As an old Kentucky boy, there are a few things I hold sacred, like Jim Beam Whiskey, The Wildcats, a good old fashioned Hot Brown, the Derby and the Everly Brothers. So, when I heard that Billie Joe from Green Day, and Norah Jones were collaborating on covering an entire Everly Brothers album from 1958, I was downright appalled. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the music of Norah Jones and Green Day, but I would have never picked the artists that brought us Basket Case and Sunrise as a likely combination to reproduce a classic from Phil and Don. Surely, I thought, the result would be some punk-jazz crossover abomination. But I was wrong. I first heard Foreverly's, "Who's Gonna Shoe You're Pretty Little Feet," in my car on Sirius around mid-December, and when I got home I went straight to my computer and downloaded the entire album on iTunes. All I can say is, this is the closest thing to channeling The Everly Brothers from that era that I have heard. I think it's amazing. I don't know what Muhlenberg County, Kentucky's Phil and Don Everly, now in their mid-70's, think of it, but I can't imagine them not enjoying it themselves. Give it a spin. If you liked the music of the Everly Brothers, I think you will enjoy this.


At first I couldn't imagine these two artists trying to harmonize to these country classics. But, oh, I'm so glad THEY could imagine it, and execute it to perfection. However, comparisons to June and Johnny Cash are misplaced. If a comparison must be made, it should be to Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. I just hope this isn't a one-off project for Armstrong and Jones, because this recording is so brilliant I can help craving more. I'd love to hear them try some Louvin Brothers' songs.


I'm not sure how to interpret the negative reviews. Were you expecting Dookie? Is it simply the fact that you don't believe Billie Joe should be singing this type of music? I just heard Long Time Gone on the radio moments ago and loved it. I haven't heard the rest of the album, so I can't give a proper review, but I do know that this one song is enough for me to check out the remaining songs. For what it's worth, I love Green Day and I love Norah Jones; and while the two of them together may seem like an odd pairing I think it's great. Can't wait to hear the other tracks.

Scott the last

For me it's the album of the year. I have the original by the Everly's which has never been far from my turntable/cassette deck/cd player in 55 years. Hearing this version is just a delicious treat. Phil Everly always said he sang the girl's part, now we get to hear that.


I see that many people are leaving negative comments simply because this is not the fast, aggressive, offensive music that Billie Joe Armstrong is so well known for. Honestly, I am a big fan of that kind of music too. But this is still and all a great album, nonetheless. The harmonies are beautiful, there is a nice feel to it, and it really just sounds nice. Before, I was one of those die hard Green Day fans that skipped over songs like "Amy" from ¡Dos!, or "The Forgotten" off of ¡Tre!. But now, I'm starting to feel a little more open to this kind of stuff. Don't be haters just because this isn't what you usually listen to. I think this is a nice change from my usual listening regiment of bands such as "The Offspring," "Blink-182," and "Green Day." Overall, this is a great album, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Two great singers together and singing great songs. All in all one of the best albums ever made.


I love this album.Their voices compliment each other very well.


There is nothing more intoxicating than Norah Jones' voice and these two together are amazing.


The sound is so pure and they should so great together. I hear an Everly Brothers sound. Back to basics and better than ever!!

Miss Reilly Ann

I think many of us forget how bendable and versatile great musicians are, so there is an initial shock factor in hearing that Billie Joe Armstrong, a musician who is stereotyped as being strictly manufactured for preforming punk-rock, is alongside Norah Jones, who is known for having spotless and velvet-like vocals. But, instead of looking at the duo as a sort-of fire-and-ice or oil-over-water ordeal, in reality the pair is just two talented individuals trying their hands at something new. And by no sort of miracle, blending inevitably and flourishing exceptionally.


this is amazing! way to come together in such an unexpected beautiful way! I respect both these artists for pushing the envelope and for making a gorgeous album. <3


Green Day brought me here, and even though this album sounds nothing like Green Day, it's pretty great. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I'm not a regular country fan, I prefer rock. But, this album's an exception and anyone who wants to have something different to listen to should consider this album. Good job Billie, and Norah too.


This is well done and has great sound.


I really enjoyed her previous album, little broken hearts, because it was modern and mellow. I can't believe she's a country music artist. It's so sad to see all that talent go to waste when she could be making better music other than that country crap. If you're a fan of her previous album, this album is probably not for you.

Jackson Michael

There voices harmonize so well together, yet they make the songs their own but can still make then as good as they were before.


What a joke!!!


Growing up listened often to the Everly Brothers, and love their music. Listen to more rock/ metal now, which for me includes bands like Green Day. This collaboration is simply amazing. They sound so much like the Everly Brothers, it gave me chills.


It's uncanny and even a bit eerie how closely the harmonies of Billy Joe and Norah match the amazing Everly Brothers. I remember as a 10 year old hearing "Bye Bye Love" back in '57 and have loved their music ever since. This tribute by 2 incredible talents is worth every note.


I'm hearing Cathy's Clown, Bird Dog, Let It Be Me, Wake Up Little Suzie, and just about any hit from the Everlys!

josh with the face

this is an album where billie takes a softer approach with norah and its an amazing album


I have a hard time with Norah Jones…most of her songs are incredibly depressing. Now tin Billie Joe, they sing some of the more depressing songs of the Everly Brothers. However, their harmonies are great.


I always have a lot of respect for artists that go outside their comfort zone with their music. It’s always big gamble that may alienate some Green Day fans but they will both will get new ones with this great album. Love it Billie and Norah..


First, I have to say, if you came in expecting "Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong", you can shut up right now about not liking this record. This was obviously going to be very different from Green Day and anything else Billie Joe has done. It IS country, if you didn't understand that prior to listening, joke's on you. That being said, this is a very beautiful arrangement. Having heard each artist separately before, and now hearing them together, I'm definitely surprised by how well their voices mesh. (But PLEASANTLY surprised!) Never thought I'd hear Billie go country but with Norah, it works! It's that kind of classic country you don't seem to hear very often. There doesn't need to be a lot of frills and fuss, every song is just beautifully crafted. I also doubt many other artists could do a cover album this well today. I'm in LOVE with this record and I hope it does well!


I actually really like it. I am a fan of old country and really liked when Social D's Mike Ness did a few country albums but he fit the bill a little more and I was worried how Billie Joe would do it. I was very pleased. This was the most Punk thing to come from Billie Joe in years.


"I'm going to hate this!", I said. "Sign of the apocalypse!, I said. They make really great music together though, remind me of the Knitters or Luke Winslow King, even.


This will certainly be on my list of best albums of the year. If you would have told me this concept , I would have told you it's crazy. Here's something I don't say often, Boy was I wrong! This is fantastic! There is so much honesty here. This is something to be proud of.


This has always been my favorite Everly Bros. album. I played the LP over and over when I was young (and it was new). I watched for it to become available on iTunes for a long time. When it did, I cried, because the harmony was as perfect and ethereal and beautiful as I remembered. I sang along all the way thru, most of the lyrics still there in my head. This Billy Joe and Norah cover is also beautiful; I like what they’ve done with some of the arrangements. Now, time to sing along.


Horrible, Just horrible!!! Why Billie Joe, why?!?! I'm the biggest green day fan I know, and had VERY high hopes for this! But, it doesn't grow on you, and it is beyond boring!!! All the songs sound exactly the same!!! Such a huge disappointment!

Nickle Butt

What's the point of recreating an earlier album if you're going to try to sound as much like the orignal as possible? This is a recreation of the Everly Bros album, "Songs Our Father Taught Us" and they seem to be trying to copy the Everly sound as close as they can. This is good but you may as well just stick with the orignal, it's better.



Avid Listener and Reviewer

As an Everly Brothers fan from the days of their hits "back in the day", I was doubly pleased to be able to revisit the close harmonies of the original versions of these tunes while also reveling in the talents of these two contemporary voices - what a treat! Their blend is exemplary; their interpretations, impeccable while both honoring the earlier stylings and adding a contemporary flair. In the past, I never paid much attention to the lyrics, being caught up simply in the music and harmonies instead. Taking the reconstituted album as a whole, however, puts the inherent sadness and melancholy each song contains squarely in the spotlight, adding yet another level of appreciation to the entire listening experience.

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it sounds very good