Brandy Clark - Big Day in a Small Town

℗ 2015, 2016 Warner Records Inc.

Big Day in a Small Town Tracklist:

55 Chevy-Delivery

Brandy is very good at telling a story. I enjoy both of her albums, wanting MORE...


I've been listening to Bobby Bones Podcast and having enjoyed listening to music that isn't quite mainstream yet... I am pretty open to old an new country... just enjoy music.. But Brandy Clark is def a touch of old country... which I am so loving.. Brandy is a very successful writer... but her voice, sound and songs should be being played on the radio... She is so very talented


So happy Brandy is recording her own stuff because these songs are real, raw, and you can feel the lyrics almost as if they were written about you!


Fabulous lyrics, fabulous music. I can't say enough about Brandy Clark. She's a friend, a philosopher, a lover who speaks with clarity, beauty and mysteriousness. Where are you? Thanks.


THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A friend took me to City Winery to see this singer/songwriter, Brandy Clark. After the concert I went to my car and had downloaded both her albums before I left the parking lot.i've been listening to her music all week. Dang, Brandy Clark is good! Love her voice, her music, her stage presence, and Miles on guitar. She is amazing and I totally connect with her music- can wait to see her again.

Cinns Mom

Saw her in concert last night. She is awesome!

Di Mi Ba

I wish country radio would play more Brandy Clark. Her music is the real deal. She's a world class story teller who speaks to everyone. I highly recommend giving her a close listen.


I absolutely fell in love with Brandy Clark's work through Jennifer Nettles. Brandy is an amazing singer/songwriter and like other greats like her and Jennifer they get great critical acclaim through Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal..etc. Yet their still not held as high as they should be by some of Nashville, that okay because this ladies are going to keep doing great. Way to go Brandy this should absolutely be one of the albums nominated as album of the year at the CMA's! Keep up the wonderful work girlfriend!!!

Success this time!

Did I say I love this album enough yet!! The lyrics are gold as well as her voice! I'm addicted to all of the songs and can't wait to hear what Brandy puts out next! This is a must purchase!


I met Brandys cousin at a gas station and he told me to look her up.. I'm glad I did. Keep it up :)


A lot of times an artist has a good first album . Than falls flat on the second. The small problem of Brandy's new cd is that it is over produced. Her first cd 12 Stories was a stark real world writting as well as producing. Let the songs make the focus. The Girl Next Door is the sample of this over producing. Good lyrics and a good feeling melody. But it doesn't need all that producing. The song stand on it's own feet. The other is Love Can Go To Hell. Excellent lyrics but some of the background music doesn't need to be there. Brandy uses some drum effects and interesting beginnings of her songs. That doesn't bother me at all. In a real world" Since You've Gone to Heaven" would be a huge hit. But with that in mind this is a very good cd. I have played this 6 times since I bought it 2 days ago. Brandy know a good spin on writing and understands a good hook when she hears it. If it wasn't for trying to hard with producing . This would be a 5 star cd.


One of the best CD's I've purchased lately. Some slow songs and a lot of ZZ Top meets country rockers, all with incredibly meaningful lyrics about small town life, loves, and struggles. Amazing lyrics and music.


A story master... :)


Absoulutely LOVE, LOVE LOVE this album!! Great one to to buy!! Beautiful voice and great songs!!!


Pure perfection!


Absolutely love this album!! Brandy is not only one of the best songwriters in Nashville, but dang that girl can sing!! Entire CD is great not a bad song on here. Love to hear a songwriter sing their songs..really makes the song all that much better. Thank you so much Brandy for this album!!! Bringing country back to country!! You have got yourself a new fan. Love it❤️


Every single song is great! Fantastic Album! Way to go Brandy!


I have Big Day In A Small Town on repeat! Brandy Clark is currently the best songwriter in Nashville right now, with no disrespect to The Peachpickers! Top to bottom every cut has a story that needs to be told. This is the country music that needs to be heard regularly. Programmers take note. Do not miss a chance to see Brandy on tour!


Brandy Clark is amazing at everything! She writes great songs and sings them like no other. Who else can sing about a pregnant teenager, drunk driver, and pajama wearin' walmart shopper in one song? Been waiting for this album for months and it is everything I expected and then some! She is truly greatful to her fans, she makes it a point to thank them on her facebook page and even write personal messages to them. I just hope country radio will see the true jem in Brandy Clark and help her music soar to the top, where it should be.


She's great, but it's a real shame to hear all the extra production shine on these songs. The 1st 2 songs are dipped in Nashville pop - nothing like 12 Stories. Ashley Monroe sort of did this to her last album as well. Hopefully they'll come back to cleaner sound. Check out Margo Price.


Just one of the greatest song writers to come along in a very long time. Love everything about this

julie nc 199

Can't remember the last time I was so happy to see a new album coming out. In this day of single songs and shuffling play lists, I listen to Brandy's albums beginning to end. This one will be my start the day listening list for a long time!


Excellent. Brandy's songwriting abilities & clear as a bell vocal are captivating--painting a vivid picture of small town America.

great song addict

Superb songwriting here. Brandy Clark is as good as it gets. There is hope for country music!


Brandy Clark is what country music should be!!! Fantastic follow up to 12 Stories. Thank you Brandy!


I'll keep it short and simple, simply the best thing to happen to country music in years. While country men are pursuing careers with their looks and singing (still) just about partying and getting girls and faux rapping...Brandy Clark brings us real country music that is about beautifully and masterfully written, poignant, timeless and current tales of actual life. Can't say enough wonderful things about both of her albums. Just keep listening and peeling back the layers of how talented she is.

Wyoming Inked

Brandy Clark is a real deal singer songwriter! Her voice is beautiful & real country. The songs she and the other amazing artists have composed are everything from hilarious to sad but true, in other words, real country music!


This album is one great song after the next and Brandy's one of the most talented songwriters and storytellers in music today !


Thanks God It's Friday because Brandy Clark's new album is out! I pre ordered it and I'm glad I did because it's great! Fantastic follow up to 12 Stores.


Brandy writes and sings life! So true, so real! Amazing album! Every song is even better than the last!


I was hesitant to love this when I first heard the debut single, "Girl Next Door". It didn't read as country on first listen. After several more listens and hearing Brandy play it and most of the album live I'm happy to admit I was dead wrong. This effort might well surpass 12 Stories in Brandy's cannon. I've no doubt she has just gotten started with surprising me. Brandy will be around for a long time and I can't wait to see her on the Opry stage as a member!


This is a RIDICULOUS ALBUM! I don't know which song is the best! I saw Brandy live in CT - FANTASTIC! Every song is wonderful!!!


The best song of the year. It's a number 1 in the making !!


Brandy has brought me back to country. This is what it's all about! Great lyrics, good sound, and that smooth, sassy voice!


Brandy is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has been over stimulated with "pop" vibes. Her lyrics are authentic and speak to the person deep down inside you and all the things you wish you could say out loud. I haven't looked forward to an album release like this one in YEARS

May 2 2016

Brandy Clark is a brilliant singer/songwriter and she proves it with her awesome album Big Day In A Small Town. It's amazing!! 💗


Brandy is amazing!


Without question, Brandy Clark is the most prolific female artist to arrive on the country music scene in a decade. Loved seeing her perform live recently on the ELLEN show, she killed it! GO BRANDY CLARK.


Brandy is amazing and I can't wait for the entire album to come out. Big Day In A Small Town is a fresh new sound and I'm loving it.


Love it


Love Brandy Clark ...and I just recently saw the Girl Next Door Video! Now I'm in St. Louis and saw her live! So talented and I can't wait for her new record!


Cannot wait for this album! Brandy is the real deal and the first two tracks are stellar!


Great voice! Band on Ellen today sounded great!! Can't wait for release in June....


No sophmore slump for this Artist!! Brandy Clark hits it out of the park with "Girl Next Door"! Brandy keeps her story telling to perfection as she unfolds her 2nd full length album of "Big Day in a Small Town." Brandy offers a great variety of fun new material with keeping the lyrics meaninful and vivid! No matter what town you live in, you will want and enjoy the "Girl Next Door!!"


Brandy Clark is an amazingly talented artist! Her songwriting is brilliant and her voice is pure country! Don't miss out on hearing this great artist!


I’ve been impatiently waiting for this album since last June and it has not let me down. Brandy Clark is a true genius lyricist and just what country music needs to get back to its roots. I’ve heard almost all of the songs from this album live and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


Beautiful voice and awesome lyrics. Love me some Brandy Clark. You go girl!!!


I thought Brandy Clark couldn't top 12 Stories, but I was wrong. This new country album showcases even more dimension of this talented, creative lady. We knew she could sing a ballad, make us laugh, make us cry, and now she makes us get up and dance, raise our hands in the air, raise our voices and sing along. She is amazing. Hearing the new songs I've heard from this album gives me even more hope for the country genre. Brandy is brilliant at tapping into the story telling roots of country and adding a contemporary sound. I am beyond excited to hear this entire album and share with anyone who wants great country music. The genre is lucky to have her.


After seeing Brandy perform most of the songs from this album, I can honestly say this will definitely be the best album of 2016. Brilliant singer/songwriter that have a unique and funny way to tell a story. One moment you laugh, then the next one you cry. As country fans all we want are songs that will move us, songs that will make us feel something, and this is what Brandy does best! So do yourself a favor and get on this wagon ahead of time. You won't regret it!